The cost -effective bridesmaid clothing, each one is elegant and will not grab the bride’s limelight


The selection of bridesmaid clothes is a headache for many brides. How to choose and choose how to grab the limelights, and can also make the girlfriend bridesmaids beautiful and refined on our happiest day?


First look at the bridesmaids of the celebrities who are married. They do not grab the protagonist scenery, nor will they expose some younger sisters to expose their shortcomings because they are uniform.

Liu Yifei’s college classmates and actors


Zhou Yang’s wedding

It was held in Samui. The bride wore a white hollow hook flower wedding dress on Pronovias that day. The bridesmaid group wore a blue dress of Lake Morandi. The overall style of painting was fresh and elegant, echoing the entire wedding background.

When Chen Yanxi got married, the groom and bride chose Guo Pei’s traditional style dresses. It is said that it was hand -made for nearly 4,000 hours. Prepare the bridesmaid sisters group too

Fuji Kaoru’s customized pink embroidered small gift skirt

——Toto Kaoru Customs is a store specializing in traditional style dresses opened in Beijing in 2009. The customized price ranges from thousands of yuan to 10,000 yuan.

Girlfriends are the most important existence except for their loved ones. On the road to wedding, many brides will also struggle with their best sisters’ rituals while picking wedding dresses.

I do n’t like the style of the wedding shop. There are thousands of bridesmaid clothes with thousands of and poor materials, and they are really unable to do it. How can you easily pick up a bridesmaid clothing that girlfriends are satisfied with?

Slim skirt

The goddess skirt of “A”, like this silk -quality hanging neck dress, has skin and slim body, and haze blue, as one of the hot colors this year, is also more suitable for the blue -gray wedding scene.

The asymmetrical cross -hanging neck design shows the shoulder and neck curve of the bridesmaids, the crossbut nodes in the back of the back add a bit of softness to the dress, and the short hair girls can be salty and sweet ~

Little Fairy Skirt


The design of the word collar looks long, highlighting the elegant swan neck. The high waistline design is more visually thin and high, suitable for small bridesmaids, and the low -back design will not feel hot even in midsummer ~

Pine long sleeves wear high waist skirts


This skirt seems simple. In fact, the hidden design mysterious machine, the gauze lace is romantic without losing temperament, the elegant light pink apricot color, a unique feeling of gentleness ~

The short high -waisted design is invincible. The most intimate thing is that this gauze skirt is also equipped with a embroidered lace cardigan to avoid the bridesmaids from being cold because of the weather changes.


Romantic Mori Mori Fairy Skirt


The hot haze purple in 2020, with the flashing sequins of the skirt, has a low -key luxury.

This dress skirt is covered with light yarn fabrics at the neckline. It has the effect of beautiful shoulders, and does not have to worry about the cuffs drop.


The panton skirt with light yarn lace pattern base gives people a little fairy’s sense of vision, super suitable for cute bridesmaids ~


G to be selected for tips:


If you have plenty of time, you can pick some accessories for the bridesmaids, such as

Nails, wrist flowers, the same hair clip


Wait, it will be very eye -catching ~


The color system of bridesmaids only needs one type,

Echoing with your wedding color will not make mistakes.



The style of the bridesmaids should not be too exaggerated, small and delicate, so that after the wedding, sisters can still take home as a small dress ~


I hope that while the babies become the most beautiful bride at the wedding, remember to take care of the most important sisters in your life. Not only are they lover, but girlfriends also need to be held in the palm of the palm at all times and love it ~