Gas the gas field is gone, Hepburn black and white stitching dress


Women jump around in the world of color, but often forget to jump out. “In fact, black is all colors. Different from the intercourse between the twilight and the day and night. It is not difficult to get rid of the crowd, but if you want to use simple white and black, it is the ability to test the taste of the designer. [Yeah]

【Black skirt yyds】


The Hepburn black and white stitching dress brought to you this time is the design sense and taste [small applause] small details such as small lapels, cold sleeve sleeves, etc. make it more refined. , The overall version of the line is clean, Jian is not monotonous at all.

I also like this one myself, and the basic temperament is good. In fact, I will wear it myself very much. It is super beautiful to wear a concave shape. You can just put it in a down jacket or wear it in a coat.

With a pearl earrings or a card -issuing gas field, it is no problem to hold it directly.

Recommended sisters to buy one.

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Ekool custom -removed shirt collar small incense woolen woolen skirt women’s winter temperament is thin, medium -long skirt


¥ 259