Tong Liya didn’t lie! Han Shu Essence Water’s anti -aging moisturizing effect is great, and domestic brands are too powerful


With the age of age, the problem of acne is not the most upset.

The most headache is that the fine lines of the corner of the eyes, the rough skin after staying up late, and the dull complexion without makeup.

Some people will say that Estee Lauder, Shiseido and other old products are so expensive, and it is too luxurious since the 2030s. As the so -called, exquisiteness is not equal to using expensive things, but knows how to choose good products!

So today, come and talk. When your pocket budget is only 100 yuan, how to choose the best anti -primary skin care products!


Many people, buying skin care products depends on who and who recommend it, buy it and try it. But in fact, it is easy to step on the mine. The first thing to buy skin care products is whether its main effect meets your skin care needs.

For example, the old products are subdivided into the segmentation of the old products, and there are anti -oxidation, anti -glycation, and wrinkle skin rejuvenation. If you want to use this product to achieve the effect of delicate, brightening, and wrinkle, you must choose the right product from this direction.

Second, look at the reputation of this skin care product. It is the person who has the same needs as you, how do they use the effect. In this regard, I recognize the brand, because it has been verified by generations after generation, and has a certain degree of professionalism.


Therefore, this Han Shu recommended this Han Shu to the exquisite essence of the time -a super good essence of the excerpts of the reputation of 100 yuan! Intersection Intersection The reason for its first throne is that there are 4 years of anti -early aging effects such as moisturizing, skin rejuvenation, and decoction, but the price is less than 100 yuan, and the cost performance is really high.

After using it, the skin is very tender, and it is very delicate to the touch. The rough cheeks and nose were soft and tender. Some small dry lines disappeared with the naked eye.

And such an excellent, less than 100 yuan. I really want to call for domestic goods, and the quality is not lost at all.


Look at this packaging, the crystal clear fairy texture is shining on the table. Yan value is too poke to my heart. Although it has a grounded name -golden water, it does not affect its low -key luxury connotation at all.

Don’t think that she is only as simple as beauty. The BIO-G high muscle energy essence is added with 24K pure gold foil, which can effectively promote the skin’s better absorption. The stratum corneum is too thick and can’t absorb? In the face of this essence, there is no difficulty absorption.

The fairy may think, will this gold foil stick to his face? Nothing at all! Intersection Intersection Wit it out with a gently, and the penetration power is very good. The squeezed texture is very liquid, and the face is very refreshing and open.

About a week later, the problem of rough face and dull face was improved a lot. Like the Two area, the fairy with a large pores is very suitable to use it.


The hydration capacity is also on the ultra -level line. Compared with before and after use, the skin’s moisture content is 34%more! Intersection

In Li Jiaqi’s words, sisters, buy it for me!

It is indeed a brand recommended by Tong Liya, and the poster is not good. Every detail shows this product, and the sisters are definitely a high -level choice with it.

The point is that it can help you adjust your skin to a young and bright state. Do you not want the delicate and white baby muscles?

Look at the rough pores and dull complexion every day, then you must have this Han Shu to gather time to cultivate exquisite essence water! Fine skin, bright skin tone, no makeup are all very happy!

The most important thing is that it can restore the skin’s fine lines silently and restore the skin to tender and smooth. Return you a youthful and beautiful skin state.


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One of your best choices, Han Shu gather time to protect the exquisite essence water. Exquisite you, deserve younger skin.