Former Neptune Xingchen executives cross-border blood glucose management, Aiu Ge received 30 million yuan Pre-A round financing


Eu Eu November 3rd news, Qian Neiwang Xingchen e-commerce executive Zhong Rihua announced that its entrepreneurial project health management platform “Aiu Brother” has completed 30 million yuan Pre-A round of financing. Yuan Sunshine led the investment, Guofu Shun and investors Liang Yaozhen and Mu Gui followed up.

It is understood that the Aiu Ge platform is integrated with one -stop services for hypertension, health management, guiding medication, and even daily daily daily daily daily daily daily daily daily daily daily daily daily daily daily daily daily daily food. From the public information,

At present, Aiu Brother’s business is more focused on serving high blood sugar people


Compared to the field of blood pressure, blood sugar seems to be more favored by entrepreneurs

: There are more than 100 million diabetic patients in my country, and there are still more than 100 million people with high risk of diabetes. Common diabetes are divided into four types: type I diabetes, type II diabetes, gestational diabetes and particular diabetes. More than 80 % of them are type II diabetes. Their dependence on insulin is weaker than type I diabetes. Drug control.

Brother Aiu’s target user is

Diabetes high -risk people


Patients in patients with type II diabetes

Zhong Rihua said that 30%of people with high risk of diabetes can be restored to normal blood glucose people, 30%will maintain high blood sugar, and some may be converted into type II diabetes. And dietary assistance and other services,


It can help these high -risk groups restore normal blood glucose levels.

Diabetes itself is not terrible, but complications such as diabetes and sugar network diseases will bring great physiology and economic burdens to patients. For the patients who have been diagnosed with type II diabetes, Aiu Brother hopes to use the in -depth links of the community, APP, pharmacy, etc.

Control the patient’s condition within the controllable range to prevent the occurrence of complications.

It is reported that Aiu Brother opened in Shenzhen

5 offline experience stores

For offline interactive exchanges and classroom training for patients with diabetes. In 2017, it plans to open experience stores in important cities in the country.


Previously, companies such as microfinance and sugar also announced the construction plan of their offline institutions.

It can be seen that with the further upgrade of competition in the blood sugar field,

The combination of online and offline has become the general trend.

In addition, a major disadvantage of health management is low user loyalty. To this end, Aiu Brother adheres to the self -employment of the GPRS version of the blood glucose meter, blood pressure meter, and food therapy food, to make the product that maximizes the user value into explosive products, and improve user stickiness by establishing a brand.

It is understood that Zhong Rihua led Neptune’s e -commerce team to complete the sales of 240 million yuan in 2014 and entered the top ten of the annual pharmaceutical e -commerce sales. Essence

As of November 2016, Aiu Brother has four apps: mobile pharmacies, smart pharmacies, Aiu Brother, and smart medicine; Company and Shenzhen Guanbao Technology Co., Ltd..

In 2016, the company’s service providers were the least to be missed. Euyi ’s new B2B products made a stunning appearance and helped the industrial upgrade. On November 18, 2016, Beijing Shuangjing R & F Wanli Hotel, the era of B2B service opened!

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