About house decoration, it is really practical!


As soon as the new house arrives, the decoration is immediately thought. In fact, the decoration is also a very complicated process, which is much more difficult than buying a house. I also want to decorate beautifully, I want to spend less money, I also want to be environmentally friendly, and I am afraid of being cheated (of course, it is certain to be earned). It seems that there are not too many intermediate roads to go here.

Section 1, determine the decoration company

Everything is difficult at the beginning. If you can find a responsible and technical decoration company, all problems seem to be solved, but the hardest problem is exactly here. Let’s analyze how to find the right decoration company:

1. How to choose a worry -free decoration company?

If you want to save time during the decoration process, please ask you some silver. The worry -free way is not without, just depending on you and you are willing to choose. Find a well -known large -scale decoration company. Generally speaking, the price of all -inclusive is from 500 yuan to 1,000 yuan per square meter, and even more expensive, it depends on how you design and how to use it. The big company is so good. In order to ensure that his reputation is not damaged, he will take every customer seriously. So you can rest assured in materials and workmanship. What you do is prepare for money and acceptance.

Some people say that the people hired in the big company also pulled from the roadside, so it is better to save money and save money directly to the road guerrillas. This view is also an intuitive reflection of the current decoration market, and the quality of the decoration companies is different. Generally speaking, large decoration companies have high requirements for staff employment, and this kind of employment is relatively loose, that is, the workers are not formally hanging up. Inside the company, the salary is monthly, and the workers have a long -term cooperative relationship with the company, and regularly settle the salary according to the actual workload. There is also a more detailed division of labor inside. It is conducive to the improvement of the overall level. Of course, there are not a few horses in the decoration company. They pull the flag to pull the tiger skin. It seems that the company’s production is done. In fact, it is no different from the guerrillas.

Choosing a guerrilla or a decoration company, which is the correct answer, but choosing a good one from the decoration company is relatively easy to get better than pulling out a team on the side of the road, and the decoration company is relatively fixed. What the problem is relatively easy to deal with, and the guerrillas swim in the world. Not to mention that if there is something wrong afterwards, they will open up at any time in the event that you will not be in response to the sky. It is true to find guerrillas to save money. The key depends on the value? If you are looking for a decoration guerrilla and pretending to be pretty good, I think you must have hit a big luck, or hurry up to buy a lottery ticket.

2. How to save time in the decoration?

Want to worry about it? The previous method is feasible. Another way is to ask for supervision. Professional supervision will be responsible for the main regulatory affairs in the decoration. He will check you from the perspective of professional technology, and does not involve the interests of the decoration company. All you have to do is to pay the supervision fee at 5-10%of the contract amount. If you are sure you want to ask a professional supervision, it is best to let him involve in the contract budget and engineering design. The decoration engineering should be included in the supervision opinion. Although this is not the category of his responsibility, he has his experience and help to you. Belly and no harm.

Unless someone is responsible for turning the project for you, don’t think about worrying about it.

Third, why do good decoration companies generally do not include clearance?

Large -scale decoration companies generally operate for a long time. They have all explored their own feeding channels (their entry price is much lower than the price we draw), and even produce related raw materials themselves, such as semi -finished products such as cabinets and doors. The quotation of these materials has included the vested profits of the decoration company, although the offer to the owner does not seem high. But if Bao Qinggong, this part of the profit is gone.

In addition, if large companies are allowed to clear work, the general price is very high (the company must maintain the same profit as the contractor), which makes it difficult for the owner to accept it. But the decoration company that does not include the work may not be a good decoration company.

Large -scale decoration companies have their own physical companies, professional design teams, their own engineering supervision, and have long maintained cooperative relationships with various professional construction teams. They generally do not do someone to do people like small companies. Of course, these management and operation costs will be passed on to the owner. Moreover, personal satisfaction is not the same. Small companies will be satisfied with 4,000 yuan, and large companies will not be able to see 6,000 yuan. This is the difference between large companies and small companies. This is one of the reasons why you choose a big company.

Fourth, the precautions for choosing a half -pack decoration company:

If you are sure to adopt a half -package method, you are basically satisfied with the living team’s work and the next step. When determining the contract, you must pay attention to the method of buying auxiliary materials.

Because the main ingredients are relatively selective, and the general decoration company’s material library is unprecedented, and the profits of the main ingredients are very large, but the premise is that it will take up a lot of funds and venues. The decoration company generally does not own this. The strength and energy, so the decoration company will recommend to you in a half -pack method. Almost all of the decoration companies have their own auxiliary materials warehouses.

The half -pack method is first offered to the decoration company, which must be deeply remembered in your mind.

Because the profits of the auxiliary materials are also very large, the profit margin of many auxiliary materials is much higher than that of the main material (because the unit value is low), let alone so many fakes in the auxiliary materials!

If it is possible, you must ask the decoration company to purchase key supplementary materials in your designated mall, such as latex paint, wood paint, large core board, plywood, 108 glue, etc. (this can also ensure the environmental protection of the material). Often in this kind of negotiation, the ugly face of the decoration company will be exposed, because every time you transfer a material, it is like digging his heart, and some decoration companies will talk about it. But you ca n’t shake, you must deduct the value other than the material in the budget to the about the price of the package clearance, and then appropriately add the quality of the decoration company. This is a complicated process and a necessary process.

The decoration company will be dissatisfied, after all, it should belong to his profit to the mall. Therefore, these things should be talked about in advance, otherwise 100 % will encounter strong resistance.

Another advantage of buying auxiliary materials in the designated mall is that the materials are true. The malls generally do not falsify, but the decoration company will charge it. In addition, it is also one of the important tasks to prevent the decoration company from adjusting the buying materials.

In addition, have you thought about coloring the latex paint in the mall? If you adjust the color in the mall, the decoration company generally does not adjust the bag, and you adjust the color in the mall, so that the shopping mall will reserve color boards, which will also be convenient for you to replenish the color difference when the color adjustment will be supplemented in the next step.

Fifth, how to choose an excellent Baoqing Workers?

There is no other way, you can only choose more and look at the contract (some teams will not sign any contract with you). Be sure to bring a few more decoration teams you choose to see a few more Then go again alone and ask the owner to ask the workers’ construction and satisfaction. The renovated owners are more worried that the construction team has problems in the later maintenance (in fact this worry is completely redundant), so generally do not say that they do not live well in front of the workers. When necessary, you must also find out who’s life in the selected team and let the foreman use it first. This is a necessary means to ensure a good job.

In addition, friends and relatives introduce are also important channels, and they generally will not deceive you.

6. Precautions for renovation of Baoqinggong:

If the decoration method of Baoqinggong is selected, there are generally several ways to operate:

1. The owner authorized the decoration team to purchase: Unless you know it, you will be earned 100 % in this way.

2. The owner ’s self -purchased ingredients according to the decoration company’ s recommendation brand: feasible, but the materials he recommended should be carefully analyzed, because there are many materials, the manufacturer makes an article on the material rebate. Take the money directly, and now change it to a coin in the material, so that the workers can get the money when they work.

3. All the owners buy the ingredients by themselves: No problem, but it is easy to get an accident. For example, the material is tuned, and even more, the workers and the materials are missing together (the material will be tuned in the company when looking for a company to decorate).

4. The owner must calculate the usage in detail. If you negotiate with the workers beforehand, otherwise, the ingredients you buy are not enough to be annoying. After setting the amount, you can also avoid human waste.

5. Payment of wages must be paid after each process is completed and accepted, and a process of paying a process through a process. Generally, the clearance team will propose to pay the food fees in advance, and it will not need much silver, you can be generous.

6. Don’t adjust the main supplementary materials to the scene early. One is inconvenient to build, and the other is inconvenient to manage. The three can easily make workers messing up the established process. Generally, the materials should be in place the day before the next process.

Section 2, decoration contract and budget:

The decoration company or the team is determined. Do not forget to sign the contract for budget, otherwise there will be a problem.

