GeoX is very comfortable.


Famous designer Ernesto Esposito

The spokesperson’s scented scenic, the thick-faced shoes Kattilou, using exclusive breathing holes, with simple and generous colors, combined with fashionable elements.

Inspired from the national wind elements of Mexico painting, add a more strong visual impact to the streets of summer.

Innovative woven materials, with comfortable GeoX patented soles, is a commuter, casual trendy partner.

Metallic colors that symbolize future, splicing soft girl elements, causing cool and cute unique atmosphere.

GEOX 时髦舒适两相宜

Italy’s well-known footwear brand Gelith Geox recently upgraded this quarter new women’s shoes, men’s shoes, children’s shoes, jacket four series, and relying on Respira’s breathing international patented technology, building a fashion and comfort for different life scenarios. Among them, this year’s women’s shoes are launched for GeoX and famous designers Ernesto Esposito, combined with elegant and functional technology to reshape the classics.

GEOX 时髦舒适两相宜

Based on “I am not an artist, I am a very good shoe designer, this is a different design concept, and everyone has served as the Ernesto Esposito of the behind-the-scenes designer of the internationally renowned footprint. The detail element style is attached. This season he is injecting more elegant fashion elements, rich detail and beautiful color while using a comfortable geox patented breathable waterproof sole.