Globalization of Tiger Charm, HOO’s famous deputy “gold shovel” is actually “golden shovel”


Submission: Hufu Hoo Volunteer

Along with Bitcoin climb again to $ 68,000, the industry was full of shouts in the second wave of bull markets.

Li Qiwei’s “double top” theory was confirmed: one top this year, one top at the end of the year.

Bitcoin reached the high point twice, and players in the currency circle cheered twice.


It’s just that in the process of Bitcoin’s twice, many things happened in the industry.

Today, the tiger tiger rooted in Dubai is using HOO to build a global development path.

HOO: “Gold shovel”

Thousands of people.

The human shape of walking rivers and lakes. Everyone needs to have their own characteristics to remember others.

The cryptocurrency exchange is nothing more than that.

For example, Coinbase’s compliance, Binance’s globalization, and the old -fashioned fire currency growing over the spot, OKEX is better than the contract.

In addition to the above, other cryptocurrency exchanges also have their own characteristics.

For example, tiger runes.

Speaking of tiger runes, the industry may have a few labels in the industry: the platform that is good at capturing projects, a small platform with a small intelligent chain, low depth, and Wang Ruixi who does not like to be called the richest man.

But now, the tiger may add another new label: globalization.

Not long ago, the Tiger Fulu used the entire office building provided by the Dubai government as the global operation center, and Tiger Fu entered the fast track of high -speed development.

Just like the fluctuations of the value of the listed company, for a blockchain company, especially the cryptocurrency exchange, the development of its platform coins is also reflected in the development of the entire trading platform to a certain extent. In turn, the actual development of a platform will also affect the value of the platform currency.

HOO is a native token on the HSC chain. The original total amount of 1 billion pieces. After the official comprehensive community user opinion of Tiger Family, the 900 million HOO has been permanently destroyed at one time. The total amount of HOO token has been reduced to 100 million. It is not only the only general asset of the entire tiger rune ecosystem, but also a link between the capital flow and governance mechanism in the entire tiger ecosystem.

HOO, as the only push for the whole ecosystem of Tiger Rune, was born in September last year to now, up to 2300%, and once led the mainstream platform coins.

The reason why HOO can have such a trend is that it has an inseparable relationship with the development status of the Tiger Rune platform and the rich application scenarios of HOO platform coins.

As a HOO holder, you can easily participate in experiences including trading, development, Defi, NFT, Gamefi, Yuan Universe, etc., and are also GAS tools operated on the HSC chain. Value -added services, exclusive activities, priority experience and many other rights.

Equity upgrade

The HOO value is mainly reflected in two aspects: the economic model and ecological richness of the token.

At the moment, on October 15th, the Tiger Chain Intelligent Chain (HSC) released the HOO ecological white paper, and the HOO rights and interests were fully upgraded.

At present, holding HOO, in the ecology of the tiger rune, can enjoy the top ten convenience:

1. As a GAS fee on HSC;

2. Participate in HOOPOOL mining: Recently, Hoopool ushered in upgrading. The upgraded Hoopool has innovated in the gameplay. It not only supports HOO holders to participate in the first mining activities of new projects with HOO, but also can start the event again to start the event. Later, before the opening time, users can pledge HOO or other encrypted assets in advance to participate in the Hoopool activities.

3. Dual income divided by liquidity mining and handling fees by pledged HOO on HSC;

4. Fees for discounts;

On August 25, the Tiger Rune started the VIP upgrade, linking equity to the platform currency HOO. Users hold 10,000 HOO to enjoy VIP1 equity, and 500,000 HOO to enjoy VIP4 levels.

5. HOO holders can get a commission for a handling fee by inviting friends;

6. Users who hold a certain HOO can also participate in the gain projects, and have the opportunity to enjoy the rights and interests of the upper limit of the participation quota and the increase in basic income;

7.HOO holders can borrow 20 mainstream coins through pledge platform coins to meet the needs of users’ daily capital turnover;

8. HOO HOO can also participate in the new coin of the Tiger Rune platform to buy other high -quality projects to participate in the investment quota. At present, popular projects that have cooperated: ICP, WOO, Avax, Casper, etc.;

9. Platform currency holding users can enjoy the special rights and interests of platform marketing activities, including AMA, gift cards, blind boxes, lottery, etc.;

10. Small exchanges for HOO. For small amounts of small amounts held by some users, they cannot be traded directly, and they can enjoy the rights and interests of HOO within 6 hours.

At present, HOO’s ecological empowerment will become stronger and stronger. Whether it is destroying strength, application scenarios, or holding rights, it will protect the strong explosiveness and lasting vitality of truly shrinking platform coins. Next, there will be more and more rights and scenes to empower HOO.

HOO helps Tiger Faculty Globalization

Behind HOO has a happy increase, it is the embodiment of the pace of global expansion of the tiger rune platform, and it is also the value response of the ecological multi -level construction of the tiger rune platform.

Founded in the Tiger Championship in 2018, after the acquisition of Changsi and Datoma in June 2019, it merged with Tiger Chau Wallet and became a tiger exchange exchange. After just two years of development, its registered users have exceeded 2.4 million, the daily active user industry has approached 100,000, and the user distribution covers 120 countries and regions around the world.

The three -year infrastructure of the tiger rune is an important source of confidence in the global layout of the tiger rune, and it is also the foundation of the solid value of HOO.

From the Tiger Rune Wallet in 2018 to June 2019, the Tiger Charm Exchange was officially established. By 2021, the ecological map of the tiger rune ushered in a series of businesses such as Hufu International Station, Hufu Wallet, Hoo Labs, Hooswap, and Hoopool.

In May of this year, the main network of Tiger Chain Intelligent Chain was officially launched. In response to the high GAS fees and slow trading speeds of Ethereum, Tiger Charm Exchange entered the game, becoming the third exchange chain of the exchange after BSC and Heco at that time.

Three years of hard work have made the tiger runes more mature and recognized by users and markets. At the same time, Tiger Rune has always been at the forefront in popular areas such as DEFI, Boka, Smart Chain, Layer 2, Cross -Chain or NFT.

As a well -known cryptocurrency platform in the industry, the excellent strength of the tiger symbol drives the natural rise of HOO value. At the same time, the upgrade of HOOPOOL allows users to upgrade HOO’s equity in the process of participating in the ecology.

Let the tiger rune ecology become a gold mine and HOO a veritable “gold shovel”.