Story: She is a niece born in the servant. She was exhausted in the country’s government, but was asked to marry by Wang Ye.


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The township government was slashed by the crime of the enemy’s rebellion.

On the day of heavy rain, the electric flashes were thunderous. The blood and water on the execution ground fainted with rain and water.

The sorrow of women and children screams with the scolding of the man and the struggle of the man.

The orderly soldier’s expression was solemn, and the execution ground was leaked like an iron barrel, and the dense raindrops smashed on their hard armor and slowly slipped.

Halfly kneeling on the ground, the muscles raised on the back, and a pair of soap boots stepped on it.

The man was long -term, steady, and slowly got out of the sedan. He turned towards the golden line embroidered in the golden line.

When the emperor was obscene, the dog was involved, and he was obsessed with the alchemy witchcraft. The people were hungry and hungry. They were thirty and nineteen. The people were boiling.

The dispute over the capture began. The township government was the biggest card of the second prince. Now Yan Yu has knocked down the town’s government.

The man in the town of the country was emotionally excited when he met Yan Yu and scolded him. Unfortunately, he shouted a few words, and was cut by his sister -in -law.

Yan Yu did not come to see the tragic situation of his defeat, but to find a girl.

I saw that the girl was soaked by the heavy rain, her hair was wet and stuck to her forehead, her eyes were red, she was crying, but she still stubbornly kept tears from falling down and stared at Yan Yu fiercely.

Yan Yu did not care about the dusk of girls, and only a word changed the fate of the girl.

“Remove her.”

The subordinates scrambled to unbutton the hemp rope on the wrist, and hurriedly supported her umbrella.

The girls around me were surprised or envied, looking at the girl’s eyes with deep resentment and jealousy. Why is she so good? She can be used by the three princes to be exempted from one death. Looking at the enemy’s enemies, she should bite her tongue to prove her innocence!

The tall man leaned down, pinched the girl’s jaw, and swept her cheeks with an inch of aggressive eyes, like General Chang Sheng’s inspection of his territory.

“Let me go!” The girl was struggling, her face was flushed, but she couldn’t break away from his iron -like big hand anyway.

It is really sad that the prince with a high power of power rescue the daughter of the criminal ministers. The two not only had a disparate identity, but also a deep hatred of blood and a deep hatred of the sky.

Everyone saw that the girl’s death and resentment were unyielding. As everyone knows, under the appearance of the “martyr’s girl”, her eyes were almost crazy and eager to gain.


In the cold winter, heavy rain poured, and coldness penetrated into the bone cracks through the thick -made thin prison jackets, frozen Ning Yutian’s whole person, and her wrist was bruised by thick hemp rope. She was unaware of it.

Ning Yutian felt that her acting skills were used today.

Portrait in the execution ground to be slaughtered, hissing crying like a pleasant notes, all of which are rich in blood, but Ning Yutian was fascinated by her heart, which was so hot that she could suppress the arc that was raised at the corner of her mouth. Essence

She waited for this day, waiting for a long time.

The Ning family died, and her long -awaited lover came, and she rescued her under the sickle.

Ning Yutian has known that they are the same person, the same arbitrary, indifference, authoritarian, and persistent.

But Yan Yugui is the prince, and should be happy and sensible daughter who is weak and sensible.

Therefore, despite Ning Yutian’s excitement, he couldn’t show a little happy emotion.

She settled in the palace and was served by the maid and replaced it with a satin. Bathing the soup pond, the incense, and the heating of the sweet silk, Ning Yutian felt the stamina on the execution ground, sneezed a few sneezers, and stained the wind and cold.

Yan Yu lifted the curtain and came in. Seeing that the girl was wrapped in a layer of silk, she was wrapped into a dumplings, and she only exposed a small white face with a large slap, living like a soft white glutinous rice filling that crowded the skin.

The air conditioner rushed into the back house with Yan Yu, and it felt itchy in Ning Yutian’s nose and couldn’t stop sneezing. She spoke with a strong nasal sound. “Why do you save me?”

“Report.” Yan Yu was afraid to pass the air -conditioning to Ning Yutian, and stood by the door and looked at her from a distance.

“Ning Yutian, don’t you really remember me?” Yan Yu’s eyes were dull, like an overturned ink, rolling all kinds of thoughts.

Ning Yutian frowned and thought about half a sound that they had had a long -lost encounter. At that time, Yan Yu’s wings were not abundant, and he was bloody, and he rolled in from the window.

The leg injury can be visible to the bone, and if an adult will only roll on the ground, but he stands up and stood up, pulling out his knife to the neck of Ning Yutian, threatening her if he handed him out, he would kill She.

The blood stains and purple scars on the boy’s cheeks were mixed, and he couldn’t see his face. There was only a pair of clear eyes like a beast, which shone in the dark and forced bedtime.

Although the blade was already on the neck, Ning Yutian was still not panicked, and she was even a little ridiculous in her heart. She was not afraid of the threat of the boy’s crossbow at the end of the crossbow, but she was curious about his almost limit insistence and perseverance.

So, she hid Yan Yu from the Zhen Guogong government, and secretly went to Fangshi to buy injuries to take care of him.

This is half a month.

It is a pity that Yan Yu finally said goodbye, leaving a letter similar to the “Drip of the Water’s Grace” and left quietly. The full room was the house where he lived in traces.

Laushiko Yongquan reported, where did everyone go to touch him? You can only wait for others to take the initiative to come to the door.


Ning Yutian threw the letter into the fire into the fire into the fire.

“How could I forget you, the only time in my life was against the knife, that person was you.” Ning Yutian gathered an unpopular emotion at the bottom of his eyes, and put on a disgusting expression.

Yan Yu took the eyes of Ning Yutian’s expression, and evoked a smile of self -deprecation.

She still remembers me, that’s enough, Yan Yu thought.

“Do you regret saving me at the beginning?” Yan Yu’s words had almost cruel smiles. Before the question, he knew the answer. Ning Yutian saved him, but he reported his revenge and destroyed her home.

Yan Yu felt that Ning Yu Tian was gentle and kind. He could try his best to protect the dangerous herself when he was a child. Entering the wind and rain.

He will use her for rest of her life, give her all kinds of care, and give her a home again.

However, Yan Yu had to remove it.

He and the second prince were like water and fire, and did not wear the sky. The town government and the second prince are a grasshopper on the rope.