1. Contract element:

1. Workload: Do not be thick, the project is indispensable. In the future, it is determined that the projects that are not done can be cut to reduce the budget, but as long as it is added, it is inevitable that the decoration company must be cut into a knife, such as material transportation, handling, installation, garbage, garbage. Matters and other matters can be clarified one by one on the contract;

2. Craft requirements: Do not simplify it, everything must be formulated in accordance with the industry standards.

3. Decoration construction period: This is the key to ensuring that the decoration is completed on schedule and over -deducting penalties;

4. Material details: The name and specifications of the material must be indicated, and it is necessary to indicate the source of the material (specified purchase);

5. Liability for breach of contract: This is a constraint on both parties, especially each other.

6. Others: It is best to verify the other party’s business license and ID card and get a copy at the same time. For the determination of the payment period, pay attention, and the payment amount should be lagged behind the construction progress. This can only show his guilty conscience. In this regard, we are temples, they are monks, the temples will not move, but monks have hands and feet. The acceptance of construction should be performed according to the link, and it cannot be piled up in a piece of acceptance, otherwise a lot of problems will not be able to start.

The contract is signed and signed.

2. Decoration budget:

Forming a decoration budget is the most difficult link. We need to have enough understanding of the decoration market and market. Only by the cost of labor costs and material costs, and then refer to our own decoration design and estimated workload, can we come up with a set of sets of workloads? More reasonable and feasible decoration budget. There are some shortcuts to go in this regard, such as referring to the decoration of other families, consulting open industry standards, and so on. However, the price of materials still needs to know a lot, because after all, the decoration and materials of each family are not the same. The budget is the key to the entire decoration process. It is closely related to the decoration process and materials. As a formal attachment to the contract, the budget is the place with the most controversy with the decoration company.

In fact, the biggest difficulty in the process of doing budgets is not inquiries, but the estimated workload. Only when the workload is determined can the sub -budget and total budget be made. In actual operation, the workload is often calculated in flat meters or items, which requires us to measure and estimate on the ground according to our design requirements. Some links such as paint, latex paint, tiles, etc. can be used. Then take the unit consumption (the general product instructions are available), you can estimate the amount of the material budget, and then consider the corresponding labor costs. The specific number of square meters is generally scored by the company. As long as you simply review it, it will be OK.


The project with the item, such as woodworking, generally can find similar alternatives in the market, such as ready -made furniture, heating hood, door, door, etc. The market quotation of type products will definitely not suffer from a certain extent.

In the end, it should be noted that do not use the general budget of the decoration company to determine whether this company is used. Different materials, craftsmanship, and levels are very different.

Section 3 Precautions for Decoration Design:

1. General requirements for decoration design:

1. The decoration design is the soul of the entire decoration project. The design requirements are: only the design that is close to the actual needs of our family is a good design. Do not copy or copy at this point. It is not necessarily beautiful to reach your home. It is the most important thing to build a home that meets your personality.

2. The decoration should not be complicated, and China is not true, which is a waste of money and is not easy to clean;

3. Beauty and practicality, attach importance to the appearance of the appearance and ignore the practicality, will bring unnecessary trouble to the future life;

2. Design and ideas:

A. Overall ideas: Generally, how to decorate should be conceived in advance, and a basic framework is obtained. On the basis of this, communicate and communicate with the designer. For example, the materials, styles, styles, craftsmanship, location, matching, placement, etc. of the wall, ground, ceiling, lamps, furniture, sanitary ware, etc., are let the designer know your thoughts.

B. The combination of space and color: The combination and matching of space color is directly related to the personality cultivation, personality and preference of the resident owner. The color is nothing more than red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, and purple. There are gentle, calm, gorgeous, mysterious, simple, gorgeous, cheerful, melancholic and so on. What kind of tone do you choose, of course, it is better to use Yong harmony, and the momentum of complementation is better. To grasp the coordination and unity of color, to create a spacious, warm, warm, harmonious and unified style in the room. Generally, pay attention to the following points:

(1) The color of the ceiling should be shallow on the wall;

(2) The color of the wall should be shallow on the ground;

(3) If the indoor natural lighting is not sufficient, it should be avoided as much as possible; if the light is sufficient, the color should not be too bright.

(4) The upper half of the entire space of the living room should be shallower in the lower half of the part.

(5) Do not use three colors at the same time as much as possible in the same space. If you want to reflect the color transition and contrast, you can make an article on the shades of color.

(6) The application of color should be coordinated with the color of furniture and electrical appliances.

(7) When matching the color, it is necessary to consider that natural light and lighting have a certain visual poor (in terms of deep color, the former adds, the latter is reduced).

Third, the effect and design of the light

In daily life, the importance of supplementing the light source is no doubt. At present, the lights are no longer for simple lighting, and further play the role of decorative embellishment. Even a very ordinary house, due to the particularly good effect of the lights, the overall effect is often unexpected. So, how can the light achieve the best effect? Main light -generally also called direct light or base light. This light is mainly reflected in the center of the ceiling of the living room, restaurant, bedroom, etc. to illuminate the whole room. The strength and size of the light can be determined according to your preferences and design functions. Auxiliary point decorative light -under the light of the main light, a small light can be set at a certain corner or corner of the wall, like a ceiling, ornamental cabinet, and the corner of the wall can also have an unexpected effect. These lights are mainly: table lamps, wall lamps, orbital lighting lights, fire lights, etc.

Section 4 Decoration Materials

1. Woodworking board

1. Big core board

The large core board is commonly known as a fine woodwork. It is used more in woodworking and is one of the main materials that are prone to formaldehyde pollution in decoration materials. Its thickness is thicker, with several specifications such as 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, and 25mm. When the large core board is leaving the factory, it should have the quality appraisal certificate of the quality inspection department of the production plant to prove the category and physical performance indicators of the large core board. The back of the large core board should be made with clear and non -fading number of the back of the large core board, including category, production date, production factory code, and inspector code.

A. Precautions for selecting large core plates: First, the structure of the rubber layer is stable and there is no glue phenomenon; the other is that the phenomenon of empty bubbles and layered phenomena cannot occur between the panel and the core plate; The better; the third is to choose a board with a product mark. The mark should be clear without fading number. You can see the inspection; the fifth is to check whether the pattern on the surface is clear, whether the pattern stitching is smooth and natural, and whether the color changes obviously, the front and the negative sides are damaged, and there are obvious stitching. Of course, the choice of thickness depends on the actual needs; seventh to look at the dry humidity of the core material, the core material should be selected for relatively dry. Generally, it can be distinguished from the color and weight. ; The same specifications are obviously more important than dry plates. Finally, you can shake the board at the time of purchase, and it is better to not make a click.

B. The processing process of large core boards: divided into machine and handle, better.

C. The core material is better to use a single kind of wood, such as poplar wood to prevent different wood properties, and the expansion and contraction systems are different.

2. Decorative panel

Commonly known as the panel, the solid wood plate is precisely planed into a meager wooden skin with a thickness of about 0.2mm. The splint is used as a substrate. The decorative plate with a single -sided decoration effect made by the adhesive process is generally 3mm thick. The decorative panel is currently a premium decoration board that is different from the method of hybrid.

3, plywood

Commonly known as multi -layer board, the same as the process of decorative panels, such as five cubes, seven cubes, ninecasons, etc., also known as a three -layer board, five -layer board. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence However, the surface decorations generally cannot meet the requirements of the decorative panel.

4, density board

The density board is also known as fiber plate. It is an artificial plate made of woody fiber or other plant fibers, applied to the lysite resin or other applicable adhesives. According to the different quota, it is divided into high -density boards, medium density boards, and low -density boards. Generally used to make cabinets or boxes.


The particle plate is a thin plate made of wood fragmentation, and then adding glue, and additives. The pressing method can be divided into two types of squeezing particle board and flat pressure particle board. The main advantages of such plates are extremely cheap. The disadvantages are also obvious: the strength is extremely poor. Generally, it is not suitable to make a large or powerful or powerful family.

