These 10 pairs of high -heeled sandals, women with width feet can also wear, showing long legs


Polarized belt buckle high heel sandals


Fashionable, comfortable, versatile, the biggest highlights, high -end atmosphere, simple and generous design with skirts and jeans and shorts all look so elegant and beautiful!


Simple dew -toed thick sandals

The height of the followers is just right, and the legs are slender and slender. The simple buckle is very fashionable, and the intersection buckle is specially displayed on the ankle slender


Metal streaming sandals


The thick heel in the word buckle is absolutely comfortable to wear on the feet. It is not tired and not tired. Both colors are versatile. The bottom is soft and non -slip.

Lou toe Roman thick heel sandals


You can easily pass the summer with a pair of comfortable sandals, but the flat bottom is not high or not, and high heels are too tired, so thick -heeled sandals have always been loved by women

Simple heels off -toed sandals

To easily cope with various occasions, whether it is casual shopping or party! Both your work and weekend are the best choice for you


Net yarn pointed high -heeled sandals

The simple buckle is very fashionable. The cross -buckle band is very slender, and the height of the heel is just right. With shorts, the legs are slender and slender.


Riveting with a buckle toe sandals

The feet are very elegant, the wearing is comfortable and not tired, the style is also very fashionable, very beautiful, very comfortable, not grinding, thick -heeled hearts, rest assured


One word buckle with thick heel sandals

The word buckle high -heeled sandals are dazzling and fashionable. The metal buckle is more luxurious. The velvet style is more quality. It creates a delicate woman’s atmosphere. The decoration of the pearls is more beautiful.

Delostence buckle with fine heel sandals

The solid color buckle sandals are simple and generous, showing the sexy charm of women, the texture is soft and highlighting the details, the perfect curve of the feet, and the smooth lines are more feminine.

Rough heel buckle with open -toed sandals

The black -shaped sandals of the black word show a sexy charm. The design of the high waterproof table is more comfortable to wear. The hollow design is refreshing, showing the perfection of the female feet curve.