The former is like the sky, and the latter also follows the vigor. Everyone understands the truth of the king’s defeat, so he is guilty of Ning Yutian, but it is still impossible to let go of the township government.

If you do not choose a means, to eradicate the alien, it is the way of survival of Yan Yu.

how you said that?

Ning Yutian was slightly stunned, and then reacted. Yan Yu thought that she saved him, but was finally copied by him, the story of the farmer and snake.

As everyone knows, when Ning Yutian rescued Yan Yu, he knew that he was the three princes, and was the person who wanted to destroy the town’s government.

Yan Yu thought that she was kind and kind, but she didn’t know that Ning Yutian was clearly used. A large part of Yan Yu was also out of her own selfishness.

Coincidentally, not only did Yan Yu want to defeat the town government, Ning Yu Tian also thought, but with her boudoir woman was weak, Yan Yu’s arrival was simply a good opportunity, and she had to seize it.

Support the enemy of the township government, make it stronger, strong and strong, is there anything more exciting than this?

From this point of view, Ning Yutian really disregards people, unrequited and unrequited, and unfaithful.

But Ning Yu Tian’an Ruo Yi, even admitting that she was such a person, and she never regarded the township government as her home.

Her real home is the part of the winter cool and summer, dark and dark. There were few slaves there, and the back of the yin was yin. As soon as the crickets at the entrance of the door were falling, the leaves fell off the leaves. As soon as they went out, they were full of leaves on the ground.

Her real family is only the biological mother, Aunt Li and the niece Su Yanhuan.

Unfortunately, they all died, died in the backyard of the deep house, and in the years of the big mansion.

Auntie Li is the servant of the master. She was favored when she was pregnant, but this thin pet was dissipated with the birth of Ning Yutian.

The master hopes that the aunt Li’s belly is a boy. Before the production, the old master was waiting outside the house. Why did the big house bite the handkerchief and hate why he did not flow this siny early medicine, the atmosphere was all on the string.

Until the mother -in -law held the child and said that she was a lady, the master’s face was iron, and immediately couldn’t hold the door and left angrily.

The big house laughed and glanced at Aunt Li dismissed, so she was anxious to wait for the master to go. Only Aunt Li was alone, gently staring at the child she had born in October, and the bright love overflowed her eyes.

Except for Aunt Li, no one expressed joy in Ning Yutian’s birth.

Auntie Li actually had no intention of her mother to rely on her child. She was weak and she did not fight for it. The biggest expectation was to live in peace and eat enough.

Unfortunately, the big house had regarded her as a nail in her eyes, and she crowded her secretly in Mingli. The master opened her eyes and closed her eyes, and acquiesced in the small movement of the big house.

Not all the back houses are fraudulent, and they are replaced by other houses. Perhaps the husband and wife are deeply affectionate, her mother -in -law loves, harmonious, and children’s interest.

Unfortunately, Aunt Li’s life was not good, and she was involved in the house fight, so she enlightened and followed, in exchange for the atmosphere of lingering the sick couch, Ning Yutian whispered and asked for money to borrow money. The twelve -year -old winter left.

What’s even more pitiful is that Ning Yutian could not call her aunt Li who cared about her carefully, but to call the mother -in -law who looked at the big house.

Su Yanhuan is the niece of Ning Yutian for ten years. In the neglected part of the courtyard, she is the most loyal slave. She claims that Auntie Li has saved their family. Her life is Aunt Li.

After the death of her mother, Ning Yutian’s wholeheartedly trusted person was only to follow Su Yanhuan from childhood.

Unfortunately, the good times didn’t last long. Su Yanhuan once hit the big house for Auntie Li. The big house wanted her to eat a whip, which was stopped by Aunt Li. At this time, Su Yanhuan lost his reliance, and a little slave was weak and could only be slaughtered by others.

She was assigned to a butcher by the big house, and Su Yanhuan began to be unwilling to wait for Ning Yutian for a lifetime. In the end, the old man was ordered by Jin’s ear for a few days. Su Yanhuan was unwilling to go.

The butcher’s face was quite unreasonable. There was a little bit of business in the business that he went home and beat Su Yanhuan to vent. She had a new injury to the mottled together.

When she was young, Ning Yutian was bullied by a few ladies in the second room. She smashed a few ladies’ heads like a fierce young cricket. The ladies bullied first, and she would do it.

But when the master saw his bleeding face of his baby daughter, he was immediately angry. He didn’t listen to Ning Yutian’s explanation, and threw her slap and ordered the family law to deal with it.

Since then, Ning Yutian was completely disappointed with the town government. As the person she cared about died one after another, she thought about how to defeat the township government day and night. Extremely.

But how can Ning Yutian tell Yan Yu?

She couldn’t do it to the people she liked, and she would rather let Yan Yu feel that she was a pure and delicate silk flower, and did not want him to see her downward side. Essence


“not regret.”

Yan Yu suspected that he had heard it wrong, and then reacted after a while. The joy exploded from the bottom of his heart, but he didn’t wait for his complexion to relax. Ning Yutian’s next sentence made him fall into the ice cave.

“In exchange for others, I will save it, after all, saving people will win the seventh -level floating slaughter.”

The peaceful and cruel words were stabbed into Yan Yu’s chest fiercely, tearing his flesh and blood, making him heart and lung pain, and suffocating.

Yan Yu’s eyes blushed, burning in anger, rushed to Ning Yutian in three steps, squeezed her jaw fiercely, and stared at her fiercely, as if the beast is ready.

“Can you say that again?”

The low -hearted sound of murderous with gritted teeth showed the man’s anger.

However, with the painful groaning of Ning Yutian, Yan Yu still kept a trace of reason, relaxed a slight restraint, and her eyes touched the bruises at her jaw. , Burning his eyes.

He wanted to pick her up to the house to compensate her, even if she didn’t want him to sea her concubine, he tied up with her. But the first day, he hurt her again.

She is a niece born in the servant. She was exhausted in the country’s government, but was asked to marry by Wang Ye.

For Shang Ning Yutian’s tears, Yan Yu was poured by ice water, and most of the anger extinguished most of the time, guilt and sourness came up, he would not admit that when he heard that ruthless words, he was even more angry than anger. Most of them are grievances and sadness.

Ning Yutian cried, she pretended.

Golden beans were really hard to squeeze. She wanted to squeeze without tears, and her eyes hurt. However, the effect was significant. Yan Yu’s eyes and guilt were overflowing, but he still tightly covered his lips with anger and did not let himself be weak.

