Xishunlong Traveler’s 640 double -axis minimalist life attitude two exquisite interiors meet personalized needs


You don’t need so many fine carving in ordinary days, you may wish to simplify your life and feel the happiness of your tentacles. Although there is no graceful and gorgeous appearance, the overall body temperament is very elegant and simple, giving a very pleasant visual enjoyment. It is a 640 double -axis mop from Xishunlong.

喜顺隆旅行家640双轴 简约生活态度 两款精致内饰 满足个性化需求

Xishunlong Traveler 640 Double -axis Drapel

Dialogue: 5300 × 2350 × 2000mm

Chassis: Patented dual -axis structure High -strength B750 riveting galvanized chassis

Product price: 13.98W-16.68W



In appearance, adhering to the low -key and pragmatic style of Xishunlong’s traveler’s series, the body is painted with white painting as the background, and the side of the car is paired with red and blue stripes.

喜顺隆旅行家640双轴 简约生活态度 两款精致内饰 满足个性化需求

640 The design is low -key and restrained, which is a wild drag suitable for family travel. The body is equipped with an iconic “Xishunlong” to increase the recognition of the body.

喜顺隆旅行家640双轴 简约生活态度 两款精致内饰 满足个性化需求

Xishunlong Traveler’s 640 dual -axis drag -mounted RV has three models, which are comfortable editions, luxury versions, and flagship versions. The prices are 13.98W, 14.98W, and 16.38W, which are mainly different in the configuration selection.

The size of the RV box is 5200*2350*2000mm. The body is designed with a sandwich closed composite plate with aluminum alloy keel structure. It can also make the overall quality of the body more lighter.

喜顺隆旅行家640双轴 简约生活态度 两款精致内饰 满足个性化需求

It is worth noting that this car uses a dual -axis design, which can provide more large bearing capacity, making the drag -mounted RV more stable and more safe. The dual -axis design also has the advantages of high ground clearance and large contact area, which brings higher passability and can adapt to various complex road conditions.

喜顺隆旅行家640双轴 简约生活态度 两款精致内饰 满足个性化需求

The body adopts Xishunlong’s self -developed high -intensity lightweight and lightweight riveting galvanized chassis, all standard AKS anti -swing system, Aiko anti -decourse insurance system, Aiko shock absorber, and Aiko inertia brake system. The AL-KO torque shaft provides a good guarantee for the stability of driving and the safety of the owner when driving.


喜顺隆旅行家640双轴 简约生活态度 两款精致内饰 满足个性化需求



喜顺隆旅行家640双轴 简约生活态度 两款精致内饰 满足个性化需求

Two interior

喜顺隆旅行家640双轴 简约生活态度 两款精致内饰 满足个性化需求

Xishunlong Traveler’s 640 dual -axis drag -mounted RV has two interior, 640A and 640B, respectively. Both interior layouts are different.

喜顺隆旅行家640双轴 简约生活态度 两款精致内饰 满足个性化需求

640A interior

The all -line furniture of the Travelers Series is made of aluminum alloy, which has the advantages of fire prevention, anti -corrosion, and moisture. The color matching is used with rice white and woody colors, with an elegant and warm atmosphere, coupled with the lights surrounded by the roof, giving a simple and bright look. The interior layout is clear. The 640A from the front to the back is the client area, the kitchen area, the bathroom, and the rest area.

喜顺隆旅行家640双轴 简约生活态度 两款精致内饰 满足个性化需求

640B interior

The 640B from the front to the back is the rest area, the guest area, the kitchen area, and the bathroom. The focus of the two layouts is different. The layout of the 640A focuses on the client area and the rest area, and has a spacious and abundant rest space. The kitchen design of the 640B amount of space is very full of life and will definitely make cooking enthusiasts love.

喜顺隆旅行家640双轴 简约生活态度 两款精致内饰 满足个性化需求


Reception area

If it is a highlight of 640A, it must be located in the guest area of ​​the front of the car. It is designed with a double -row card seat and a guest table in the middle. The space is spacious and can be chatted with family members here. When you need to rest at night, you can also put down the guest table and combine an additional combination into a sofa. The large windows in the middle of the client area allow passengers to sit on the beautiful scenery outdoors.

Compared with A, the design of 640B is also a double -row card design, but the space is slightly smaller. However, the author, in order to make up for this shortcoming, 640B is also equipped with a folding single bed above the meeting area.


Kitchen area

640A kitchen

喜顺隆旅行家640双轴 简约生活态度 两款精致内饰 满足个性化需求

640B kitchen

The kitchen design of 640A and 640B is also very different. A design of a conventional carriage and one design in the rear of the car. The central part of 640B was changed to a bar, which can be used as a small table, which is quite life. The kitchen area is equipped with microwave ovens, induction cookers, range hoods, etc.

喜顺隆旅行家640双轴 简约生活态度 两款精致内饰 满足个性化需求


rest area

喜顺隆旅行家640双轴 简约生活态度 两款精致内饰 满足个性化需求

640A Rest Area

喜顺隆旅行家640双轴 简约生活态度 两款精致内饰 满足个性化需求

640B rest area

The seating area is designed with horizontal beds, which is spacious and meets the requirements of the family. If you want to talk about the storage space, then a row of storage space above 640A meets your heart that you want to store daily items. If the pursuit of space is transparent and bright, then the 640B lounge area is actually better.

640A bathroom

喜顺隆旅行家640双轴 简约生活态度 两款精致内饰 满足个性化需求

640B bathroom

喜顺隆旅行家640双轴 简约生活态度 两款精致内饰 满足个性化需求

The space of 640A in the bathroom is more rich. Two bathrooms are equipped with portable toilets, toilets, exhaust fans, smart windows, washing machines, etc., and the facilities are complete. In terms of electrical appliances, the refrigerator, air conditioner, water heater, 220V five -hole socket, etc. are equipped with rich options. Car owners can choose according to their preferences.

Note: The picture in the article is provided by Xishunlong RV