The hottest “French shirt” this year is here! 30 pieces with link


When I shared the new products in the fast fashion brand two days ago, many sisters urged me to arrange a wave of waves.




Indeed, there is nothing better to wear and versatile than shirts!


One said, I don’t recommend everyone to start with the basic white shirt. If you want to buy, please put your eyes on the fire this year’s fire


French shirt


Picture @Viotta

The biggest feature of French shirt is


Both the version and the sleeves are loose


, Worshiping meat and small belly can be covered with a cleaner, which is a must -have for the heart of the heart ~


Compared to the basic model, it

More design

Looking at the romance but not too gorgeous, there is a kind of casual laziness, especially

Increase the sense of nobleness


French shirts have a magic power, even if you

The face value is not so outstanding

As long as you put on it, you are invisible


The temperament has improved a lot.

Don’t believe you, see blogger@小 博

This year, many brands have made French shirts. This seven will take you to see. Which styles are more worth starting, and they can wear the feeling of wealthy girls?

Great lapel -style shirt


If you are a student party or a sister who entered the workplace first, I suggest you buy one

Big lapel shirt

, Sweet and not too mature, not too much than conventional style.


There were four or five pieces of open -hanging breath. My favorite is


, But I did n’t grab it, the official website has been sold out of stock. At the end of the article, I found you similar models ~

Picture @LYCHEE pear picture @Lychee pear

The collar is embroidered with a few small FA FA

These two pieces are also beautiful ~

Picture@图片 儿, a salt diary

Great lapel+grid

Both are elements of age -reducing elements.

Some large lapel shirts also have some design elements on the basic models, such as this

Add wind piano fold design on the edge of the buttons

There is a trace of retro taste.


The large lapel shirt is not only good -looking, but also a lot of advantages.

After the wide collar opens the shoulders, it can

Adjust your head and shoulders

, Also allow you


The big face plate is small

Essence It is really a skating, narrow shoulder, big face girl savior!

Picture @VIVI

Round shoulders


Sisters choose big lapel + deep V style.

Picture@图片 图片 图片 图片


shoulder width

In the width of the collar, don’t surpass the shoulders, and the smaller one is more suitable for you.



In terms of matching, a large lapel shirt can be called the sea king on the world, and it has a face with anyone.

Southern now go out

Stacking small vest

That’s OK, immediately transformed into O’Nen, South Korea, gentle and tender.



Big -breasted girl

You can match more loose strap skirts. The division of the shoulder strap can weaken the presence of the chest.

If you are in the north, you have to wear a little thicker, if you’re going on


Bright color

There is a more spring atmosphere, lively and playful ~

Picture@nine o’clock milk thought


I recommend jacket

Knit cardigan


There is no other reason, that is, just looking at the temperament, the rich woman’s sense of vision.

Picture @Uoneuu

Lotus leaf collar French shirt

The shirt designed by the lotus leaf collar, the upper body is quite elegant, especially suitable for

The neck lines look good


The small lace on the edge of the neckline is romantic and poetic,


Special immortal



Although the lotus leaf collar shirt is good -looking, you still have to pay attention to the selection of the neckline.

Long neck

The sister paper can choose a small stand -up collar, but don’t pure round neck, the best

Some small designs strengthen the sense of downward extension


, I won’t panic.

Desles are the most vertical extension effect

, I unbutton two when I wear it, and there is a sweet atmosphere of the girl in elegance. Whoever looks at it?



This is added


Two ribbons

It also has the same role, and it is very quiet and ladylike.

Short neck, fat upper half body

Girls give me the selected OR V -neck, which will not look dull.

Lotus leaf collar shirts want to wear a French sense of fashion,

Long skirt is the best CP

Long skirt recommended selection

A -shaped hem

Only with elegant and casual skirts can display French laziness.


Sisters who can wear something can

Stack the retro style item

, Exposing a white lace, looks particularly vintage.


If you wear it alone, you want to make the lotus leaf collar shirt more advanced.

Add a underarsed bag

, Immediately explosive!

French female style French shirt


No matter how fashion reincarnates,

Basic shirt


Never lost on the road of trend.

The bloggers who have followed the Fafeng route all like to wear basic French shirts, which can always give people a kind of

Simple high -level sense


I don’t think she is very temperamental.

Picture@Leeky/ Sophie_Dozoise

Basic French shirts want to wear a rich woman, just grab two points:

The sleeves should be large, and the buttons should be special.

① The sleeves must be large

The shirt of ordinary sleeves is not easy to wear beautiful, and it tests the face value and gas field.



Large sleeves, fashionable up to up up up ~

Different from the popular sleeves that were popular last year, this this this year was more of the sleeve hem.


Lantern sleeve

Basically, no one can be picked, and anyone can interpret the elegance of French.


Lantern sleeve shirt comes with beauty association


Don’t look at your face, you all think that this girl wearing this shirt is a big temperament.

and also

Bud sleeve

, The shape of a flower appeared at the cuffs, adding a romantic tone to the simple shirt.

② Pearl and plate buttons are more expensive


The more basic shirts, the

The more the buttons, the more special

Essence Choosing the right button, clothes will really be much more expensive.

Many shirts are made of acrylic materials, and ordinary people are easily overlooked. Replace

Pearl buckle

The texture of clothes has improved a lot.

The gloss of pearls can create a kind of


“Rich” atmosphere


White plate buckle

It can also make the shirt a lot more expensive.

The sleeves and buttons of this shirt are sufficient, so it can be very colorful without your brain -spenting.




With a pair of jeans

The sense of French style came out, comfortable and casual.

Hair with a scarf, or clamp it with a shark


, More elegant ~

Picture @akro


I have to say that French shirts are really beautiful.


Well, today’s shirt is amway, promise me, must you buy French shirts in spring? Intersection






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