In Ning Yutian’s eyes, Yan Yu was so cute at this time, like a hound with fried hair, the tail couldn’t restrain it, but she had to grin at her.

This dispute seems to be Yan Yuqiang. In fact, he has taken advantage of the wind, and his emotions are completely around Ning Yutian. The seemingly weak Ning Yutian is the one who controls the overall situation. One of her moves testing her position in Yan Yu’s heart, and the other is stabilizing her camouflage.

This dispute, Ning Yutian won a great victory.

“I will save no matter who is, you have nothing special! Yan Yu you heard this time!” Ning Yutian said angrily, twisting his head and trying to break away from the restraint of the man. His big hand, desperately pulling him out.

The power of her struggle was like shaking the big tree to Yan Yu, but she was expected to resist her wholeheartedly, and he still let go of her.

Ning Yutian’s words became even more cruel, and the secret grievances of Yan Yu’s heart were clearly spreading. His chest was like stirring the knife, and his flesh and flesh were blurred.

The dying anger was poured by Ning Yutian’s words, and he instantly reinsuped it. He swept Yan Yu with the trend of Liaoyuan. He held his fists, the forehead was bumpy, and he took a deep breath to suppress the impulse of tyrannical killings.

Yu Guang glanced at the red glaze willow leaf bottle in the case. The anger happened to have a vent. When he reached out, he had to fall to the ground, and he paused again. He would cry as soon as he stabbed. If he broke the porcelain bottle and made great movements, he would definitely be scared.

Also, when he left, Ning Yutian faced the crushed dumplings on the ground, maybe he would hurt himself because he didn’t know how to clean up, Yan Yu thought.

It’s really annoying. Yan Yu took a lot of willow bottle into the case and left angrily.

Ning Yutian stared at the porcelain bottle slightly trembling in the case, and finally stopped moving. As the leaves flew, Yan Yu’s figure disappeared, and she suddenly laughed.

It’s so cute, Yan Yu is really cute.

It was so angry that she lost her mind, Yan Yu still remembered her, fearing that she would not even dare to smash her even a porcelain bottle. When did His Royal Highness Yan King Yan become so aggrieved?

The world said that the king of Yan was violent, and the means were cruel. In Ning Yutian’s eyes, Yan Yu was the most gentle lover in the world.

Although Ning Yutian was reached this time, it was a bit overflowing, which caused Yan Yu.

She has always been a person who is waiting to die, pretending to stand, and Yan Yu shows that her heart can not be sloppy. She has to do it step by step and let Yan Yu fall into her weaving network step by step.

Ning Yutian had a clever movement, and took care of her heart.


Yan Yu was in a bad mood these days.

The soldiers who often loved often made him unable to read a word, but there was a kind of urge to tear it.

He lifted the book and went straight to the military camp to check the martial arts.

The vice general saw that it was wrong. He personally played with Yan Yu in person. He was swollen and swollen with his nose, and he cried secretly until Yan Yu left the sentence “Diligence and practice” and left the field. god.

The deputy general is naturally respecting his general. The general has the courage and martial arts.

Yan Yu also hung up, but compared to the deputy general, it was called a nine cattle and a hair. Tossed his mood did not get better. Yan Yu knew who his displeased was from, but he didn’t want to admit it.

Yan Yucai would not admit that he wanted Ning Yutian, and couldn’t pull his face to see her. How does a seven -foot man affected by women? Yan Yu was so hard -working, but dreamed that Ning Yutian cried with a small face of pear blossoms with rain, and his nose was red like a frightened little rabbit.

He couldn’t bear it.

The hero is sad, which is normal, Yan Yu said to herself.

Acacia became ill, but he was unhappy when he was just making trouble. Yan Yuben wanted to wait for another two days, but the news from the niece made him completely unable to sit.

Ning Yutian had a good food and had never eaten for three days.

Yan Yu was immediately angry, and he filmed in the book case, smashing the Huangmu pear book in a deep crack. He dropped Mo Yan on his maid and asked why he told her now.

“His Royal Highness is angry! The cheap crime should die!” The maid knelt on the ground, her legs and stomach trembled, she knew that the Royal Highness of Cixiu Hall was robbed by His Royal Highness. I was tired of playing, I didn’t expect His Royal Highness to pay so much attention to that person.

“Go down to lead the penalty.” Yan Yu said coldly, “Get, don’t use it to be bad in the king of Yan in the future.”

He rushed towards Cixiu Hall, angry and distressed. Ning Yutian hated him so much. Ning Ke died and did not want to stay with him. What was distressed was that she was weak and infected with the cold. There is a reason … Yan Yu didn’t dare to think down, he couldn’t afford the price of losing her.

A long time ago, Yan Yu fell in love with Ning Yutian. Unfortunately, she was weak at the time. She could only watch her run around to take care of himself. Before he thought, when he seized his power, he would have to ask her.

But now that Daquan is holding, Yan Yu has to destroy the township government and force her to be on the side with the means of robbing the pride.

Maybe it’s just his wishful thinking, Ning Yu Tian will hate him for a lifetime, but what about that? As long as she let him be under the eyelids all the time, the tentacles can be within reach, and Yan Yu can feel at ease. The years are long, and only hope she is safe and happy.

The sound of the soap boots rubbed the ground more and more harsh. When he came to the National People’s Congress, he made a respectful voice outside the courtyard. Ning Yutian knew that Yan Yu came.

The long line is not paved, no, the fish comes.

The curtain of the trouble was lifted by Yan Yu. He lock Ning Yutian at his eyes and looked at it from beginning to end. He didn’t even let go of his hair.

I saw the girl covering her lip from time to time, her face was pale, her lips were light, and she could hardly see blood. Hao wrist is slender and folded, as if a discount was broken, the skirt was crushed on her, and the clothes were weak. A gust of wind can blow him away.

Immediately, Yan Yu frowned, and became more distressed. It was only a few days before. She was thinner than last time.

“What temper you are?” Yan Yu was sitting on the side of Ning Yutian, and stared at him coldly.

“Don’t care about me.” Ning Yutian just glanced at him, and quickly looked away, like a pair of oil and salt.

There are various dishes on the food case. The long -raw porridge is soft and sweet, and the crystal dragon and phoenix cakes are small and exquisite.

“Eat yourself, or do you want me to feed you?”

Of course you want you to feed me, Ning Yu Tian thought.

