“Milk Wind” walks into children, 4 -year -old female baby is mature in high heels, and aesthetic puberty is dangerous


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At the moment when the media is developing rapidly, how to increase the amount of views, increase powder, and blogging, these all require skills, and sometimes there are many routines.

Recently, some people have started the child’s idea, and even the parents are still manipulating behind the children.

“Milk Wind” hit the side ball “Red”

Let’s explain what is “milk wind”, naturally the milk is hot and hot,


But this trend has entered children!

For example, this 4 -year -old baby baby was put on a tight suspender top and hip skirt by her mother. She also wore high -heeled slippers on her feet, crossed the backpack, and wearing a hair accessory on her head. She was very mature. Walking on the road, shaking his head and twisting his hips to send his hips.

Such a picture is funny and cute, but it will find it, and you will find it.

Hidden indecent, seductive elements.

Below such photos or short videos, the number of messages is quite considerable. Many netizens make and tease the protagonist of the picture or video in the way of “coaxing”.

The picture itself is absurd to a little bit unsightly, and the message interaction makes people feel uncomfortable after watching it.

There is also a young mother who shoots videos in the subway. The little girl is only four or five years old. She wore tights and high heels and placed curved sitting positions on the subway seat.


To be honest, this picture

There are really no children’s cute words


Instead, the discomfort of the prestigious posture gradually spread.

Obviously, this is a very proud work holding a tedious mother holding her mobile phone. But is it really worthwhile to sacrifice her daughter’s innocence and innocence?

Is the child’s “adultization” in the eyes of the blog or the innocence?

Some time ago, the star children’s reality show was suspended by the relevant management departments, but now the children of ordinary people’s homes are trying to become popular.

Obviously, these parents are not just for fun,


Most behind the hidden interest chain

The aesthetic precocious is very dangerous, not only in the style of dressing.

You must have seen a lot of sexy videos or pictures posted by video websites. If you click in, you will find that contact information such as Weishang and purchasing agents will be hung in a conspicuous position.

Use children to make bait to attract netizens’ attention, thereby achieving the effect of “advertising”. This idea is really “Gaoming”, but is it a pity that the benefits of the benefits can buy back the child’s innocence? I think the answer is no.

This is certainly not alarmist, because the child’s world is simpler than adults.


They will quickly receive and store the “growth path” that parents guide them.

Putting on shiny and lace sexy clothing, you will have disgusting the loose and comfortable clothing of children. After learning to twist your waist, it is difficult to change this way of walking that is not good for your health …

Maybe parents think that it is just a few videos, just a few actions, how much will it affect the child?

Some experts said that children are often more interested in novelty, and those things that can win the attention of others will go deep into their hearts, unforgettable for a long time, and even affect their growth and development.


Parents and society work together to curb bad atmosphere

In addition to the three or four -year -old girls dressed as “milk wind” by their parents, adolescent girls posted selfies with hints on the Internet, which is also a blasphemy for youth.

When a short video is circulating on the Internet, when the video of visual discomfort causes visual discomfort, the video photographer, publisher, and even the leaves of the message are? Are they “wiping balls” of network supervision? Is there any violation of the law and the law, and who should manage and restrict these phenomena?

All of this problem,

All need to pay attention to and resolve relevant departments.

In order to prevent such phenomena, the root cause is that the parents of the child recognize the mistakes of the behavior, and actively and effectively guide the adverse effects of the child.

Please return the simple and happy childhood to the child, let the adult’s “routine” let go of innocent children.