It looks very maiden in a man wearing a turtleneck sweater? That’s what you know about the turtleneck sweater


In the cold autumn and winter,

Speaker sweater is also a warm artifact

Regardless of whether in the south or the north, as long as the turtleneck sweater is frozen in the cold ground, the high -necked sweater can come in handy.

Partners who like to wear high -necked sweaters have actually found the charm of this single product. In addition to keeping warm, it will also bring a trace of elegant style to the shape and make the shape more temperament.

The high -necked version makes the style more unique charm. In the cold winter, this collar can wrap the neck tightly, so that you can experience warmth, and you will never be afraid of the cold wind attack. The characteristics of the collar can make the shape more layered and richer,

You can also wear it alone as an inward

, Make the styling style more diversified, so this turtleneck sweater should not be missed in autumn and winter.

First, the high -necked sweater moves from the ocean to the fashion circle.


In the 19th century, the high -necked sweater appeared on the people of the people, which was closely related to the fishermen in the Allen Islands in Ireland.

The tall sweater is to keep warm

, Fishermen will wear this when they work in severe cold weather


Woolen hood




The sweater needle method woven from different families on the island will also be different, which will play a role in identifying identity.

And today’s sweater acupuncture method is more of a decorative effect.

At the end of the 19th century

The trend of high -necked sweaters is more obvious,

It can be seen in various outdoor sports

, Especially the high -necked sweaters in noble movements such as rowing, tennis, and polo.


after all

The collar and cuffs of tight woven sweaters and cuffs

Can play well

Wind -proof effect

And it will not affect the body’s activity, it is very practical, and it is very suitable for outdoor sports. Therefore, after the World War I, the high -necked sweater has also become the favorite of outdoor travelers.

During World War II,

Speaking sweater is also a navy’s warm combat jacket

In the cold ocean, the Royal British Navy wore a high -necked sweater. Later, the influence of the turtleneck sweater in the fashion industry was getting higher and higher.


In the 1950s, the high -necked sweaters from civilians had moved on the road of elegant nobles.

Every classic item in the fashion circle is inseparable from the promotion of the stars,


In the middle of the twentieth century, the high -necked sweater has become a must

This sweater will be put on in various public places, so the high -necked sweaters in this period have entered the vision of celebrities.

Second, the style of the turtleneck sweater changes

The most obvious difference in the style of tall sweaters is

Edition, color and needle method

Among them, and


I can feel

Comfort and warmth

款 The knitting needle changes the style of the style.

In addition to the most recognizable color, the characteristics of the needle are also very obvious, and different weaving methods directly lead the style of style.

But many partners often ignore the needle of the sweater, just like


Positive needle, pineapple flower or twisting flowers

They all show different styles. In the same weaving structure,

Coarse needle and thin needle

There is also a big difference, so when choosing a sweater, you must probably understand the charm of the sweater.


The sense of texture of thick needles or jets is obviously stronger

The shape also looks rough, and

The style of the thin needle looks softer a lot softened

, Relatively even more versatile,


The thick partner with a thicker neck should avoid thick and thicker collar.

The change of the \ version

In fact, the version of the sweater has a great impact on the style of the shape.

From the fit to Oversize’s version, they all have their own characteristics.

Generally, the slim style is more as a bottoming shirt, and the needle method is mainly needle. The loose version and thick needle weaving method are more atmospheric when wear out, and the style looks a lot younger.

The collar is the characteristic of the turtleneck sweater, so different styles will be designed in the collar.

Single -layer semi -high collar, single -layer high neck and double -layer high collar

The style is very common.

Single layer

Half -neck

Suitable people can have a certain warmth effect.

It is a good choice for partners with shorter necks,

Single -layer tall collar collar is generally stiff and more three -dimensional. The double -layer high collar is the most popular, the warmth effect is good, and the shape is richer, and some of the thinning styles can also be rolled into half of the high collar.

\ \ \ \

There are many high -necked sweaters in color choices,

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple color will be used in sweaters.

In addition to the classic black and white and gray, some bright colors are also very popular, and the versatility of the turtleneck sweater is very good in general.

But when


When paired with a bright high -necked sweater, it is best to use it.


In terms of color tone treatment, it must be a bit more easy to control.


The sweaters in the inside echo the color and other items in color and other items are more harmonious and rich, but in the shape

The bright colors should not be used in large areas,

Otherwise, the difficulty of styling will increase.

fabric features

The quality of the sweater fabric depends on the ingredients of the yarn, which is usually used

The sweaters woven from the wool, the warmth and comfort will be better


Therefore, in some luxury brands of wool sweater, cashmere, wool or camel hair is the main price, and the price is naturally more expensive.

On the market

Cheap turtleneck sweater

Most is

Ordinary blended materials

In the yarn, cotton or polyester is a very common ingredient. Although the fabric is relatively cheap, the woven sweater has good warmth and practicality.