6. Fireplate

Also known as refractory plate, it is a decorative board made of silicon material or calcium material as the main raw material, mixed with a certain proportion of fiber materials, light aggregates, adhesives, and chemical additives, and is made of steam pressure technology. It is a new material that is increasingly used at present, and its use is not just because of fire prevention. The construction of the fireplace is relatively high for paste glue, and the price of good quality of good quality is more expensive than decorative panels. The thickness of the fireboard is generally 0.8mm, 1mm, and 1.2mm. Generally used to do door panels or tablet panels.

7, melamine board

The full name is melamine impregnated glue paper decorative surface artificial board. It is soaked in a paper with different colors or textures in a melamine resin adhesive, and then dried to a certain degree of solidification. Decorative plates. It is mostly used on the door panel and cabinet.

8. Wooden keel

A. The main materials of wooden keel are generally red and white pine, which is better for red pine.

B. Select applicable specifications: partition keel: 50mm × 40mm, grille keel 35mm × 45mm, ceiling keel 25mm × 30mm.

C. Wooden keel should do fire and moisture -proof treatment according to the location and environment of the use.

D, wooden keel should be dried at high temperature. Anyone who has a scorching marks is that the dryness of the light fire dries is not suitable for deformation.

Second, tile work

1. Cement pressure board


Cement is suppressed with cement as the main raw material and composite fiber material. It is generally used in humid areas such as kitchen and bathroom, as partitions and pipe management materials.

2. Gypsum board:

It is made of cooked gypsum as the main raw material and fiber. It has the performance of light, insulation, sound absorption, flame retardant and sawability. Gypsum boards are often used with light steel keels to make ceilings or partitions.

Third, tiles

A. Glaze tile

The glazed tile is a tile on the surface of the brick blank. There are two types, one is a ceramic glazed tile, which is fired from pottery. The water absorption rate is high and the intensity is relatively low. The main feature is red on the back color; the other is porcelain glaze tiles. It is fired from porcelain soil. The water absorption rate is low and the strength is relatively low. Its main feature is that the color of the back is gray -white.

The following problems are prone to glazed tiles. First, cracks. The fundamental reason for the cracking is that the stress between the blank and the glaze layer exceeds the difference in thermal expansion coefficient between the glaze. The contraction of the glaze is greater than the blank body, and the glaze will be stretched. When the stress stress is greater than the limit intensity that can bear the glazed layer, it will cause cracking phenomenon, commonly known as porcelain; No matter which kind of brick, water absorption is natural, but when the density of the body is too loose, it is not only a problem of water absorption, but the problem of staining. Generally, the cement is sucking it on the surface and sucking it upside down. The problem can be relieved by soaking the tile in advance.

B. Tongtong brick

The surface of the whole body brick is not glazed, and the material on both sides is consistent with the color, so it is named. Tongtong bricks are a kind of wear -resistant brick. Although there are still varieties such as seepage flower brick bricks, relatively speaking, its color is not as good as glazed tiles. As the current interior design is increasingly inclined to plain design, the brick bricks are becoming more and more fashionable. They are widely used in the floor of the decoration projects such as halls, aisles and outdoor walkways. Essence Most of the non -slip bricks belong to the brick bricks.

C, polished brick

The polished brick is a kind of bright brick made of the surface of the bodies of the bodies. Compared to the tight bricks, the surface of the polished bricks is much more smooth. The polished bricks are hard and wear -resistant, suitable for use in most indoor spaces except toilet and kitchen. On the basis of using seepage technology, polishing bricks can make various imitation stones and wooden effects.

There is a fatal disadvantage of polishing bricks: prone to dirty. This is caused by the bumpy pores left by polishing bricks when polishing. These air holes will hide dirt, and even some tea pour on the polished bricks. Perhaps the industry realized this. Later, some of the quality polishing bricks added a layer of anti -pollution layer when leaving the factory, but this layer of anti -polluting layer lost the effect of polishing bricks. If you want to continue the body, you have to continue to brush the anti -pollution layer. The decoration industry also put water wax before construction to prevent sewage.

D, glass brick

Vitherized bricks are a reinforced polishing brick, which is made of high temperature. The texture is harder and wear -resistant than polishing tiles, and is the hardest of all tiles. The only defect of the glass brick is that after being polished, the pores are exposed, and oil pollution and dust are easy to penetrate. If you do n’t care when paving and use, the stains will occur. To avoid damage and polluting brick surfaces during construction before paving, please be cleaned first and then spread it again. After paving, use woven bags such as woven bags to cover the brick surface. Blind bricks should not be used in the kitchen, toilet.

E, mosaic

Mosaic is a special way of making methods. It generally consists of a relatively large brick with dozens of small bricks. It is small and exquisite, colorful, and is widely used in small -area grounds and walls in the indoor, as well as outdoor walls and grounds. There are generally: ceramic mosaic, marble mosaic, and glass mosaic, with the third quality, technology, and aesthetic level.

F. The choice of tiles: First of all, which type of bricks to buy by the environment and requirements of the tiles; secondly, the bricks they want to buy are placed in a place for about one square meter to observe the mouth, surface, color, pattern and color difference in color differences. The situation; the third is to randomly extract ten bricks and set up, test whether the size and flatness of the bricks are consistent; fourth use hard objects to knock the bricks, the sound of the sound is crisp, otherwise the brick is good. ; Fifth ink drip behind the product, see if the ink is automatically dispersed. Generally speaking, the slower the speed of ink is spreading, the smaller the water absorption rate, the better the internal quality, and the better the product’s durability; otherwise, the worse the product is. Baths such as bathroom and kitchen should be selected with ceramic tiles with anti -slip function.

Fourth, the choice of bathroom products

(1) How to choose a toilet

The toilet is the same as “home appliances”. It is durable consumer goods. There are many brands and different product quality and services. Pay attention to the following points when buying:

1. First understand the drainage system of the housing (whether it is the bottom or the wall), and select the toilet with the corresponding water distance.

2. Brand image: Generally, manufacturers who focus on quality are better, the store image is better, the authoritative qualification certificate is relatively complete, and the after -sales service is also better.

3. Look at the styling design:

● Water flush function: For the toilet, the most important thing is the sewage effect. Whether the design of sewage pipes and water parts is the biggest factor affecting the flushing function. The water -saving seats are not more than 6L each time the water is rushed.

A, straight rush type: flushing speed is fast, but noise is greater.

B. Speed ​​siphon type: Fast speed of flushing and less noise.

C. Salvation siphon type: large water consumption, but no noise. It will not affect the rest of others in the middle of the night.

● Regular degree: overall coordination, harmony, non -deformation, good visual effects.

● Use comfort: feel good when sitting down, comfortable and comfortable. The extended and widened toilet is relatively comfortable when used.

4. Look at the ceramic surface (glaze):

● Lightness: Generally, high -temperature ceramics are relatively bright and crystal, so it is easier to clean.

● Smooth and flatness: The surface of the ceramic is smooth and delicate, and there is no uneven feeling when touching the surface of the ceramics with your hands. There are no obvious defects, such as needle eye, spots, lack of glaze.

● Color: products with the same color should not be colored.

5. Look at porcelain:

● Listen to the sound to distinguish porcelain: Using acoustic principles, sound spreads in the same medium to make a crisp and loud sound, without rupture and no cracking sound.

● Measure the density of weight: the same volume (the same style or the same volume). strong and sturdy.

6. Look at the supporting facilities:

● Cover: Pay attention to whether the covering material is firm, whether it is easy to break, and whether the design is reasonable.

● Water tank accessories: Water tank accessories are often easily ignored, and more people pay attention to external formats. In fact, the water tank accessories are like the heart of the toilet, and the most prone to quality problems. When buying, you should pay attention: the quality of the accessories is good, the water injection noise is low, and the noise is sturdy and durable.