“The daughter of the sinners knows that the sin is serious.

“Fart!” Yan Yu’s heart was angry and frowned. “The king lets you live, you can only live! Your life is the king’s, and it has nothing to do with the township government, do you understand?”

Ning Yutian avoided it without answering, a pair of oil salt did not enter.


Can’t communicate, Yan Yu simply lifted the steaming porridge, scooped up a spoon to Ning Yutian’s lips, and pressed the patience, “drink.”

Ning Yutian frowned and stared at the hot porridge in the spoon, swallowed his mouth silently, moved his head hard, and pretended to resist.

With patience, Yan Yu took a sip of the porridge in the spoon, clasped Ning Yutian’s back, kissed her lips, and pried open her lips to cross the porridge.

He thought Ning Yutian would bite him, and would struggle violently, but the result was surprisingly smooth. She had no defense, and then swallowed the porridge he fed, and looked at him in a wrong face.

Yan Yu looked at the girl apricot’s eyes, and the corner of her eyes was a little tears, like a cat with a tail, watching him blankly, and she was about to fry the hair in the next second. The palm of her palms is itchy, and there is a kind of urge to rub her hair.

“What are you doing!” She Ning Yutian fried, and after reacting, the whole person rushed over like him. He reached out and pushed Yan Yu to push him out of the door.

This struggle can be talked about to Yan Yu, but Ning Yutian’s soft body was posted, and the softness on his chest was also sticking to him, making him alert, and the whole person was stiff.

He took her waist and held her small hand, and said coldly: “Do you want me to feed you like this?”

The power of resistance was like mud, and she was still banned by Yan Yu. Ning Yu Tian was buried in his arms frustrated, and then she cough again and again, and her face was wrinkled uncomfortably.

Yan Yu’s thoughts disappeared for an instant, and gave her a bad look at her, thinking that she would not be angry when she didn’t care about her body.

Yan Yu pushed Ning Yutian on the soft couch, handed the porridge in front of her, stared at her fiercely, and said badly: “After drinking this bowl of porridge, I stare at you.”

The girl glanced at him in disregard, and held a spoon in his lips, and it was estimated that he had a lingering heart. He was afraid that Yan Yu would feed her with his mouth again, so he drank half a bowl.

The wind and cold, coupled with Ning Yutian’s time to break the body, just stayed with Yan Yu, couldn’t stop coughing.

The sound was hoarse, as if rubbing on the sandpaper, leaking wind in the lungs, Ning Yutian’s small face flushed, and Yan Yu frowned.

“His Royal Highness Yan still stayed with Mo Zaichen, be careful of the infection and hurt the dragon body.” Ning Yutian glanced at him with bad eyes, deliberately coughing around him, and in the words It was all for him, but he leaned out to make him walk quickly.

At a glance, Yan Yu was lazy to see her. Seeing her getting closer, she simply circled her into her arms. Her jaw was on the top of her furry hair, and some gritted teeth and sighed: “Why do you make it so People are not worrying. “

“When I arrived at King Yan’s Mansion, it was my person. Without my permission, you couldn’t break your body like this, do you understand?”

The man in his arms hummed stubbornly, but he did not refuse Yan Yu and contracted in his arms.

After drinking the medicine, Ning Yutian was in a bad spirit, and soon he fell asleep on the collapse. King Yan turned off the candle of the room, pulled the screen, sent someone to move the books and soldiers, staying in Cixiu Hall.

At night, Yan Yu climbed up to bed lightly, and saw Ning Yu Tian curled up and wrapped himself into a small ball. The dark hair was messy, and the whole face was covered in the silk, only a piece of white onion’s neck was exposed.

On the side of his body, the girl he thought of was unable to ask for it. Now it is like water and fire. It is really difficult to see the pillow as quiet and quiet as it is now.

Yan Yu looked at the girl’s sleeping face and felt this rare tranquility. These days, the depression in her heart was swept away. The hero was sad to the beauty. Accept him completely.

The revenge of destroying the door does not wear the sky, but he has time, and he has a lifetime of time to wait slowly, and wait for Ning Yu Tian to change his mind.

In his sleep, Yan Yu felt something hot and drilled into his arms, opened his eyes confused, and found that Ning Yutian’s fluffy little head was against his chest, his arms surrounded him, and his clothes were scattered. The whole person was buried in his arms, and the ground was tight.

It seemed to be holding a heating burner, Yan Yu went around her, his fingers unconsciously drilled into the loose and messy lilies, and rubbed the smooth and delicate skin of Ning Yu’s smooth and delicate skin, making him a little bit of heart. The temperature under the belly was hot, like a small stove, and he was sober when he was hot.

It won’t be hot, Yan Yu touched Ning Yutian’s forehead, and the temperature was normal, which was hot. And Yan Yu’s body was cool, like cold jade. Ning Yu Tian felt the cold source, and the ground became tighter. Like rattan wrapped in Yan Yu, she chopped her hands.

It was really sweet torture. Yan Yu was completely sleepy, and he was very embarrassed by the unspeakable response under him. He could only force himself to calm down, and took out his messy hand, and put it behind Ning Yutian.

It is impossible to sit in chaos, and he is not Chen Shimei.

Yan Yu pulled away the messy hair on her forehead and gently kissed.


The window was dark and gloomy, and a trace of sky was revealed. Ning Yutian suddenly woke up, and the ears were screaming. She turned her head and saw Yan Yu’s back, her muscles were smooth and clear, and every move showed a sense of power.

It was just a knife injury on the top of the sword, and the old injury had been scabbing, leaving dark scars.

“… Yan Yu.”

“I wake up you?” Yan Yu took a light movement, closer to Ning Yutian and touched her head, “Sleep.”

Ning Yutian caught his hand backhand, not let him go, staring seriously at him, his expression was dull, as if he was trapped in the nightmare.

“Don’t go.” Ning Yutian said, he was tighter, his cheeks tightened his palm, like a little beast who defended the territory, staring at him without blinking.

Is this a nightmare, talking about dreams? Yan Yu laughed dumbly. He thought Ning Yutian was really reluctant to be reluctant. How could he not want him to go.

“Good, I’m going to go to the early dynasty.” Yan Yuli teased her, and the other hand that had not been restrained rubbed her white and tender face. After a while, Ning Yutian slowly released her hand, but her eyes Still stuck to him tightly and refused to move away.