Third, the diversified matching style of the turtleneck sweater

There are high -necked sweaters in autumn and winter, the shape is warm and fashionable,

Can interpret different styling styles, whether in the street style or gentleman elegant style, can play an important role in the high -necked sweaters, and the use of high -necked sweaters will be more outstanding.

\ \ Also fashionable


The high -necked sweater is a very common matching method, and it is also very easy to wear.


The classic and versatile color of the classic versatile when wear alone,

A black regular version of the turtleneck sweater is enough to be versatile, which is very suitable for pairing of khaki or jeans.


Pay attention to the version

Try to avoid too tight styles, otherwise you can wear it like pajamas. The tight style can be used for inside.

Loose version plus

The texture effect of fine needle

The shape will look like


The loose sweater is more comfortable to wear. Generally, the thin needles should not be too thick inside, otherwise the effect of the upper body is easy to deform.

Some stripes or contrast -colored jet styles will have stronger visual impact. The dark color of the sweater and a little bright embellishment will be very clear, and the loose version will also look youthful.

The style of the thick needle will appear more rough and more textured,


At this time, it can be appropriately thickened according to the weather conditions, and the shape of jeans and leather boots can become masculine.

克 Use a casual jacket to create a fashionable shape

There are a lot of coats in the closet waiting for this turtleneck sweater,

It may be the best partner of the jacket in early autumn, but it is an excellent choice in the cold late autumn or winter high -necked sweaters. The design of most jackets in the collar is relatively simple. At this time, a turtleneck sweater can be perfectly combined. It is very helpful whether the warmth of the shape or beauty.

The simple layering of a high -necked sweater in the simple lapel leather jacket is also better. The style made with trousers and Chelsea leather boots is very calm. Jacket zipper

The effect of V -shaped neckline also makes the neck look longer

In addition, the short jacket makes the visual ratio of the shape better.


The shape of the military green jacket is calm and not monotonous. The green jacket and black pants look very versatile, and the turtleneck sweater is much rich in shape, and the overall color of the shape will not be very public.

The warmth of the shape of the MA-1 flight jacket is also better.


Not only should we follow the principle of matching within three colors, but also pay attention to the overall color of the shape


The version of the sweater is not too loose with a short jacket.






Even the high -necked sweater even if only reveals the collar

Can be a highlight

The simple contrasting effect of the sweater makes the shape look very delicate, showing an elegant style in the low -key.


商 Coupled with a suit to create a business style

For some business workers, the suit of the suit does not leave the body all year round, but it must be changed in the face of the cold weather. Although it is not very formal with the turtleneck sweater, it can completely allow

Temperature and demeanor coexist

With a suit to create a business style, the dark colors in color selection are the first choice in color selection. Classic colors such as black, dark blue, coffee can create a calm gentleman fan. Make the shape more delicate and decent.


Wearing a suit and turtleneck sweater is very suitable for daily commuting or business trips. It can cope with the changes in the weather well. Compared with the formal shirt in the inside, the turtleneck sweater can bring a sense of leisure to the shape without losing the gentleman without losing the gentleman. Wind.

I think the suit with trousers is still very formal, so you can choose some casual pants. Jeans are the perfect choice of men.

Tall collar sweater and suit matching when the version needs to be fitted


After all, the loose version will make the suits bloated or wrinkled locally, which greatly reduces the shape.

造 Mao woolen coat shape is simple and atmospheric

The coat of the woolen fabric is the guarantee of elegant and fashionable styling in autumn and winter. At this time

The turtleneck sweater in the inside should also be simple, and the shape will look more atmospheric.

With dark grid coats and trousers, it is warm and elegant. With a coat, it is necessary to pay attention to changes in the version and length. After all, these factors will also affect the trend of styling style.

Speaker and pants of the same color

The matching can make the shape

The proportion becomes better


Even if it is a small man, it will be a lot tall, especially when choosing dark tones in the inside, the shape will become more versatile. At this time, whether it is paired with leather boots or sneakers, it will be outstanding.

The loose -up version of the coat will look younger and fashionable, and there are more choices with high -necked sweaters. The thick needles are still suitable. The white style looks very simple. High levels are also very rich.

棉 The most warm -with warmth with down cotton clothing

The down cotton clothing is also a weapon of warm -up. In the cold winter, it is a perfect combination to increase the warmth of the shape.

If you want to avoid bloated or old -fashioned, you must polish your eyes in the choice of down cotton clothes.

When the coat is selected with bright colors, the turtleneck sweater and pants should be calm

The overall shape can follow the complexity and simplified matching skills, and the highlights of this shape are more prominent.


The turtleneck sweater and down cotton clothing can also create a universal black and white construction type. The white sweater and cotton clothing form a black and white contrast. The shape will not look monotonous.


The colorful turtleneck sweater can make the shape more eye -catching, and the black tone is very harmonious. In addition, the color of the shoes and cuffs make the shape more perfect, so the use of turtleneck sweaters in autumn and winter is more fashionable and changeable.

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