● Other supporting facilities.

(2) How to choose a washbasin

You can choose according to the actual conditions and personal preferences of the bathroom. The most common ones are generally the following:

● Pot on the stage: easy to install, you can place items on the table.

● Basin on the stage: easy to clean, high grade, you can place items on the table. The pots of the table have high requirements for installation. The size of the reserved position on the table must be consistent with the size of the basin, otherwise it will affect the aesthetics after installation.

● Pillar basin: It has the characteristics of the same color of the pillar column, no space, easy installation, easy cleaning, and good ventilation performance.

● Hanging pot: Its characteristics are similar to the column basin, and the wall drainage system can generally consider choosing a pot.

● Bowl pot: Its characteristics are similar to the pots on the stage, more artistic and personalized.

(3) How to choose the faucet

1. Look at the material: Generally, the quality of the quality is: titanium alloy products, copper chrome -plated products, stainless steel chrome -plated products, aluminum chrome -plated products, iron chrome -plated products, etc.

2. Look at the valve core: The valve core is the heart of the faucet, and the ceramic valve core is the best valve core. Good quality products use ceramic valve core, which have the characteristics of strong wear resistance and good sealing performance. Generally, more than 300,000 times can be used. Low -grade products are mostly used in copper, rubber and other seals. low.

3. Look at the plating layer: In the chrome -plated product, the plating layer of the ordinary product is 20 microns thick, and the material is vulnerable to the air oxidation for a long time. It is smooth and delicate, and it can be kept bright as new.

4. Look at the appearance: It can be integrated with the style of the basin, bathtub and bathroom to play a finishing touch.

5. Seeing practical: The imported brands are mostly titanium or copper chrome -plated. The “color surface” is stiff, exquisite and durable, but the price is expensive; the price of copper -plating of domestic brands is relatively affordable, and the price of stainless steel chrome -plated products is lower.

(4) How to choose an acrylic bathtub

When choosing, consider the size, depth, thickness, style, comfort, the position of the headhole, the material, and the non -slip treatment of the bathtub. The most common on the market is acrylic bathtubs.

The advantage of the acrylic bathtub is: it will not rust, it will not be eroded and very light, the surface is smooth, the styles are diverse, it is not easy to deform, not easy to fade, good thermal insulation performance, warm touch, can keep water temperature for a long time, and it is easy to wipe clean Essence A good quality acrylic cylinder can maintain a beautiful appearance for a long time, and the service life can be up to 15 years. With the popularity of acrylic cylinders, there are some inferior acrylic cylinders in the market. These fake and shoddy products not only have poor intensity, but also prone to fade and damage. Dirt is not easy to clean.

When choosing, pay attention: The thickness of the acrylic cylinder is generally 3 ~ 10㎜, the thicker the better. Pay attention to the smoothness of the surface of the surface, pay attention to the small cracks and defects. Bathtub.

Five, wood lacquer

Wood paint can be divided into two categories: water -based paint and oily paint (referred to as paint)

(1) Water paint

1. Classification and characteristics of water -based paint

Water -based paint is the paint of water as a diluent. Water -based paint can generally be divided into three categories. One is water -based wood paint with acrylic acid as the main ingredient. Its main feature is that the adhesion is good, which will not deepen the color of the wood, but the wear resistance and anti -chemical properties are poor. Because of its low cost and low technical content, it has become the main product in the current market. The second category is water -based wooden paint based on the synthesis of acrylic and polyurethane as the main ingredient. In addition to adhering to the characteristics of acrylic paint, its characteristics also increase the characteristics of strong wear resistance and anti -chemicals. The third category is 100 % polyurethane water -based paint. Its wear resistance even reaches several times the oily paint. It is a high -end product in water -based paint. This technology is only for a few professional companies.

Knowing the classification of water -based wood paint, consumers can choose according to their own needs. If you need to apply doors and windows, furniture, etc., you need to choose the first or second type of water -based paint That’s how to paint wood flooring, it is best to use the third type of water -based paint.

Although the type is clear, it is not easy to distinguish the water -based wood paint on the market. Because various manufacturers are not uniform in the name and component logo of water -based paint, it is easy to confuse consumers. Water -based paint with acrylic acid as the main ingredient has two standards: acrylic and acrylic. In addition, the water -based paint paint with hydraulic paint with acrylic acid and polyurethane is a water -based polyester paint. Consumers are best to use visual inspection and nose to assist judgment: acrylic acid is milk -white liquid like milk, a bit of sour taste. Polyurethane is a translucent liquid like an egg white, with some faint oil scent. Of course, the most reliable method is to buy products produced by professional water -based wood paint manufacturers.

2. The advantages and disadvantages of water -based paint

A. Water -soluble coatings, non -toxic and environmental protection, no harmful solvents such as benzene, excluding free TDI.


B. The construction is simple and convenient. It is not easy to see the problem of oil -based paint such as bubbles and particles, and the paint film feels good.

C. High solid content, plump and tough paint film.

D, not yellow, excellent water resistance, not burning.

E, anti -rust, high temperature resistance.

F. It can be constructed at the same time as other paint such as latex paint

G. The hardness of some water -based paint is not high, and it is easy to scratch. This point should be paid special attention when choosing.

In general, except for the high price of water -based paint, it is a good choice in terms of construction and environmental protection.

(2) Paint

1. Classification of paint. At present, there are more than a thousand kinds of paint on the market. There are many colors and different names.

A, large paint, also known as natural lacquer, is divided into raw paint and cooked paint. Paint is toxic, rough paint film, and rarely use it directly. After mature paint or modified, various refined paint is made. Cooked paint is suitable for drying in a humid environment. The paint film has good luster, toughness, high stability, and strong acid resistance, but slow drying. The modified fast -drying pushing light paint, Titzhuang paint and other low toxicity, tough paint film, can be sprayed and brushed, convenient for construction, acid resistance, water resistance, and suitable for high -grade paint.

B, clear oil, also known as cooked oil and paint oil. It can be used as an oil used for raw paint and rust paint tone, which can also be used alone. Some purposes (thin and thick paint and red dan) can be coated with wood or metal rust and anti -corrosion alone. Add an appropriate amount of pigments to be matched with color purpuies. C. Thick paint, also known as lead oil. It is made of pigment and earthy oil mixed. It needs to be diluted after refueling, solvents, etc. can be used. It is widely used in the bottom layer of the base layer. It can also be used as a surface layer. Suitable for filling materials for buildings and wooden bottom paint, water pipe joints.

D, tone paint, also known as blending paint. It is the most commonly used paint. The texture is soft, uniform, thinner and moderate, resistant to corrosion, drying, long -term cracking, strong covering power, good durability, and convenient construction. It is divided into two types: oily blending paint and magnetic blending paint, which is now named Don Datan harmony. It is suitable for magnetic blended paint indoors. This blending paint is better than oily tuned paint. The paint film is harder, bright and smooth, but the weather resistance is worse than that of oily blending paint.

F, varnish,

The varnish is divided into two categories: oil -based paint and tree -liberal paint. The former is commonly known as “Fanli Water”, and the latter is commonly known as “bubble water”. It is a transparent coating without paint. There are the following types of varnish:

● Essence adhesive, also known as water -resistant paint. The paint film is bright, the water resistance is good, but the gloss is not long -lasting, and the dryness is poor. Suitable for wooden furniture, doors and windows, and plate walls, and the light on the metal surface.

● Phenolic varnish, commonly known as Yongming paint. Dry and faster, the paint film is tough and durable, good luster, heat resistance, water resistance, and weak acid and alkali. The disadvantage is that the paint film is easy to yellow and crispy. Suitable for wooden furniture doors and windows, panel walls, and light on the metal surface.

