The four major skincare packages of the Korean department: post -anti -veterans, snowflakes off the yellow, Su secrets have no addition, which one have you used


Skin care products are preferred by all girls, especially the skincare products of the box, which are even more popular. Those who understand skin care products should know that most of the skin care products in Korean are sold in the form of a suit. This is a major feature of Korean skin care products.

First of all, the ingredients contained in the complete set of skincare packages are the same, which has the effect of 1+1 greater than 2.

Secondly, the complete skin care suitcase has the same texture, the skin feels similar, and it is better to apply it to the face.


In the end, the complete set of skin care sets solve the distress of skin care with skin care products. In the suitcase, water, milk, cream, and essence are usually available. People who do not understand skin care products are not afraid of using it wrong.


There are many skin care suits in Korean. The following four are the more popular Korean four -skinned sets:

Number1: Late Weather Dan Set Box

The main effect: contains more than thirty kinds of precious Chinese herbal medicine ingredients, which can deeply nourish the skin, nourish and skin the skin, and improve the state of dark yellow, roughness and pattern.

Suitable for age: 25 -year -old and above light cooked age and mature people.

experience feelings:

Later is one of the top skin care brands in Korea, and the weather Dan series is the most popular suit. Its water is a state of gel. It will not be greasy on the face, and the ductility is also excellent. After the skin absorbs it, it feels moist on the face.


The lotion has some sticky and moisturizing effects are very good. Even in dry autumn and winter, it has a good moisturizing effect.

For a period of time, you will find that the skin and oil balance of the skin is well adjusted, and the skin color is gradually translucent. With the cream and essence in the box, the skin’s state is getting healthier.


Number2: Snowflake Show Zixi Set:

The main effect: hydrating, moisturizing and nourishing the skin, which has a good conditioning effect on dark yellow skin and rough skin. A variety of Chinese herbal medicines and plant formula nourishing skin care and skin care.

Suitable for age: 22 to 30 years old.


Snowflake Show is the brand owned by Amore, the largest skin care group in South Korea, and this nourishing yin set is the ceiling level of skin brightening and improving dull skin care products. Water milk contains purslane, ground yellow extract, and lotus extracts. It can replenish the skin deeply, repair the skin barrier, and improve the transparentness of the skin. It is very suitable for the use of oriental people with dark yellow skin.

The texture of the nourishing yin water is a transparent gel -like, which seems to be sticky and refreshing and absorbed. The lotion texture is a bit sticky. It is more suitable for girls with dry skin. It has good nourishing skin effects.

With the essence and cream in the suitcase, the state of the imbalance of skin and oil disappears, the skin tone is also reduced, and makeup is not easy to get stuck.

Number3: AHC Little Fairy Water Package

The main efficacy: hydrating, moisturizing, oil control to regulate the skin’s water and oil balance, soothing the state of skin instability.


Suitable for age: 18 to 25 years old, as long as people who want to moisturize the skin can be used.

AHC is a more affordable brand in Korean skin care products, and it is loved by many young girls. Recently, this little fairy water box has attracted much attention. Water milk contains ten composite multi -dimensional hyaluronic acid, which can bring a full range of hydrating care to the dry and dehydrated skin.

In addition, it also adds the main ingredients of the Korean white jade needle glutathione, which allows the dark yellow skin to rejuvenate and clear.

This water milk suite box is suitable for a variety of skin use, which can not only provide sufficient water for dry skin girls. Even if it is used in oily skin, the skin feel is relatively refreshing. At the same time Its effect is relatively single, and it is more suitable for young girls who want to pursue moisturizing and hydrating and brightening.

Number4: Su Secret 37 degrees surprise set:

The main effect: hydrating, moisturizing, soothing the skin, adjusting the balance of water and oil, especially suitable for the sensitive people of the skin.

Suitable for age: 18 to 25 years old. If the skin is easy to be sensitive, you can use it no matter how old you are.

Girls who are easy to be sensitive to the skin or are in pregnancy should be familiar with Su’s skin care set? Its biggest advantage is that it does not add any preservatives, alcohol and other components. It is a skin care product that sensitive muscles can be used with confidence.

If you are in the stage of skin sensitivity, using this water can relieve the skin and relieve the symptoms of skin redness. Su Secretary’s toner is transparent water -shaped texture, has a strong liquidity, the texture is very refreshing and absorbed, the emulsion fluidity is also excellent, and the face is not greasy at all.


Therefore, this set of skin care products is relatively more suitable for hybridization and oily skin. It has a good effect of regulating water and oil balance. It is easy to be absorbed by the skin and is not easy to stuffy acne.

The above -mentioned Korean water and milk are good for word of mouth and sales. Among them, it is anti -aging, the snowflakes show yellow, and Su secrets have no addition. Which one do you use? What are the easy -to -use skincare packages? Welcome to leave a message below to share and discuss it ~

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