10 simple style of wind style master bedroom design, beautiful to dizzy, just want to copy after reading


If you want to sleep well, the bedroom must not be designed casually! A good bedroom should be extremely comfortable and beautiful. I will introduce it to you today

10 bedroom design with different colors

Maybe you can bring you some inspiration!

Italian white pine+warm gray silver pear


Pull -handed flat cabinet door


, Low -key showing the exquisite details.

The right side is an open format

In addition to reducing the sense of space congestion, it is also very convenient to place bag accessories, which are very humane design.

Warm white+warm gray silver pear

The color matching of the room is gentle and intellectual,

Dwarf cabinet+wall cabinet configuration

Various items are stored in an orderly manner, meticulous. The long dwarf cabinet can not only be uniformly settled by the fragmented debris, but also use it for temporary desks.


Mudstone creamy gray+outda -white rubber

In the design of the cabinet, use the space as much as possible, and

Function expansion



Wardrobe also has both TV cabinet functions

Essence Install

Folding door


While using light and flexible, it will not take up too much space.


Deep gray silver pear+Melfi stripes 2

Master bedroom

Gray -white orange


The main color,

The background design of the bedside background

, A square space in the middle, embedded in lights, is convenient for reading books and fragmented items. The space is simple and natural, elegant and generous, which is enough to relieve a state of tired return every day.

Paradise Orange+Light Gray Silver Pear

Go to the top wardrobe, multi -combined design

, Flexible, all kinds of clothes are perfectly storage, creating casual card seats and cabinets along the window. Consider each small appeal, make full use of the characteristics of the apartment, so that the bedroom will show a practical side.


Milk white+light gray silver pear


The storage cabinets are created on both sides of the entrance door, and the storage is more organized.


Semi -interval desk

Stunning and practical, can better stimulate creativity.

Light powder, light green soft and smooth straight line design


It is suitable for lively and smart girls. The clothes and books are placed in an orderly manner. The glass cabinet door is clear at a glance.

Meifill stripes 1

The master bedroom has a large floor -to -ceiling window, which is transparent. exist


Gray tone


Based on the background wall of the bedside

Entering the red color embellishment


Essence The use of color is not restricted, which greatly improves the visual impact, so that the room has its own comfort without losing fashion.

Meifill stripe 1+Meifier stripes 2

Closed cabinet door design, open lattice design on the left,

Embedded lamp bar

, Increase the sense of design.

Customized pure white cabinet body with wooden floor


, Natural atmosphere rushed to the face, creating a warm and quiet space.

Melfi stripes 2+ light gray silver pears


Tatami, wardrobes, desks, bookcases are connected;


Ceiling embedded lamp belt

; Design at the end of the bed

Open Cabinet

Essence This kind of children’s room design can exercise children’s independent living habits and meet their growth, learning, and entertainment needs.

Light gray silver pear+grinding white

The overall wardrobe design is adopted

One to the top

, Maximize the space and set it up


Side cabinet


As a temporary storage area, jackets or home uniforms that do not need to be cleaned frequently in the daily life, fully consider the convenience of the owner.

Mansi Jinshi

Use the bay window position to create


Storage and leisure integration


Selected rock panel color color and velvet soft bag

Essence Increase the space storage, and enhance the happiness of life. Through the comparison of materials, the space temperament is both warm and noble and elegant.

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