● Alcoholic paint, also known as the three treasure paint. The adhesion, gloss, and durability of this paint are better than the first two. It is dry, high, high, polished, polished, and bright in color. But the membrane is crispy, heat -resistant, and poor atmospheric resistance. Suitable for indoor doors and windows, ground, furniture, etc.

● Nitrotic varnish, also known as spray paint and La. It has the characteristics of dryness, hardness, light, wear resistance, durability and other characteristics. It is a high -grade coating, which is suitable for wood and metal surfaces to decorate and decorate it for high -level doors and windows, board walls, and armrests.

● Worm adhesive, also known as sparkling water and alcohol, also referred to as lacquer slices. It is a solution made in alcohol that is dissolved in more than 95 degrees with insect film. This paint is easy to use, dry and fast, and the paint film is hard and shiny. The disadvantage is poor water resistance and poor weather resistance. Generally used for indoor wood furniture coating.

● acrylic paint. It can dry at normal temperature and have good weather resistance, light resistance, heat resistance, mildew resistance and adhesion, but poor gasoline resistance. Suitable for spraying aluminum alloy surfaces that have been oxidized by anodic. It is used as a closed agent in the wood coating. The paint film is hard and bright, can be insulated, dry quickly, and it is easy to whiten in the heat. Objects that are easily heated by moisture should not be applied.

G, porcelain paint is made of paint as the base material, and the paint is grinded. After the coating is dry, the coating is magnetic and the coating is hard. The commonly used is phenol porcelain paint and alcohol porcelain paint. It is suitable for metal window screen grids. Essence Anti -rust paint has zinc yellow, iron red epoxy oxygencoplasty, and the paint film is tough and durable. The adhesion is good. Tropical metal materials base.

Family decoration, the most used is polyuretin wood paint, and the doors and windows, the doorsyol glycolic paint, and alcoholic acid blending paint. Polyxin wood paint contains toluene dihydrate fat. It is a harmful substance with tear effects and can also make the skin lightly color. Its steam will have a strong stimulus to the respiratory tract, even at low concentrations of vapor 2-5 % of people will produce allergic reactions similar to allergic asthma. Organic solvents used in alcohol and alcoholic paint, such as pine oil, pine water, gasoline, acetone, ether, etc., and even smoked uncomfortable. Some counterfeit and shoddy products are replaced with alcoholic acid resin with polyester waste, and the consequences are more serious. Pay special attention to choosing high -quality products during use. After the living room is painted, it should be ventilated in a timely manner. It is best to vacate for 1-2 months after the decoration of the new home.

H, super environmentally friendly plant paint


Natural plant -shaped paint coatings that have been appeared from raw materials to processing and manufacturing are different from chemical coatings. Its raw materials are selected from more than a dozen natural plants such as linseed oil, orange oil, sycamore oil, marijuana resin, pine fat, and loquat oil. It is a new paint paint that uses high -tech technology that conforms to natural ecological balance. Just like the tung oil of lacquer wares that began to use in ancient times, natural plant -shaped paint coatings can be applied to the top of the living room wall and the surface of the furniture. When the paint is painted and volatilized after painting, it will not cause any harm to the human body. Because the pigments and diluted solvents of natural plant paint coatings are also extracted from natural plants, they do not contain volatile harmful gases. Staff can be constructed in a closed space environment and can enter after painting. Even if the remaining substances are continuously volatilized, they can return to nature. In addition, various ingredients from plants have affinity with the natural ecological environment. In this way, when painting, the construction staff can smell the smell of an orange or pine leaves, which makes people feel fresh and will not stimulate like chemical coatings. People shed tears, throat discomfort, and even caused other patients.

Six, latex paint

Wood paint and latex paint are collectively called coatings. They are divided into two types: oily and water -based. Oil -based paint uses organic solvents as decentralized medium; water -based paint uses water as a dispersion medium. Depending on the decentralized methods, water -based coatings can be divided into two types: water -soluble and water decentralization. Latex paint is water decentralized coatings. It is based on synthetic resin emulsion. The fillers are grinded and diversified. According to the characteristics and scope of application, latex paint is divided into interior wall latex paint, exterior latex paint, and other special paint.

The inner wall paint focuses on color, alkaline resistance, and mold resistance; outer wall paint focuses on ultraviolet and waterproof.

Seven, ceiling materials

The current commonly used ceiling materials include silicon calcium plates, aluminum gussets and plastic steel plates.

1. Silicon calcium board

Silicon calcium plate, also known as gypsum composite board, is a porous material, has good sound insulation and thermal insulation. When the indoor air is humid, it can attract water molecules in the air and dry air. Properly adjust the indoor dryness, humidity, and increase comfort. Gypsum products are also special fire -resistant materials. In the flame, the heat absorption reaction can be generated. At the same time, the water molecules can be released to prevent the spread of fire from spreading, and it will not decompose to produce any toxic, erosive, suffocating gases, and will not produce anything. Fire or smoke.

Compared with the gypsum board, the appearance of the gypsum board is retained in appearance; the weight is much lower than the gypsum board, and the intensity is much higher than the gypsum board; The service life of the material is extended; in terms of the sound of sound and thermal insulation, it is also improved than the gypsum board.

2. Aluminum gusset

After more than ten years of development, the technology is also being updated. The first generation of products is plaster board and mineral cotton board; the second generation is PVC; the third -generation product is metal ceiling. The aluminum gusset of the metal ceiling later lived with aluminum gusset, and the unusual army protruded. At present, the aluminum gusset board on the market is also divided into several grades: the first type of aluminum -magnesium alloy, which contains some manganese. At the same time, because the appropriate amount of manganese is added, it is improved in strength and stiffness, which is the best material for ceiling; The second type of aluminum manganese alloy, the strength and rigidity of the plate are slightly better than the aluminum -magnesium alloy, but the antioxidant capacity is slightly insufficient; the third type of aluminum alloy, which contains less manganese and magnesium, so its strength and stiffness are obviously obvious Below aluminum -magnesium alloy and aluminum manganese alloy, the antioxidant capacity is average.

The key to choosing an aluminum gusset is not thick and thin, but in the materials. The home board is 0.6mm. The trapped aluminum gusset is not like a plastic steel plate. deal with.

3. Plastic steel plate

The plastic steel plate is improved by the second -generation ceiling material PVC, also known as UPVC, which basically overcome the PVC’s faulty, fading, and non -flame retardant. In terms of strength and toughness, it has made great progress, and it is easier to install and disassemble, and the cost is relatively high.

Eight, adhesive

During the decoration process, many varieties have adhesives, and their effects are very different. According to the ingredients, it can be divided into ordinary crisisythyde, melamine, phenolic glue, polyacin acetate gum, dysyl acrylic gel (DAP gel), etc. Wait.

The purpose of various adhesives is as follows:

1. Eyedehyde resin glue: It has better water resistance and heat resistance, but easy to aging. The liquid UF is colorless, transparent or milky, and the storage period is 2-6 months.

2. Tripulamine resin glue: Its water resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance is better than phenolic gum and UF glue, and is highly transparent.

3. Phenolic resin glue: Its water resistance, aging resistance, excellent heat resistance, high cost, often used in aviation plywood, ship plywood plate, etc.

4. Polyacharine Ethyl Elemine: Also known as lactine, room temperature is faster and non -toxic. The glue layer is transparent and tough, but its water resistance is poor.

5. Diabenate gel gel (DAP glue): It is a kind of armosettic adhesive that can be processed and can be formed in low -voltage molding for low -quality plastic plates.

6. Hot melting glue: The adhesives that can quickly solidify within a few seconds are mainly used for edge.

We generally do not pay attention to the ingredients of the glue during the decoration process, but only care about the name and usage of the glue. Below is the glue and use often used in several types of decoration:

● 107 glue: polyethylene alcohol -shrinking formaldehyde, which is seriously polluted by the product, the state has explicitly banned production, sales and use.

