40 -year -old woman is so beautiful like this! “High -neck sweater+skirt”, gentle and thinner


The dressing method of each season will always be adjusted according to the temperature, and the selection of clothing naturally changes the corresponding change according to the changes in the season. In winter, it can be combined with high -necked sweaters and skirts. It has both gentle characteristics and elegant style, intellectual and generous.

The white turtleneck knitted top, its color is destined to have no color constraints on the single items that match the lower body. When combined with knitted skirts, it can create a very comfortable dressing experience, constructing absolutely elegant dressing Style and temperament.


In fact, the cooperation between sweaters and skirts should actually be considered. First, it is solved from the color aspect. After all, the color is related to people’s first impression of this shape. In the color use of knitted sweater, in fact, you don’t need to turn on your brains and use the white that people are familiar with.

This color is gentle and offensive, and versatile can look good. The coordinated skirt can be used in simple basic colors such as khaki color and brown. If the length is not obvious, it can be wrapped in the foot skin with short boots.


The white turtleneck knitted sweater has a certain texture of a certain texture, but in general, as long as it is a solid color series, it is easy to improve the personal temperament. In the use of color, you can directly use two colors with great contrast.


Knitting sweater is an absolutely soft clothing. It is also an indispensable item for women in winter. In the use of color, it does not need to pursue excessive eye -catching effects. Instead, it can return to some plain colors. Essence


Like dark blue or black skirts, it can form the most different contrast with white sweater. The style is absolutely atmospheric, add a bit of stable style.


The color of the half -bodies is simple, and its length is best to be below the knee. In this way, when combined with short boots, it will not expose the blank of a large area of ​​legs.

For women who want to wear more recognition, in terms of color use, you can adopt a combination of simplified and complicated to create a complementary and contrasting role.

Of course, the skirt, especially the checkered half skirt, can be put in the category of “complex”. The use of color does not have to be too gorgeous or full of color with high saturation. The color of the color will maintain a high success rate.

Of course, the selection of knitted sweaters will also affect the interpretation of women’s specific styles. Some knitted sweaters are mainly black, which will look low -key and calm. Blue is mainly blue, it looks gentle and fresh, and its own attractive.


Blue, especially light blue knitted sweaters, also contains the effect of age -reducing. The color of the skirt that cooperates can be slightly low -key. Do not have any conflict with it. The skirt is very comfortable to wear, elastic, and looks elegant and calm.

In the selection of knitted sweater, a high -necked design is used to wrap the skin on the neck, which looks more warm. At the same time, it can also be converted in the contour. Effect.

Slim a little, create a curve, outline the lines of origin, and more feminine. In this way, when combined with the skirt, it can also create a visual effect combining tightly to highlight the fullness of the upper body.

Women with knitted sweater and skirts can be used for stacking with a variety of coats. However, the most effective effect on temperament is the long -style long coats.

It can completely use the coordination of a coat with similar skirts to create a more harmonious sense of layering. The color of the coat does not need to be very eye -catching. Oats, camels, and white are very versatile.


In his forties, you can rely on dressing to bring a beautification effect to personal temperament. Knitting sweater and skirt can be matched together, so that their dressing is not unaccounted.