Behind his eyes was burning, and the hot land Yan Yu’s heart itching, he could nail his whole person back to the house. The king was not early in the dynasty. This statement was not fake. The beautiful lady was pregnant, but he could only leave Wenxiang nephrite and went to the cold and irritated hall to listen to a group of old bald donkeys.

At present, the situation in the court is tight, and the situation of winning the capture is becoming more and more severe. I don’t know who can protect her.

He not only lives for himself.

Ning Yutian had a nightmare.

She dreamed that Aunt Li was ill and died, and her forehead burned hot. She wiped the wet towel over and over again, but the temperature did not fall.

She pulled Aunt Li’s crying and couldn’t get angry. Aunt Li smiled and kissed her forehead. Goodbye was the funeral. In the coffin, there were only two desolate souls left, and her eyes were all dead.

Dreaming of Su Yan’s hand was reluctant to pull her hand, just struggling to refuse to get on the sedan. Three or four little crickets in the big house pulled them away, forcing Su Yan to push Su Yanhuan into the sedan, Ning Yutian watched Su Yanhuan sitting on The seemingly festive “prison car”, after all, missed goodbye in this life.

In the end, Yan Yu did not say anything about it. He said that when he returned to seize power, he would definitely give her a future.

At the end of the dream, the three people who Ning Yutian cared most about her left her. She reached out and could only catch their shadows in virtuality, and she was in a hurry, she had nothing to do, and died early.

It’s really a bad nightmare. Ning Yutian thought that if this was her final ending, it was too much too much.

Even without Yan Yu, she had to stir the town government’s mixing to smoke. If the big house could end up, it was her misconduct as her auntie’s daughter.

Ning Yutian would not be passively waited for Yan Yu to fulfill her promise as in a dream. She would try to approach him.


The Yellow River was flooded, the villages along the coast were flooded, hundreds of thousands of people became refugees, and the repair of the Yellow River Embankment became a top priority.

There were two sounds in the court, repairing and not repairing.

This sounds an incredible thing.

If the rivers are flooded, wouldn’t it be watching the Yellow River drowned so many people? Therefore, for the country and the people to do the well -being of the people, the main cultivation of the prince responds to the call and the local response, and the actions have been launched vigorously.

The biggest enemy of the prince, the three princes, the three princes, but the attitude was ambiguous, and many neutralists couldn’t touch it. The fight for the fight is for the power, and the time is the time. The three princes have always been fierce, but they have made such a wrong choice on this bone -eye. I am afraid that the wind direction will change.

Although Ning Yutian lived in the back house, he didn’t know anything about this. According to her, the river embankment was not repaired and suffered from the people; after repairing, the people were also suffering.

The village was flooded, and the emperor was disaster. The officials were very happy. The silver and food that were allocated to the refugees had to go through their hands first, and they all put things into their own pockets. The provinces, roads, states, and counties exploited layer by layer, and there were only residue in the hands of the people.

The current court is a rotten tree in the roots. It is a matter of time. Either change the dynasty, or the new emperor succeeds. In addition, there is no other way.

The first thing to Yan Yu is to call Ning Yutian in the past.

The little girl led Ning Yutian to stand outside the curtain, and reportedly reported: “His Royal Highness Yan, Miss Ning is here.”

Ning Yutian entered the house, and across the carved screen, he could feel the hot water mist, and the sound of the water came from time to time.

“What are you doing stupid? Don’t hurry up?” The man’s lazy voice came from behind the screen.

Treat me as a girl? Ning Yu fists, pinching the bones, and quietly showing a smiling smile, but this is a good time to cultivate feelings.

Bypassing the screen and approaching the wooden barrel, Yan Yu’s staggered scar on his back attracted Ning Yutian’s sight, reminding her of the two people’s couch and sleeping on the day of his back.

However, she was immersed in the nightmare at the time, and she left without watching Yan Yu. At the moment, she had a chance to observe him at a close range.

“How to serve, do you want me to teach you?” Yan Yu made a bad heart to call Ning Yutian. In fact, he was willing to wait for him like a subordinate, but just wanted to see him more.

Ning Yutian picked up the pancreas, gently applied to his shoulders, rubbed it a little, from top to bottom, his movements were soft and detailed. The delicate and cold fingertips slipped over the bulging muscles of the man’s hard states, causing Yan Yu’s heart to itch, and the strange impulse spread throughout the body. While trying to hold Ning Yutian’s hand, she wanted to let her continue.

It’s really hard to eliminate the beauty.

The slippery fingertips moved up to Yan Yu’s back and stopped on a knife marks. Ning Yutian rubbed it carefully, staring at the scar and silent.

Yan Yu also discovered her strangeness, bad heart, and fighting all year round. How can there be a few times? He is already used to it. But Ning Yutian is a lady who has a deep lady.

Just as Yan Yu tangled and didn’t know how to speak, Ning Yutian’s tender voice came from behind.

“Does it hurt?”

Yan Yu stunned and did not respond.

“Ask you, it hurts like this, it doesn’t hurt.” Ning Yutian picked a piece of Yan Yu’s intact skin and twisted it, and suddenly turned Yan Yu back to God.

Is this … care about me?

The sudden surprise made Yan Yu suspect that he had heard it wrong. Does Ning Yu Tian hate him to blame him? Will she feel distressed by his injuries?

Although he was incredible, Yan Yu, who was flattered, was so surprised that his movement was one step faster than his head. When he reacted, he had already grasped Ning Yutian’s hand and asked, “Are you distressed me?”

… How can she see Yan Yu still can’t see it? Really an elm head! How did he reveal the two princes?

Ning Yutian scolded Yan Yu in her heart, and gave him a good look at him, “nonsense.”

The joy was like a bright firework, and it exploded from Yan Yu’s heart, dragging the grand color.

Yan Yu always thought that this love was his wishful thinking, and he even did his cold eyes for a lifetime, and slowly grinded her atrium preparation. At this moment, I suddenly knew that this relationship was not his unicorn alone, and Ning Yutian also interested in him.

So that night, Yan Yuli continued to stay in Cixiu Palace.

“Hurry up.” Ning Yutian lay on the couch side by side, yawning lazily, and the corner of her eyes overflowed with a bit of crystal clear. She poked Yan Yu’s chest and rushed him away absently.

“This is the mansion of the king, and the king said for the final say.” Yan Yuqiang refused.

“Then I go.” Ning Yutian got up and opened the quilt to get out of bed.