● 108 glue: It is the upgrade product of 107 glue. It is a high -molecular water -soluble polymer. It has good adhesive performance, strong tunnel ability, anti -aging resistance, non -toxic, tasteless and other characteristics. Rolling the bottom; and gypsum powder; sticky gypsum line and so on.

● CX401 adhesive: It is a pale yellow gel fluid made of a chlorine rubber phenolic resin at room temperature. It is suitable for adhesion of metal, rubber, glass, wood, cement products, plastics and ceramics; it is commonly used for cement wall surface, ground bonding rubber, plastic products, plastic flooring and cork flooring.

● 405 glue: It is a polyurethane adhesive, which has the characteristics of strong adhesion, water resistance, oil resistance, weak acid resistance, solvent resistance and other characteristics. Commonly used for plastic, wood, leather, etc.

● 4115 glue: The 4115 powerful floor glue is a new product developed and developed with a new type of auxiliary agent. It has good initial adhesion performance, strong adhesion, water resistance, and toughness. Generally used to paste the floor.

● 502 glue: It is based on α -cyanide acrylic ethyl, and adhesives, stabilizers, tough agents, clustering agents, etc. are added to instantaneous curing adhesives through advanced production process synthesis. The applicable range is applicable. In addition to polyethylene, polypropylene, fluoride and silicon -containing plastic, rubber, soft polyvinyl chloride and other materials, special treatment (such as polishing surfaces) must be performed in order to obtain good intensity. Essence

● 605 glue: It is the adhesive of epoxy resin as the Kencun. High bonding strength, acid alkali resistance, water resistance and other organic solvents are suitable for various materials such as metal, plastics, rubber and ceramics.

● 801 glue: It is a slight yellow or colorless transparent colloidal collagen by a polyethylene acid and formaldehyde in an acidic medium and then via an amino. It is non -toxic, tasteless, non -burning, and has no irritating odor during construction. Its abrasion resistance and other properties are better than 107 glue. 801 glue can be used for paste of wall cloth, wallpaper, tiles and cement products, and can also be used as a rubber for inner and outer walls and ground coatings. It can also be used to paste the decorative panel and plywood; paste the decorative plates such as aluminum -plastic plates during ceiling; paste the various angle lines of metal/plastic wood;

● 8104 glue: It is a non -toxic, odorless white glue, which has good water resistance and strong initial adhesion. It has good adaptability to the contraction and contraction in temperature and humidity changes, and will not open the glue. It is suitable for paste and plastic wallpapers on wall surfaces such as cement mortar, concrete, cement asbestos, gypsum board, plywood and other walls.

● 933 glue: paste the light surface sticky tiles; paste the marble table and stall water.

● White latex: Formerly known as polyzhaide adhesive, it is a milky white thick liquid that is synthesized by acetate and ethylene, and then aggregated by the emulsion. White latex can be consolidated, faster, and high in bonding. The bonding layer has good toughness and durability and is not easy to aging. It can be widely used in adhesive paper products (wallpaper), or adhesives for waterproof coatings and wood. Wooden material bonding.

● Yunshi gum: AH -03 marble glue adhesive is a paste viscous adhesive based on a variety of polymer synthetic materials such as epoxy resin. It is suitable for bonding of marble, granite, mosaic, ceramic tiles, etc. with the cement grassroots. Plug -in marble.

● Smooth glue: The formaldehyde contains low formaldehyde in the dilute agent of the expansion glue, and is mostly used to close and fix the gap.

● Glass glue: acidic silicone glass glue, used in glass, porcelain products, PVC, metal, stone bonding and filling.

● Silicone sealing: It is based on silicon rubber as the main raw material. Seal glue. ◆ Establishing various doors and windows such as buildings, cars, and glass assembly projects bonded and sealed. Mainly used in two seals of hollow glass, other various heat -resistant, cold -resistant, insulation, waterproof, shock -proof device bonding, sealing gaps and protective layers, which can replace various rubber pads, asbestos, cork plugs and paper pads. For plane flanges and covering planes of electromechanical equipment such as cars, motorcycles, pipelines, and various pumps. It should be noted that the glue cannot be used as a structural sealing, and the concrete, cement, masonry, limestone, lead, zinc and galvanized steel plate should not be used.

Nine, floor


There are many types of flooring. According to the material and process, there are solid wood flooring, solid wood composite floor (including cork floor), strengthening composite flooring, plastic flooring.

● solid wood flooring:

Family decoration is more commonly used. The advantage is pure wood products, with warm material, good feet, real and natural. The surface coating is smooth and uniform, with a large size, and the choice is large. Disadvantages: The floor of the floor is delicate and dry, and it is easy to shrink after the moisture. It produces reflux deformation. The installation is more troublesome. The maintenance difficulty and price are relatively high.

● Solid wood composite floor:

The solid wood composite floor has the strengths of solid wood flooring, comfortable foot feel, and good thermal insulation performance; it also overcomes the lack of solid wood flooring due to the contraction of the monomer and easy to lift. In addition, the solid wood composite floor is easy to install, and the keel is not needed under normal circumstances. Cork flooring is made of oak bark, so it also belongs to solid wood composite plates. Compared with solid wood flooring, the cork floor is more environmentally friendly, its moisture -proof performance is better, and it will not rot. After strictly paving, it can even be paved in the bathroom. The quality of the layer is not easy to damage.

Strictly speaking, bamboo flooring also belongs to solid wood composite floor. The surface of the bamboo floor is gorgeous and elegant, and the feet feel comfortable. It is an ideal material that reduces wood consumption with bamboo. According to its material, it can be divided into all bamboo flooring and bamboo and wood composite floor. All bamboo flooring is made of bamboo. Bamboo and wood composite flooring is generally made of bamboo materials, and the heart plate and bottom plate are made of wood or wood plywood. According to the color of the floor, it can be divided into a bamboo -colored floor and a carbonized bamboo floor. Bamboo flooring is cold, and the family of the elderly should be carefully paved, and the floorability of bamboo flooring. With the seasons change in the north, the temperature, dry and wet transition are obvious, and it is also a test of the bamboo floor itself.

● Strengthen composite floor:

At present, the enhanced composite floor on the market is mostly imported, but it is processed in China. The advantages are widely used, with many varieties, hard texture, hard texture, non -deformation, fire prevention, wear resistance, simple maintenance, and easy construction. The disadvantage is that the material is cold and the feet feel average. The entrance hall, hospitality area, and dining area are more suitable for paving to strengthen the compound floor.

● Plastic flooring: Plastic flooring is a synthetic rubber and plastic product. It has various colors. The shape of a round slightly convex is the most common. It can also imitate the color and texture of tiles, wooden boards, marble, etc., because rubber plastic has strong and durable characteristics It is usually used in public places with high flow of people. Plastic flooring has the advantages of dirt resistance, waterproof, and resistance. The disadvantage is that the abrasion resistance is poor.

1. The point of choice of solid wood flooring

● Narrow plates are more resistant to deformation than wide plates.

● The surface color is heavy, and the thick lacquer surface often covers surface defects.

● Due to the different positions of the logs, the uneven color of the floor is normal, and the floor of the six -sided paint is not normal.


● The moisture content of wooden floors varies depending on the use of land climate.

● The solid wood flooring is processed by natural wood, and the surface is normal for living festivals and color differences. This is also the natural place that solid wood flooring is different from the composite floor. It is not too demanding. If there are defects such as insect eye, cracking, decaying, blue change, and death of the surface, you can use it to use it to use it to use it to use it to use it to remove its defects during construction.

● Whether the quality of the paint is bright or matte paint floor, you should observe whether the surface paint film should be uniform, plump, smooth, and whether there are leaks, bubbles, and holes.

● Painting is divided into two types of UV and PU. You can ask the sales staff to ask the flooring type of the floor. Generally speaking, high -fat floors such as teak, ant wood (Ibe), Zixin Sumu, etc. need to use PU paint, and UV paint will appear on the shell. PU lacquer surface color is real and clear, and it is easy to repair if it is damaged. PU paint has long drying due to long drying time. In addition, the price of PU paint flooring will be slightly higher than the price of UV paint floor.

