Xiao Shenyang, who became famous in World War I, from glory to silence, what ridiculous things did he do?


Who is Xiao Shenyang? He had been known as the successor of Zhao Benshan in the comedy world

However, in the past years, with the dissipation of his popularity, and the rumors who left Zhao’s class, there are many people who have said.

Zhao Jiaban and the two seem to be far away from him,


From the knowledge of Zhao Benshan and Xiao Shenyang to bringing the fire to Xiao Shenyang, why are they strangers now?

Some people say that Zhao Benshan Xue hid this apprentice,


However, Zhao Benshan responded openly, saying that there was no snow to hide him, Xiao Shenyang was not hot because he was not talented.

Xiao Shenyang has slowly declined over the years because he chose to give up the two and chose the film and television circle?

Everyone’s deepest impression of Xiao Shenyang may be at the 2009 CCTV Spring Festival Gala.

The sketch he performed “Not Bad Money”,

In this sketch, he has an abnormal behavior, dressed in Scottish red pants skirts,

Talking to grab the tone of the mother’s tone, it makes the audience feel very novel and funny.

This sketch has achieved great success on the Spring Festival Gala,

And Xiao Shenyang himself also became famous in the first battle,

It became a household name overnight, and his net worth rose to 260 million.

After Xiao Shenyang was angry, he made it clear that he didn’t want to continue to act,


He thinks sketches are always happy and sad, he does not like this performance mode,

He hopes that the sketches he will bring to the audience will be from the beginning to the end,

Therefore, he decided to move around the film and television circle to perform, although Xiao Shenyang did not perform his skills,


But his ability to imitate is very strong,


Although he played the laughter and the strange man Ouyangde, although the score was not high,


However, the degree of topic and popularity was still very strong in that year, and the publicity and performance of the Zhao family,

It is not that there is no water in the entertainment industry.

Xiao Shenyang, who is now 40 years old, is planning a new movie script and wants to directed and performed himself.

Not long ago

Let Xiao Shenyang see the dawn of victory again.

He wanted to make a small product that made him popular overnight into a movie 12 years ago.

IQiyi has released the promotional video of this movie,

Xiao Shenyang still wore a familiar Scottish red plaid skirt with a suitcase on the cover,


Can’t help but make the audience familiar and kind.


Speaking of the success of Xiao Shenyang, it is bound to be unable to go around a person, Zhao Benshan.

Xiao Shenyang is the 25th apprentice of Zhao Benshan,

When he was a kid, his academic performance was poor and the family was poor.

I didn’t study very early.

When studying the two in the Tieling Folk Art Troupe, Zhao Benshan was seen when he was transferred.


Zhao Benshan, which was officially worshiped in the Mid -Autumn Festival in 2006, was a teacher.


Three years later, I performed a sketch with Zhao Benshan in the Spring Festival Gala all night. It can be said that it is smooth and smooth.

But the mentality of Xiao Shenyang has different mentality after the fire,

Zhao Benshan has repeatedly reminded him to get angry and don’t forget his brother and brother,


Bring them more and maintain the feelings in Zhaojiaban,

You can still listen to these words when Xiao Shen Yang was just on fire, but slowly as he became more and more popular,

I still have the idea of ​​solo.

Xiao Shenyang’s revenue in a sketch in the Spring Festival Gala is 260 million, and as an apprentice of Zhao family,

He has to pay a salary of 40 %,


Zhao Benshan once said in the interview that there are so many people in Zhao Jiaban to feed.

The opportunity to make money on the show can only give a few people.

He gave the apprentices a chance, and those other apprentices naturally needed to split,

Zhao Benshan asked him when Xiao Shen Yang was famous,


“Is there a complaint of 40 percent of the salary?”,,,,,

Xiao Shenyang just said, “Don’t dare to complain, we are nothing without Master.”

But would Xiao Shenyang say that would be reluctant?

How red is the most popular when Xiao Shenyang is?

You are politely speaking, and then the Andy Lau in Hong Kong may not have a high appearance fee at that time.

Xiao Shenyang even created a 400 million box office miracle in the national tour.

In 2010, to the 30th in the Forbes Star Star,

Two days to run nine crews to make dramas. It can be said that a poor man quickly became rich.

The mentality is really hard to usually, everyone knows that the road must go step by step,

Zhao Benshan also reminded the apprentice who burst into fire overnight to take your time.

Don’t be impetuous, Zhao Benshan himself performed from the county to the city,

In the end, he came to Beijing to stand up, but Xiao Shenyang directly achieved his final achievement, and it was difficult to correct his mentality.

Most of the comedians brought by Zhao Jiaban are very successful.


Like Song Xiaobao on the screen, Ya egg, Liu Neng, Zhao Si, Xie Guangkun, Cheng Ye, etc.

There are also comedy directors Dapeng, who is also his apprentice,

It can be said that there are many and classic people who brought out. In the entertainment industry, there have always been two major apprentices.

One is Deyun Club, and the other is the Zhao family.


The success of Zhao Jiaban is inseparable from Zhao Benshan, and the success of Deyun Society is also inseparable from Guo Degang.

However, many apprentices brought out by Guo Degang started to set up another stove after self -study.

The stage of Zhao Jiaban accommodated more talented people,

In fact, the reason is nothing more than two points. Zhao Benshan, the originator of the Zhao family,

The first is to use people without doubt.


But it is also very authoritative. To establish a bloody button, the small one has to call Zhao Benshan a father.

On the other hand, we use the business model to control these apprentices,

As long as you make mistakes, you need to be fined, but as long as you perform obediently, you are also rich.

Under the management of this model, the Zhao family class is more like a rivers and lake alliance.


And Zhao Benshan is the leader, to manage this empire,

But the heroes who enter the league can also bloom themselves more with this famous stage.

Xiao Shenyang’s mistake is that the self -development did not understand. After the fame, the mentality did not adjust, and then Zhao Benshan was unhappy, and the relationship between the two was alienated.

Although Xiao Shenyang has been tepid these years

It seems that he slowly faded out of the public vision, but in fact he is still a very powerful person,

Whether it’s singing or acting,


He has his own set of methods, although the treble he sang in the sketch was diluted by the comedy,

However, Xiao Shenyang has participated in the second runner -up of the cross -border song king in the past few years, and its strength is evident.

The popularity that maintains a few years after a person’s popularity overnight is not simply luck.

Xiao Shenyang, who is now 40, still decides to challenge the film industry.

There are rumors that Xiao Shenyang wants to restart the sketch “Not Bad Money” into a movie.


Let’s wait and see if he can make this movie as successful as Jia Ling’s “Hello Li Huanying”.