How to install the shower curtain rod in the arc shower curtain rod


How to install the arc shower curtain? Now people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, and the decoration of the bathroom has gradually attached importance to it. Some people’s bathrooms have the needs of arc -shaped shower curtain rods. So how to install the curved shower curtain? What are the precautions for installation of arc shower curtain? Let ’s learn with the editor below.

Precautions for installation of arc shower curtain

1. It is best to achieve walls on three sides of the shower area. More importantly: The shower curtain rod is on the wall on both ends with a “swelling rod”. What is a swelling rod? “Swelling pole” is a telescopic iron tube. After the top of the two sides, the twist is fixed. The editor described it very general. If you plan to use shower curtain, it is best to go to the building materials market in advance. The biggest load of “swelling rod” is generally 20 kg, which can be used to take a bath towel, and the “swelling pole” can be shifted and replaced anytime, anywhere, which is very convenient.

2. If there are only two walls in the shower area, the shower curtain can only choose the kind of arc steel pipe on the wall. This fixed arc steel pipe has a disadvantage. Loose. The width of natural stone water blocks generally have three sizes: 3 cm, 5 cm, and 6 cm, 5 cm used by Xiaobian’s home; heights generally have two size, 1 cm and 1.8 cm, and 1.8 cm used by Xiaobian home. Some people like to stand up to install the water blocking bar. In fact, it is not necessary. 1.8 cm tall is enough. If the water surface reaches 1.8 cm, the floor drain has not been discharged out of the water, it is not a problem of water blocking, but the problem of floor drain.

3. If the floor tiles are paved and the water blocks are installed, the glass glue with a fixed water barrier will take 24 hours to silate. Resistance workers will recommend that you do not let the glass glue recruit water within 48 hours. Psychological preparations that cannot be bathing for two days.

4. The height of the shower curtain rod is 1-2 cm from the hem of the shower curtain hem. It is best not to mop the hem, it is easy to dirty, and sometimes it is easy to tear the shower curtain if you accidentally step on it. The height of the shower curtain installation determines the height of the shower curtain. When buying the shower curtain, you must first determine the width and height of the shower curtain according to the size of the shower area. The height of the shower curtain on the market is mostly 180 cm, which is enough, there is no need to buy 2 meters high.

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