30+ slightly fat women refuse yellow -faced wives, wearing such a stylish dress, exquisite and pleasant


30+ slightly fat women reject yellow -faced wives, wearing such a stylish dress, exquisite and pleasant! The little fairies are not fast to see.

Flavors dress, which reflects gentle and elegant

I think every girl wants to have a gentle skirt. It does not need to be expensive or special, but wearing it will reflect a gentle and elegant temperament. This streamy skirt is a fairy skirt, because the upper body effect It’s really good -looking.

Fake two -piece shirt skirt, there is a snack


This dress is light and elegant pink with simple and clean white. This is really just right. The fabric will also have a little reflective BlingBling. I don’t think it can escape its preference.

Shirt dresses, covering meat

This shirt dress version is high -level design. The walking room gives a gentle and temperamental taste. It is really white and absolutely necessary. Paper people, in short, are wearing daily love.


Lace dress, taste+quality praise

At first glance ~ taste+quality of quality, the rich femininity brought by lace, the upper body is amazing, it is difficult to hide its romantic atmosphere across the screen. The horn sleeves add an elegant sleeves. Don’t see it, the whole person is much more pretty.


Fake two -piece shirt skirt, refuse to be tedious


The dress is suitable for the little fairy who wants to be beautiful and too lazy to match. A shirt dress that saves the match must be owned this year. Refusing to refuse tediousness. It is important to refuse to match before going out.

Net yarn dress, stunned by it

The beautiful little fairy who loves beauty can not resist the skirts with a gentle word with a gentle word on the whole body. At first glance, it will be amazed by the kind of chopped men’s skirt that can be dated the United States. Skirts that can wear sexy temperament must be entered.

Xiaoxiangfeng net yarn dress, Wen Jing quiet and well -behaved

Xiaoxiangfeng can be described as the world, all penetrate noble and elegant. The dress is paired with see -through mesh. Wen Jing is well -behaved with a little sexy, and it is more age -reducing. It is very suitable for dating or seeing parents. With a little fairy and small sexy.

Retro Hong Kong flavor dress is very exciting


The V -type neckline highlights the small cheeks, but also inadvertently shows a sexy back. The effect of Bilingbiling on the mesh is very exciting. It is easy to give people a ballet dress.

Well, after reading so many clothes, I believe everyone has a new understanding, open the new door! Learn more dressing skills every day to make you more tasteful.