2. Indexes that should be followed by buying composite flooring

When buying a composite wood flooring, the main technical indicators that should be understood are: 1. wear resistance indicators; 2. resistance impact; 3. dirt resistance, stain resistance; 4. to smoke burning; 5. wear of contact surface; 6. 6. 6. 6. 6. Dordicity of contact surfaces; 6. 6. 6. The wear of the contact surface; 6. 6. 6. The wear of the contact surface; , Scratching the chair and foot wheels; 7. After water absorption, the volume expansion rate; 8. The amount of formaldehyde release. Among them, abrasion -resistant indicators have no less than 6000 rpm.

3. Do not ignore the pollution caused by floor accessories

It is just that the floor is environmentally friendly, and the auxiliary materials cannot be ignored. Now buying strengthening flooring, floor vendors generally provide free delivery and installation, and floor plasters are also presented by the floor. In view of the expensive price of high -quality floor glue for environmental protection and moisture -proof, many small workshop -style businesses often use cheap ordinary glue, or even low -quality glue with low prices. Such environmental protection and unspoken glue cannot guarantee their quality, but they can be in the merchant ” Under the guise of brand -dedicated “and” all -inclusive “, it has logically entered consumer families, thereby bringing hidden environmental protection hazards.

As the main ingredients to strengthen the wooden floor, the skirting board is also a hidden environmental “killer”. Because most of the wooden skirting plates also use formaldehyde adhesives in the production process for glue, veneer or paint, and the surface of the skirting plate cannot be dense as the surface of the floor. Release.

Ten, door

1. Classification of the door

The general forms of doors include: metal doors, full plastic doors, splint doors, panel doors, flat doors, wooden grid glass doors, antique grid doors, wooden metal grid doors.

In the form of installation, there are flat doors, sliding doors, shuttle doors, rotating doors, etc.

The materials and crafts are divided into:

● Dental board mold press: Double -sided mold pressure for one -sided mold, door core or hollow or filling, single style, low grade.

● Double -pack door of fine woodwork: semi -handmade and semi -mechanized production, door core pine frame, fine wood door panels, single styles, flat door doors, low grades.

● Full wooden tenon structure door: simple mechanized production, all solid wood, including pine, iron fir wood, beyl wood, water song willow and other materials. The structure is mainly connected to the door frame tenon, inlaid with the door core board, which is a mid -to -high -end product in the market. Due to the all -solid wood reasons, there are fatal defects in quality: the door body is easy to deform, the tenon connection is cracking, and the door core plate is dew white.

● Solid wood composite door: produced by mechanized assembly lines to use solid wood composite technology. Solid wood seal edge, various valuable solid wood hidden internal sealing edges, covered with various valuable solid wood vessels, the shape of the wooden lines uses a variety of precious solid wood, the door core is filled with white pine grid, solid wood frame, and the medium dense boards are hot pressure on both sides. , Cover all kinds of valuable solid wood vessels. It is constant and stable, does not deform and crack, and the appearance is as natural as the whole wood. The materials and styles can be more options, which are high -end products.

In addition, the aluminum bag wooden door increases the aluminum alloy protective layer on the outer layer of the pure wood door and window, which can meet the different requirements of the inner and outer side and window materials of the building, retain the characteristics and functions of pure wooden doors and windows. , And easy maintenance, you can perform a variety of colors of spraying on the outer floor to maintain the overall beauty of the building.

It can be divided into::

● Slide door: Horizontal push and pull -off, does not take up space. Mainly used in the kitchen door and balcony door.

● Union door: Turn on the opening, mainly used for households, bedroom doors, office doors, toilet doors.

The surface treatment is divided into paint -free and paint.

Divide in the form of the door

● Flat door: The edge of the door is flat. The traditional door is all flat door. Due to the opening of the lock, there is a gap between the door and the door frame. The closed sound insulation effect is not good, and it also affects the beauty.

● T -shaped door: a new type of door introduced from Europe, the edge of the door is T -shaped mouth, the protruding part is pressed on the door cover, and is equipped with a sealing tape, the closed sound insulation effect is good, the overall beauty (T -type door and the door and the Type and the Type and the Type and the October (T -type door and the door and the Type and the Type and the Type and the Types (Type and the Type and the Type and the Types (Type and the Type and the Type and the Types (Type and the Type and the Type and the Types (Type and the Type and the Type and the Type and the Overall (T -shaped door and the Type and the Type and the Types (Types and the Type and the Type and the Type and the Overall (T -type door and the door of the T -shaped door and The T -type door line is not the same concept).

The sound insulation problem of the door should not be ignored. Half of the poor sound insulation in the room comes from the closure of the door. In fact, whether it is the door of the decoration team with a large core bag or the finished door bought from the building materials market, each door can play a certain role of sound insulation, but it is very different in the sound insulation effect. The doors are not soundproofing the sound insulation effect of the door panel. The sound insulation effect of the door panel mainly depends on the filling of the inside of the inside of the door and the sealing of the door edge.


Generally, the core of the molding door is filled with a honeycomb -like paper base. Because it is arranged into a honeycomb, it can make a certain material maximize the area and the highest intensity, thereby increasing the strength of the door panel. The closed air layer formed can play a sound insulation role, and the door made by this method can achieve the sound insulation effect of 29 decibels. The inferior door panel is just a few partitions with a cardboard in the empty core, and the sound insulation effect will be poor. The core sound insulation performance of the inner core is better, and the density and quality of the particleboard are significantly higher than that of the paper base. The sound insulation effect of high -quality particle plate door can meet 32 ​​decibels, which is significantly higher than the requirements of 22 to 25 decibels stipulated by the state.

As for the solid wood door and solid wood composite doors with relatively high prices, it depends on the density, weight, and thickness of the door panel to determine. The more density, heavy weight, and door panel thickness, the better. Some people think that with a 4CM thick steel plate as the door panel or irrigation cement in the door panel to achieve the quality of the quality to find a higher sound insulation effect? However, although the sound insulation effect is reached, the weight of the door panel will increase, so it cannot increase the weight of the door excessively to pursue the pursuit of sound insulation. The facade at the door cannot carry such weight. Therefore, the best sound insulation door should be as much as possible in the required sound insulation effect.

The pattern on the door panel is designed for sound absorption. In addition to the sound insulation door, the sound insulation door also requires a certain sound absorption effect. Attentive people will find that most of the door panels will have simple or complicated patterns on both sides. Some people think that they are just decorative, but they are not sure. If the door panel is very smooth, the indoor sound waves will be completely reflected by the door panel, forming noisy noise. It can be seen that there are some necessary styles and lines on the door, which can play a role in absorbing and preventing repeated refractions.

In addition, there is a kind of shelzar material inside the market. It has good flame retardant performance and is also a good sound -absorbing material. There is a sealing fire door around the door, and it also has a good sound insulation effect.

The installation requirements must also be strictly sewn. In the decoration, in addition to the workmanship of the door, the installation between the door sleeve and the door is also the key to determining the sound insulation effect. Even a good sound insulation door needs to be installed strictly, otherwise even a very fine gap will greatly reduce the sound insulation performance. Experts suggest that the door cover and door should be installed by experienced professionals.

Pay special attention to selecting the sound barrier door. Generally, it is difficult for non -professional personnel to judge the sound insulation effect of the door. Consumers can request the quality inspection report of the relevant national departments, including the sound insulation test report to understand the performance of the product. The popular method that can be judged by itself is: look at it with the eyes, the heavy door usually has a good sound insulation effect; listen with the ears, go to the side of the door, and knock gently. For poor sound insulation.

Eleven, lamps

1. Don’t rush to buy it. If you want to pay more than three, the lamps are also a big head for expenditure. You can’t take it lightly.

