Red bean flour shirt control! New red beans men’s clothing -warm velvet shirts are amazing list


Do you want to have a black technology shirt with a few major advantages? Moisturizing and breathable, skin -friendly non -irritating, not easy to get ball, not easy to deform … With the strong research and development strength of red beans and men’s clothing, this black technology shirt is finally amazing. Immediately triggers a snap -up boom.

It is the new product of red bean men’s clothing -warm velvet shirt! This shirt mainly uses a “virtue” fabric with hygroscopic heating function. It feels soft and waxy, soft and skin -friendly, and comfortable.

Regardless of whether it is “Deye”, or the red bean noodles who trust the red bean men’s brand, all of them have benefits.

The fabric used in the warm velvet shirt launched by Red Bean Men’s clothing-


, Also known as Bayer acrylic, is the most advanced and environmentally friendly dry texture technology made in the world today in Bayer, Germany Bayer. Acrylic cellulose

“Artificial Wool”

The name will give you cashmere care.


It is understood that German fabrics are a blended fiber fabric with many advantages, such as delicate feel, which is very suitable for underwear; the ingredients contain a certain percentage of spandex, which is good for elasticity; usually uses active printing and dyeing, and many times of washing and washing. There will be no fading and color loss; good breathability, not easy to get the ball, and good skin -friendly.

However, warm velvet shirts are not so simple in the only fabric component, because the pursuit of red bean men’s clothing is far more than that.

The warm velvet shirt has a dual T -type cross -section, which is unique in the fiber industry. Because its fiber is more delicate and has a groove structure, it can retain more static air to achieve warmth. The fiber is highly closed, the heat storage performance is higher, which can absorb the moisture produced by the skin and convert it into thermal energy. Therefore, it is also called “artificial skin with temperature”.

“If the score is 100 points, this warm shirt, I give 99.99 points, and the other 0.01 points are to prevent red bean men’s pride.” Consumer Liu also made experiments in order to experience his dressing effect.


Based on the hot weather, Mr. Liu hit the indoor air conditioner to the minimum temperature of 16 ° C. Generally, when the temperature is around 15 ° C, people will feel cold, and the temperature will feel freezing below 10 ° C. After trying it on, Mr. Liu said that the warmth effect of the warm velvet shirt is indeed powerful, and the warmth is uniform, and the wearing is soft and comfortable.

Also, in


Blessing of cotton and polyester fiber

Next, warm velvet shirts look more different!

Red bean men’s warm velvet shirt contains cotton ingredients. Its cotton is produced from 39 ° golden cotton in the north latitude. The total length of the sunshine is up to 3,000 hours. The fiber length is 26%longer than that of ordinary cotton yarn. The soft and breathable, also the moisture absorption and heat.

Red bean men’s warm velvet shirts also contain the components of polyester fibers, so their flexibility and anti -wrinkle are enhanced, so as to achieve stylish and non -deformation.

In addition to the blessing of cotton fabric and polyester fiber,

Red bean men’s warm velvet shirts also use “non -dyed health technology” and “carbon grinding technology”


The warm velvet shirt is not easy to fade, high color, and strong three -dimensional sense. It uses color spinning yarn, first dye the yarn and then weaves. There is less chemical residue. Class A has no formaldehyde, which is more healthy.


Ms. Xiao said that buying this shirt does not need to be washed by hand. I bought a faded shirt before, throwing it away, it ’s a pity, I have to wash it every time. Washing is also very assured.

In terms of carbon grinding technology, the red bean men’s clothing uses ceramic drum grinding, which can increase the velvet fangs to form an air layer, which is 10%more than similar fabrics.

How is it? Red bean men’s warm velvet shirts, have you got its technical energy? An artifact shirt with spontaneous heat, poly heat constant temperature -warm velvet shirt, waiting for you! (Yigu)