“Stay me honestly!” Yan Yu was anxious, and gave Ning Yu Tian back on the bed. Her arms were in his arms in his arms, “Don’t make trouble, sleep.”

Ning Yutian struggled a few times, and then shrank in Yan Yu’s arms with peace of mind. He simply buried in his arms, and he learned from his breath that was unique to him. The marching scene of killing.

This is her lover, powerful, tough, and fierce. Since she saw Yan Yu from the first sight, she was extremely interested in him. The more contact, the more she fell in love with him.

What does she like Yan Yu?

It is probably the kind of ruthlessness that does not stop, and forcibly grabbing the pride who ignores order, Yan Yu’s body has deeply attracted her.

Through the red tent curtain, you can see the candle tears swaying, the copper mirror reflects the orange warm light, the aromatherapy is burning, and the room is gentle.

Above the soft couch, the one she loved was close at hand, Ning Yutian raised her head a little, and she could kiss his cheek. She stared at Yan Yu’s dense and slender eyelashes. It caused him to open his eyes, kissed her forehead, hugged her hand tightly, and whispered: “Don’t make trouble.”

It’s so quiet that this is the case.

Before Yan Yu, Ning Yutian felt unprecedented peace of mind. The strong fatigue came up like a tide, swallowing her sleepy, and quickly fell asleep.

How good to this day is going on.

However, the battle for winning the gesture is getting stronger, and the decisive battle is about to kick off. The Yan Wangfu, who is in the vortex, has only two endings, or Wang Tianxia is holding, or the bones of the defeat.


The Pinglu people rebelled.

This incident is like the fire of the stars, which has not attracted the attention of the court. Soon, this small flame burned with the potential of Liaoyuan. The sea, Wei Bo, Zhaoyi, and the river, the thunder is not as good as the ears, and the news of rebellion came from the entire Beijing West and Jingdong Road.

The emperor who was obsessed with alchemy reacted, and he rushed the duck to put him on the shelves to send his most trusted sister -in -law to fight against the rebellion.

The emperor was unhappy, and he was wondering that he had obviously had disaster relief. What else was dissatisfied with those people? The prince was even more unhappy. He was busy grabbing the throne. The emperor who was not allowed to enter the soil was drove to the west.

So this bitter thing fell on Yan Yu.

The corner of the prince’s mouth was about to be tilted, and he had a few words with Brother Yan Yu. At least for several months, at that time, his deployment was already seamless. When his brother returned to the DPRK, he would send Yan Yu a “great gift”.

Yan Yu looked at the Prince’s thoughts clearly, and couldn’t help but lament how the emperor had such a stupid son was even more afraid than the second brother.

Before marching, Ning Yutian changed his clothes for Yan Yu, put the prepared heart protection mirror in his heart, stretched out his head and pulled down his head, gently fell down and kissed. Only then let go.

Yan Yu’s heart was blooming, but he was still calm on his face. He put Ning Yutian in his arms.

“Who can’t bear you?” Ning Yutian rolled his eyes, “Don’t die, I am waiting for you to come back at home.


When the prince also had a dream of unifying the world, good news and bad news came.

For the prince, the bad news was the news from Pinglu. It was Yan Yu successfully suppressed the rebels, and the front line was reported.

The good news was that General Qi, who belonged to Yan Yu’s staff, stretched out an olive branch to the prince. General Qi, as the founding father, is also a very prestigious veteran, and the help of him is equal to half of his feet on the throne.

Although he felt that the winning coupon was holding, he wanted to swell, but he was not too proud, after all, he also had a brain.

The township government was cut by the door, and the prince saw the two princes falling like a mountain, and immediately pulled out in the weak front of the two, symbolically sent some people to rescue them secretly. The original purpose was to do it, but I did not expect to save people.

The rescued person is the big house of the township government.

It stands to reason that a mother -in -law of a funeral husband has no right to use without power. The prince wanted to put this matter aside, but Yan Yu was well known to save Ning Yutian on the execution ground, so he felt that the Jin family was valuable again. Drink in secret, provoking Ning Yutian’s hatred, and let her poison Yan Yu.

The pillow is like a tiger and leopard, and there is still a wolf on the side of the couch. In this way, the prince can even died without spending a soldier, so that Yan Yu died without any defense in his sleep.

It’s so wonderful, the prince thinks.

When Ning Yutian knew the news, he couldn’t hold back the bronze mirror. The spies thought she was ecstatic, but she endured her emotions. She immediately added a few words of vinegar and threw her olive branches. The task is quite successful, and the things may be rewarded by the prince.

After sending the spies, Ning Yutian pulled out a dull sneer. This was really a “surprise”. She almost couldn’t bear it and broke her work on the spot.

Jin’s is really a big fate, and the difficulty is still immortal. Why did Auntie Li have no such luck at the time? A fever was about her life.

Now that the daughter -in -law has died, it is also a hindrance to stay in Jin’s weak old man. He simply let their mother and daughter reunite and go to Huangquan together.

Auntie Li’s biggest wish is to let Ning Yutian let go of hatred and find a good family to marry early. But Ning Yutian has never been a good child. She swear in front of her aunt Li’s grave to be buried. As for finding a good husband, she never cares. Her wife is justified by her husband. It is to compete with a group of aunts who are recruiting flowers.

The master of the township government was born in the military, and he was born with a battle. The long one is called a five major and three thick, full of fleshy face, and a full -fledged man.

Then a group of charming women in the house solved the number of pity, and made all kinds of pity, turning around the ugly man.

This scene made Ning Yutian think of a group of hens turned around the heads around, and rushed to get eggs.

It’s really laughing.

Many boudoir women will be imaginative when they see the bride of the sedan sedan, and I imagine what kind of person Ruyi Langjun will be.

Ning Yutian had no time to marry someone. The red sedan reminded her Su Yanhuan, who was assigned to the butcher, and was dragged into the sedan. People are desperate and embarrassed, as if they are not sedan, but prisoners.

If the husband is not Yan Yu, in fact, he is the same as anyone. Anyway, he sells color to be honored.

The replacement was made of Yan Yu, which was different. Instead of the birth of his son, he was might as well stick to his ears.

Ning Yutian believes that Yan Yu is a special person, and he will not lift back to the concubine after one room, but if he is successful, he will be the emperor, and he will not want to be, and the harem is indispensable.

Thinking about it this way, Ning Yutian didn’t want Yan Yu to be emperor.

