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“It will be the top of the mountain, and the mountains are small.” This poem describes the first Mount Tai of the Five Yue. From it, I experienced the magnificent momentum of Taishan and the world’s admiration for the Taishan Mountain.

In folklore, the main gods of Taishan are second only to the other three emperors. The three of them are Jade Emperor, Emperor Donghua, and Emperor Zhenwu. As long as the emperors of the past, as long as they want to hold a ritual ceremony, the throne Zen Jean also chose to be in Taishan. It is conceivable that Taishan’s status in the people is extraordinary.

Analysis of the Chinese Painting Mountains and Rivers of Mount Tai:

Wang Ning’s latest masterpiece of Chinese painting Taishan six -foot banner landscape painting “Fortune” works from: Yi Congwang

国画山水泰山日出图赏析 你更喜欢哪一幅

“Wuyue does not look at the mountains, and Taishan returns without watching Yue.” I do n’t know why, whenever I think of Taishan, I always feel that it has the rigid beauty of the man’s spirit.

Teacher Wang Ning’s “Fortune” was rendered in ink with a strong sense of layering. The Taishan Mountains in the painting were steep, the peaks were towering, straight into the clouds, clouds and mist in the mountains, clouds and fogs like ribbons, and the sun in the distance, the sun in the distance Just rising from the east, not only was it red and half the mountain peaks were reflected, but the stairs in the paintings were straight through the Nan Tianmen. At a glance, there are mountains outside the mountains, endless, magnificent, and can’t help but make people think of it, admire the magnificent and beautiful beauty of nature.

Appreciation of the Chinese Painting Landscape Taishan Sunrise 2:

Five Yuezhi’s Taishan Map Wang Ning’s new work “Rising Sun East” works come from: Yi Congwang

国画山水泰山日出图赏析 你更喜欢哪一幅

The rising sun is rising from “The Book of Songs · Wind Feng · 匏 匏 匏”: “Yongyong Mingyan; the rising sun starts.” Now the people must be like the sun that Eastern has just risen, full of hopes and vitality.

Teacher Wang Ning’s work has rigorous structure and exquisite strokes. Teacher Wang Ning is very careful about the painting of the Taishan Mountains and Water Landscapes. This makes the work look magnificent and magnificent. Whether it is the high mountains and deep valleys in the picture, or the top of the peaks, it brings the breath of life to the entire painting. The vitality is exquisite, the pen is exquisite, the artistic conception is far away, and it is natural. It is a good choice whether it is collection or ornamental.

Appreciation of the Chinese Painting Landscape Taishan Sunrise 3:

Li Guosheng’s new product power works of Chinese paintings Feng Shui Locheng Taishan “Ziqi East” work comes from: Yi Congwang

国画山水泰山日出图赏析 你更喜欢哪一幅

The painter Li Guosheng’s “Ziqi East” paintings are perfectly combined with reality, imagination, and memories, which depicts the mountain scenery of the misty and cloudy mountain peaks. The picture enters the field of vision with a few Cangsong Curma, showing the towering, clean and leisurely performance of Taishan. The clouds and mist on the picture, the towering rock wall, the steep stone peaks, the vertical gully, the proud Cangsong, the antique temples on the top of the mountain exudes a faint meditation, giving people a deep sense of unpredictable. The painting of the painter’s mind and the true expression of pen and ink conveys the aesthetic experience of harmony between man and nature. This work means auspiciousness and magnificent momentum, showing the charm of Wuyue Taishan’s only respect! Only the backing behind can be peace of mind and good luck.

In fact, Taishan Sunrise pictures are not only the scenery, but also a beautiful Feng Shui meaning expression.

国画山水泰山日出图赏析 你更喜欢哪一幅

With this painting for example, the sun just rose in the East, and the red towel in the sky, implied that the auspicious clouds fell, and the fortunes were booming, and the days were booming; The mountain range implies the multi -child and blessed; the vigorous ancient pine means to recruit wealth and block the disaster; The boldness of climbing the top is the peak. ” There is no water in this Taishan sunrise, which is particularly suitable for adjusting Feng Shui.