It’s over, you are all cheated by Gucci joint Balenciaga


The hottest events in the fashion circle these days are the hottest incident

Gucci x Balenciaga shocking “joint name”

I believe many people were shocked like me after hearing this news.

The degree of heavy and surprise of this series made me think of Jaylen’s first “co -branding is too fast, just like a tornado”, and many netizens even excessive excitement, which compares it as in history


“The most surprising genuine”



The reason why this is because I haven’t seen any co -branded before, but like this, such a luxury, is still the same group. To be honest, I have seen it for a long time.


But I want to say that you are all cheated by Gucci co -branded Balenciaga! In my opinion, the so -called joint name is just a new series of wedding dresses. If you look closely, you will find that the new Gucci even has a variety of accessories.

Heart -shaped handbag

It’s a good example.


There are also various fairy necklaces and earrings, which are also ingenious in the immortal.

As for this special “ARIA Fashion Sigh” series created for the 100th anniversary of Gucci

What other secrets are there

After reading today’s article, you all know.

Let’s talk about the most fiercely fired in this series, the most eye -catching Gucci and Balenciaga’s new “joint” model. In fact, according to the tone of the big name, it will not be very officially announced. Looking at the joint name is just a gimmick, the new series is far more than the same as a joint name. Carefully watch the new Gucci becomes no longer so complicated under the integration of Balenciaga.

Give people a new sense of high -level fashion

The BB, who often pays attention to fashion, must know that Gucci’s main style is the famous and gorgeous retro style.

And this time, it has become a clear high fashion. Everyone can find out that the previous suit is basically loose retro version, and the coats are all shoulder models.


Obviously emphasizing the silhouette and simplicity


, Save a lot of elements to add lining.


The reason for such a change is due to Balenciaga, who is good at high -end fashion.

Then take a look at the comparison of the following groups to know how advanced the new Gucci is today. In fact, it is not difficult to find out that the new Gucci garment is except for the style.

The overall design sense is the same as Balenciaga.


For example, the classic funnel -type windproof jacket and irregular neckline trench coats are basically “pure restores”, but the color matching is slightly distinguished.


There is also a change in the details. Like Balenciaga’s iconic shoulder pad design and pleated mate, the former adds classic old flowers on both sides, and the latter directly adds Gucci traffic stripes.

Do you feel a new look, and feel a bit known? Undoubtedly this series will definitely usher in hot selling, especially the most colorful old flowers in the new models, which is simply superimposed by explosive models. It is difficult to not fire.

In addition to the ebony brown colors mentioned earlier, this black non -sterilized old flower beelum suit, my visual inspection is also a strong hot sale.


The handbag is also a exchange of explosion genes.


It can be said that it is the strongest king’s explosion this season. I think it can be queued up now, and I will be sold out in seconds.


The same printing model is also amazing. You should be familiar with this print. It is the artist who has just released recently.


Ken scott printing cooperation series

It can be said to be super rare on the bellies.


The bag adds the 1961 Jackie handbag blessing of Balenciaga’s non -sterilization LOGO, which becomes cool and street.

And these very fried -eyed over -knee ankle boots are also designed on the Balenciaga explosion ESSEX boots. It is worth mentioning that this pair of boots in the new season Balenciaga winter 21 series has another new buckle ring. payment.

In addition to the unprecedented century cooperation with Balenciaga to turn to senior fashion, the GUCCI ARIA Fashion Sigh series is the most touched by me.

For this reason, Mi Kaijie also paid tribute to two people in particular. The first is the “Playboy” who had served as a creative director in Gucci.


Tom Ford


You can see that the Gucci garment in the new season has become very sexy and out.


This reminds me of the sexy Gucci during the Tom Ford’s time in charge. How big the influence is really not to be repeated, even Madonna was circled.


Now that Mi Kaiji’s design has gathered again, it is a good fashion. My favorite is this red suit suit. At that time, the model was stunning to me as soon as it appeared.

Do you feel that you want to be casual? This set is actually very classic. Gwyneth Paltrow is worn on the 1996 MTV music video. Designed again.

This set of clothes is also a must -have for the new season that is not allowed. Men and women can wear them. Go to the party and dinner designated.

The same blue -free model is also very beautiful, with hormones on the upper body.