If it was true that day, she could make the woman in the harem one after another, and Yan Yu couldn’t change her heart. She could love him to entangle him for a lifetime. If he changed his heart, she would find a chance to let Yan Yu always get sick. In the past dynasties, the queen queen’s examples of listening to politics are not a few, and the power is intoxicating.

Ning Yutian’s love is paranoid and morbid. When she loves Yan Yu, she must make Yan Yu’s eyes full of her eyes. Whoever wants to break into Yan Yu’s world will kill who she will kill, but if Yan Yu changes her heart, she will also kill he.

Ning Yutian thought about it like this, and felt that Yan Yu was really pitiful, but she was loved by her possessive person. She thought she was a golden bird who was trapped in prisoner. She was kind and harmless.

What kind of reaction should Ruo Yanyu meet her original face? Are you disgusted, shocked, or are you afraid to stay away?

Ning Yutian can indeed be poisoned by Yan Yu, but the premise is that she voluntarily, rather than being used by the prince as a tool for political opponents.


Ning Yutian met the Jin family on the sport. She deliberately changed her light clothes, and her makeup deliberately turned into it.

Jin was arranged in a partial courtyard by the prince. Without the slaves embracing the front clusters, there was no child who was cold, and the scenery in the big room disappeared.

Jin’s eyes were red and swollen. At first glance, she washed her face with tears every day. She had no luxurious makeup, her face was yellow, and she saw Ning Yutian smashing her tea cup on her face. ” ! When did you hook up with King Yan? “

Ning Yutian laughed angrily, and flickered the tea cup, and the tea cup smashed the ground fiercely, making a drama of the shattered bone.

Jin’s unpredictable and continued to scold, “You are not unreasonable, your father died and turned around and ran to the enemy’s palace to make a concubine. If your dad knows it under the spring, you have to accept you this back!

The villain scolded the street, but the movement of the noise shocked the sweeping mother -in -law, and many people probed into the room.

“Mother, don’t get angry, be careful of hurting your body.” Ning Yutian gumped forward and gently patted the back of Jin’s back. A dead man.

Now she can’t move Jin’s, at least she is still useful for Yan Wang’s Mansion. Ning Yutian will take the opportunity to take a few more internal ghosts that the prince is inserted and give Yan Yu.

At this time, the meeting was very unpleasant. Jin’s scolding was full of the courtyard. The prince knew himself. He was very dissatisfied. For her, she pushed her to Yan Yu’s side, and the Jin family had no brains.

When Ning Yutian saw Jin’s again, she was obviously more honest. Although she still described the withered look, her tone was a lot softer. At first glance, she was beaten by the prince.

“Mother’s attitude was not good last time, don’t rest assured.” Jin’s apology said, he was reluctant, and he didn’t look at Ning Yutian with his brows.

“Mother knows that you are also forced, King Yan is brutal, presumably you are not good at him. When the mother thinks of our enemies in the night and night, the glory and wealth, so I hate the tea, I ca n’t wait to fight this. The old life is to let him be buried! “Jin’s more and more angry, and excitedly couldn’t help but coughed.

“Since the mother finally escaped from death, she raised her body. The uncle’s revenge did not wear the sky, and the daughter didn’t dare to forget, and the revenge was given to me.” Ning Yu Tian attached harmony.

Although Ning Yutian is acting, he has to admit that Jin’s saying is good. Looking at the enemy’s night and night, Ronghua is rich and wealthy.

When Aunt Li died, Ning Yutian hated Jin’s, dreaming about how to kill her. Unfortunately, at that time, the Jin’s limelight was flourishing, and the girl was like a cloud. Without any chance.

Feng Shui takes turns, this is not, now the opportunity is here.


“Report! His Royal Highness is a letter from Ning.”

She took the initiative to write to me!

Yan Yu stirred away, thinking that there would be some sweet words inside. As a result, he turned over and over, and read it on the back of the opposite side. The love words did not say a word.

Yan Yu stared at the end of the letter, “I treat the monarch to return”, and finally accepted the letter aggrieved. Really, why can’t I write love to him! The people in the prince’s side have a lot of heart, and they all put the schemes to let the spies come in, and then mislead them to pass on some wrong intelligence.

It ’s good to give him such a thing. Ning Yutian only needs to stay in the house with happiness and carefree. Do n’t worry about anything.

However, Yan Yu was still happy. Ning Yutian’s softening during this time, he looked at him. Although she would glance at him from time to time, the small mouth would be ignorant of two sentences, but the action was still in the action. Choosing to accept him, especially this letter, Ning Yutian had helped him clearly, obviously he saw him as his own.

Coaxed daughter -in -law, he is professional!

So Yan Yu, a fool, was immersed in the joy of chasing his wife’s success, and he did not know that he was the little white rabbit that was stared at.

At first warm, the spring is full of spring.

Without a grand welcome ceremony, everyone in the palace was in danger. The storm brewed in the court was about to start. The army raid and stood under the knife.

The matter is smoothly carried out according to the plan, but when Yan Yu entered the palace, the Prince’s originally prepared assault soldiers did not see the movement for a long time. The prince was panicked. Woke up.

However, General Qi did not sign a signal to the prince. The guards of the guard found that the matter was wrong. He carried the prince to run into the hall, but was shot through his head by the crossbow.

The prince’s six gods had no Lord. As soon as he was hesitant, Yan Yu, wearing armor, appeared in front of him. Yan Yu raised his knife and cut off his head.

“It’s really a fool than the second brother.”

This is the last sentence of the prince, hearing the last sentence.

The coach died, the dragon had no head, and the square was in chaos. The remaining residual soldiers would be cleared.

“His Royal Highness, the thieves have been embarrassed.” General Qi, who should have become the prince, appeared beside Yan Yu, and reported respectfully.

The prince wanted to break his head, and he couldn’t think of it. The plan that he made is seamless, why did he lose.

In fact, he lost at the beginning. General Qi was Yan Yu’s staff from the beginning to the end. This countermeasure was also Yan Yu’s idea. The poor prince was completely silly and was sold to the money.

Yan Yu went to Pinglu Ping, but he went to the sophisticated soldiers who returned to him.

The emperor had divided Jingxi as Yan Yu’s sealed land. Later, he was assigned to the prince because of eccentricity. Yan Yu developed the ground in the west of Beijing. Later, he was just a temporary dormant.