2. To buy lamps, you should arrange the functional distribution of each room. Those who have special requirements for the light source should be designed in advance. For example, the study, you must light up. In this way, you can borrow less other supplementary light sources. There are also bathrooms. Be sure to consider waterproofing performance, and choose top lamps with good waterproof performance. The kitchen is also recommended to use waterproof ceiling lights. Other rooms can be appropriately selected with the shape of the shape and the environment to improve the mood. The living room and the aisle can be appropriately increased by the light source. This is more or less, high or short, or top -connected, or wall connection. In general, even if a lot of lamp sources are arranged, their sources are arranged, and their sources are arranged. The actual utilization rate is also very low.

3. When buying lamps, pay attention to the requirements of various lamps, such as the shooting light, what is the current of the specific lamp source? What is the voltage? These must be understood in advance. I heard my workers say that he installed lights for other people’s family. The same 12V50W downlights are not stabilized when installed. The 12V of the light source requires 20 times. This is a serious hidden danger. The light source bursts, and the fire causes fire. In addition, when selecting the regulator, you should also pay attention to the nominal value of the regulator. It is best to use the same current output and the power voltage voltage is greater than the lamp source. For example, the lamp source is 50W. Good.

4. When buying lamps, pay attention to opening the box inspection on the spot. Generally, large pieces are not small. The most prone to shortage is small pieces. It is precisely these small pieces that will bring unexpected trouble for the lamps. Time to replace it.

Section 6, Decoration Program

Construction -Cleaning the grassroots, leveling horizontal lines -materials entry -carpentry construction, the construction of hydropower hidden projects in the same period — tile workers -oil workers entering (grassroots treatment) -Cup worker ending (including kitchen and bathroom ceiling) – Oil worker ending (latex paint construction) -The hardware installation -completion.

In fact, there are many issues to pay attention to in the work process. Here you provide a link for your reference:

I see the 38th of the construction process “Yandu Hantan Decoration Diary”

Section 7, precautions during the decoration process:

1. Precautions for wall decoration:

1. Grassroots treatment of the wall

● Check whether the cement layer of the wall is empty.

● The wall is required to be flat, and the long aluminum square can be performed vertically and horizontally. The average difference per square meter should be controlled within 3mm.

● When the house is collected, the wall is pulled with cement. First, use the cement to flatten.

● The original putty layer of the wall is recommended to remove the re -approved; the original putty is waterproof and putty. It can be painted directly without shovel with sandpaper. You can also use sandpaper to polish it. Essence

● The air -conditioning eye and smoke exhaust holes should be played before batch of putty, ceiling, and tiles.

● The cracks of the wall must be carefully repaired. It is required to dig a 1cm reinvigable cement at the original seam.

● The wall is flat, and those with a thickness within 3-5mm can be flattened with putty; if the thickness is 5-10mm, it can be flat with white cement and glue; if it exceeds 10mm, it is recommended to use cement to flatten after the wall is cut.

H, gypsum can be used to repair large holes in the wall. If the hole is too large, it is best to use cement.

● The leak (seepage) water on the wall and the top surface must be solved after the problem of leaking (seepage) water before the next process can be performed.

2. For colorful paint on the wall, it is recommended to make the top -angle line and the color of the top angle line should be consistent with the ceiling, and the color layering is relatively clear.

3. The effect of the wallpaper is better than the wall paint and the requirements for the treatment of the grassroots are not high. The disadvantage is that the price is high.

4. Selection of wall paint: When choosing a color board in the mall, you should choose a color that is lighter than the color plate. You can achieve the effect we want when you actually paint.

5. Use wooden materials to make top -angle lines, which will shrink and crack 100 %. It is better to use gypsum lines.

6. The production of partition walls: In terms of extension and sturdy, brick (or empty bricks) is the best solution; followed by light steel keel plus gypsum board; it is not recommended to use wooden keel plus gypsum board or cement board. If the sound insulation is better, the keel can be cotton.

7. Before brushing the latex paint, the wall should be kept flat and dry. The humid wall will cause the latex paint to foam, discolor, pan -alkali and peel.


Second, putty

1. Seven -point putty tri -paint, the paint must be good, that is, the foundation of the bottom of the wall is not good, and the latex paint is difficult to produce. According to the survey, 60 % of the latex paint paint failure is caused by the quality of the putty, not the reason why it is generally considered to be coating.

2. Because putty is the same as its own characteristics, try not to use the wall with a thickness of more than 5mm.

3. You don’t need to add glue when batching the putty paste, because the putty paste already contains the ingredient of glue.

4. Try not to use the semi -finished food put on the spot for construction. Because the glue difficulty used for on -site deployment is difficult to protect, and it is difficult to determine whether it is uniform or not, it is best to use the well -equipped finished food putty paste, which means that everything is done. There may be no or less putty powder.

5. Wall lining, wall lining is a best alternative product of 821 putty. It improves the disadvantages of poor adhesion, low bonding strength and toughness, and improves moisture -proof ability, delicateness and texture.

6. After the putty is approved, when polishing the putty, you should hold the light source and fight. This can most effectively ensure the smoothness of the wall.

Third, coatings

1. latex paint

● The wall must be smooth and smooth, and it must be painted on the wall of the wall before applying the latex paint.

● First brush the bottom paint, then paint, generally painted once, and the surface paint twice.

● The concentration of stroke painting is higher than the roller brush.

● Paint the latex paint should be painted after the paint construction is over and the paint is dry.

● Except for inferior latex paint containing a large amount of formaldehyde, individual manufacturers use organic mercury and use of harmful substances such as glycol in film formation aids in the mold -proof agent.

● Common problems of latex paint, due to the quality and painting of latex paint itself, the painted wall surface of the paint often appears pink, discoloration and fading, peeling and peeling. Poor patience, poor wall treatment, and poor paint for painting are not good; the reasons for fading and discoloration are: high wall temperature, sunlight, and alkaline walls. The reasons for the discoloration of the peeling are very simple, mainly caused by the wall back tide and the grassroots treatment.

● Applying latex paint, each paint must be done for the second time.

● Can the inner and outer wall paint be mixed? Mr. Zhu Chuan, the editor -in -chief of “China Pain” magazine, said that the exterior wall paint brush the inner wall. From the perspective of environmental protection, there is no problem, and the inner wall paint is used to paint the outer wall. The inner wall paint focuses on alkali resistance and scrubbing.

● The color selection of latex paint:

The color of the indoor wall constitutes the color tone of decorative color. Careful choice of wall coatings to create and improve the atmosphere and style of interior decoration. Generally speaking, the north -north -facing room is better to brush a layer of warm colors because the temperature is low in the sun and the temperature is low. I will feel that the room is warm, and at the same time, there will be a pleasant and comfortable feeling; the summer of the east -west room is often exposed to the sun in summer. Such as a faint blue; in the south room, it is generally warm in winter and cool in summer. Low, if you want to make it feel higher, you may wish to brush into a light blue or sky blue; the color of the outside of the room affects the color of the indoor wall paint in the room, and the color and season should be appropriate. The wall coatings with sufficient light can be selected as cold tones, such as green, light blue, etc. The indoor light is darker, with warm and warm colors such as beige, bright pink, red and the like. The color tone of the indoor wall coatings should not be compared with too strong comparison with the outdoor environment. If there is red light reflexes outside the window, it is not appropriate to use too strong blue and green coatings in the indoor. Tired of emotions, such as light yellow, milk yellow warm coatings, the effect will be better. On the contrary, if there are leaves or strong green reflex light outside the window, the color of the indoor coatings should not be too green or too red. In short, indoor coatings require the harmonious unity of color matching. Generally, it is advisable to use a soft and quiet light color. It is coupled with landscape painting or other small accessories to adjust the balanced indoor color to achieve a complete, bright, and comfortable living effect.

● The acceptance criteria for latex paint are crackless, non -pimples, peeling off, no bubbles, non -flowing, bristles, and uniform colors.