I have to say that the silhouette suite of the new season is really good. Not only the same men and women have no gender, but also perfectly incorporate the essence of the GUCCI designed by Tom Ford, and also have Balenciaga’s shoulder design. Who can carry this configuration who can carry this configuration. Living, the three sets of light color must be entered.

I originally felt that Tom Ford was amazing. The most unexpected thing was that Mi Kaishao also moved to the New York sexy goddess Marilyn Monroe shock field, which is the second place to pay tribute.

Remember the last golden fold dress this time? This is actually a classic style of Marilyn Monroe in the movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”.

There is also the secret of the heart -shaped bag I mentioned at the beginning of the article, which is also inseparable from Marilyn Dream, and the heart held in the model of the model is actually the key of the utopia to be established in the chanting series.

You can see the tribute to these two key characters, let us see the new style of Gucci, but to say that the core representative of supporting single products, the core representative of supporting single products, must be the GUCCI back to the initial foundation of the brand’s establishment.

Equestrian element

Everyone is definitely not unfamiliar with equestrian. In the Western world, equestrian has always been a noble movement circulating in European luxury people. Before the emergence of steam engines, horses were already the national treasures that passed on friendship between the heads of state of various countries. It is loved by the wealthy class. Princess Diana and Princess Anne, like the British royal family, are equestrian fans.

In the early 20th century, horses were the main mobility tools in Italy at that time, so equestrian naturally was closely related to everyone’s lives. Therefore, there were also many people doing horses. Among them, Gucci was a typical example. The founder of the brand Guccio was in the first GUCCI store and Subsequent London and Paris New Stores sell all kinds of horses.


Many of his iconic elements are inspired by equestrian, such as very classic

Bamboo element

Its design inspiration comes from the side of the saddle. At that time, due to the lack of raw materials after World War II, Gucci replaced the leather handle in 1947.

This design is self -contained because of the intellectual elegance and exotic style. It was once known as the model of Made in Italy. At the same time, the bamboo bag is also the most popular handbag in Gucci Vintage handbags. The reason why the explosion is so hot is because the bamboo bag is super sophisticated in the selection of materials and production, and even the baking depth depends on the color and material of the body.

In the new series

This explosion is a new back furnace,

Not only are the most frequently appeared styles in the new bag, or the first -time face -to -face king. Take this ebony brown bamboo bag, which is also an unspeakable god.


In order to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the brand, Gucci also came out

Printing pattern bamboo bag bag


Although more picky, the creativity, surprise, and collectible value of this bag are not said.

In addition to the printed material of Puppi and GG SUOREME, this time the bamboo bag also launched rare leather materials. Black and black, both of them are very unique.

There is no doubt that the Bamboo Bag Bagi will be the most sought -after model in the new season, and the bamboo bag that makes me very favorite is also printed with Gucci Logo.

New Bamboo Festival Tot Bar Edition


, Combine face value and practicality.


In addition to the rowing bamboo elements, the horsepower buckle is naturally closely related to equestrian. Its


Inspiration is designed with horses and horse pedals

, I often have a typical example of Amway’s HORSEBIT 1955 series handbags.


The new season is new again. In addition to the classic horse buckle this time, it also adds a new contrasting color plaid to become more modern and modern.


The big explosion, which is also very popular as 1955 HORSEBIT BAG 1961 Jackie Bag, is actually very equivalent. Its inspiration comes from the horse’s nasal mask.

The new 1961 Jackie handbag not only added three -color straps, but also added a very eye -catching color printing in the bag.


In addition to the return of these classic elements one by one, GUCCI also made the saddle specially made into a new handbag. You can see that the appearance of the new bag in front of you and the arc on the saddle cushion are exactly the same.

It can be found that the most surprising place of Gucci Aria’s fashion sigh series is far more than the so -called “epic joint name”. You are “cheated”!

To put it bluntly, the joint name is not the ultimate goal. You will find that the true core is Michaeli dared to break the traditional concept and the established style. It is supplemented by the group’s supporting assistant Balenciaga, and the dialogue with Tom Ford and Marilyn Monroe, prompting to promote it We have seen a new Gucci with unprecedented integration of senior fashion and sexy style. Of course, there are the most surprising brand of 100 years of historical heavy elements.


How can such a diverse new Gucci not make people rectify. Facing such a shocking joint name,

What are your most real feelings, will you buy it?

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