The prince was smooth and smooth in his life, and he was arrogant by his father’s pet. In the first half of Yan Yu, the wind and rain, his forces had been planned for the battalion. He planned for ten years for his brother and brother.

Knowing and knowing that they can fight all the best. Yan Yu knew his brothers, but the brothers knew nothing about him.

There is also an emperor who was imprisoned in the palace by Yan Yu. After the uncle, the people who were hindered were cleaned up.

“His Royal Highness, Girl Ning went to the dungeon to see the big house in the township government.” The spies reported.

Yan Yu was not panicked, because as early as they contacted, Ning Yutian reported that he explained to him by 151, including the prince to let her poison him.

But at this time, the dungeon was messy, and the dungeon was even more messy. The sword had no eyes. In case of injury to Ning Yutian, Yan Yu was distressed.

Therefore, he was decisively selected between the emperor’s life and protecting Ning Yutian, and decisively chose the latter.

He wanted his power to better protect his daughter -in -law.


The sound of shouting and killing, the fighting between the soldiers was endless, the palace of the solemn palace in the past became a huge purgatory, and the depressed soul was imprisoned under the towering city wall.

The walls along the road were full of bloody bloody stains. Ning Yutian took a few guards and walked along the relatively safe road to the dungeon.

The jailer ran away, and some prisoners fought to try to escape. Some were beating each other. Ning Yutian ran straight to Jin’s cell fart, and the guard opened the door with the key.

Jin’s state looked worse. The dirty prison uniform was covered with dust stains, and her eyes were full of blood. After hearing the sound, she angrily revenge her.

“Rebellion! You are really forgotten, unfaithful and filial piety, King Yan just takes you as a game, are you really emotional? Haha, really a fool!” Jin wanted to rush to tear her, but the guard behind Ning Yutian’s body Tiger looked at it, for fear that it would be a punch to ask her old life, and finally scolded loudly.

“Jin’s, you are still the same as before, stupid.” Ning Yutian laughed like flowers and looked down at Jin’s. “From the beginning, I was playing with you, every letter between us, every sentence, I, I, I, I, me Dumped to Yan Wang. “

“If the prince falls down, you can’t do it.” Ning Yutian’s voice was gentle and water, but he was so annoyed that Jin Di Jin was annoyed and bloody.

“You! You … you will be retributed in the morning and evening! It is indeed a species of a bitch, you and Li’s really the cheapness in your bones …” Jin’s diamond was not finished, and she was slapped. I stared at Ning Yutian, and found that the smile on Ning Yutian’s face was gone, and the coldness of the sidewalk stared at her without blinking.

“I wanted to make you die a bit, but you can’t control your mouth, so you have to be punished.” Ning Yutian’s gaze patrolled on Jin’s face, as if looking at a livestock, an object, indifferent and cruel.

“… What are you doing!” Jin’s panic, she couldn’t help her back, Ning Yutian’s eyes at this time, she only saw it at the execution ground. Living people, but pigs and sheep.

“You don’t deserve Li, do you understand?” Ning Yutian pulled out the prepared dagger from his sleeves.

“Your unsuccessful daughters are dead, presumably as a mother, you must not be reluctant to let them be alone, then I will send you a long time to let you go with them.”

Ning Yutian indicated that the guard pressed Jin’s shoulder left and right, and pressed her to kneel down. The Jin family was frightened. She has motionless.

“By the way, you still remember that the assassin had been said on the house. The town government government was turned over to the sky, but did he gain nothing?” “That’s not a assassin at all, it is His Royal Highness of King Yan, and he couldn’t find him on the house because I was saved by me.”

“I know he is King Yan and knows that it can make you finish, so I tried it to keep him out of the town government.”

“The township government has fallen, I am really happy.” Ning Yutian’s tone was brisk, and he became more cruel.

“Since you scolded Li, I cut off your tongue, you see, how fair.”

“Help! Help! Stop your hands! Please stay in your hand!” Jin’s scared nose was flowing, and he kept asking Ning Yutian. The appearance was different from the previous arrogance.

Ning Yutian stood up and fell, and the dagger straight into Jin’s mouth, cut off her tongue.

Jin’s screaming and painful screams, hearing the scalp and numbness, the big cluster of blood split out of her mouth, splashing to Ning Yutian’s face, and Ning Yutian was like Shura.

Appreciating the pain of Jin’s, Ning Yutian felt that it was over, and let the guards break his neck.

It may be too screaming, Ning Yutian ignored the calm cell that should have been noisy and messy.

She turned her head, but paused suddenly. The whole person was nailed to the ground, because she saw that Yan Yu stood at the door of the cell and stared straight at her. I don’t know how long it has been.


It’s over, Ning Yutian thought.

I don’t know what she said, Yan Yu heard how much he heard it, and it might be finished.

The carefully camouflage appearance was torn away, leaving unbearable.

Yan Yu’s eyes were deep and expressionless, making people don’t know what he was thinking.

The dead silence, suffocating silence, Ning Yutian was a little breathless. She wanted to hide the blood -covered dagger in her hand, and felt that it was going to cover it. Anyway, Yan Yu had watched her killing.

The blood on the face was sticky and with a slightly hot temperature. Ning Yutian felt like a scar that stabbed on her face, ugly and embarrassed, showing her cruelty, poisonous, and all the beautiful character that had nothing to do with. Essence

Yan Yu will hate her. People like her are ruthless, insignificant and filial, no one can like it, but they will respect and be far away.

It’s really annoying, and it is obviously pretending to be so good. Why did you be hit this time?

Ning Yutian lowered her head and didn’t dare to look directly at Yan Yu’s eyes. Just as she abandoned himself, a hard embrace of the embrace, that was Yan Yu’s armor.

Ning Yutian was stiff, and suddenly looked up at Yan Yu.

I saw Yan Yu’s dark eyes seemed to be overturned, which was full of indulgence and distress.

“I’m sorry, I should pick you up early.” Yan Yu said, reaching out and gently covered Ning Yutian’s cheek, and wiped the blood stains with his fingertips.

“You are aggrieved in the township government.”

Ning Yutian didn’t know what to say, his nose was sour, and tears fell without control.

“In front of me, you don’t have to disguise, as long as you, no matter what you look like, I love it.” Yan Yu bowed his head and kissed Ning Yutian, his lips were cold, and his cheek slowly posted it. Treat the most precious treasures in the world.

“Don’t cry, I’ll take you home.”

(Original title: “Prison in prison”)

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