Japanese -style east bag tutorial: make large -capacity shopping shopping home environmental protection bags


Today’s tutorial teaches you to make a common Japanese bag -East Bag. The author has upgraded the east bag to make it easier to carry and share her production tutorial with you.

This bag is very interesting, the production is simple, the capacity is large, and the shopping can be used to replace plastic bags. It is also good -looking and environmentally friendly. It is worth learning and trying.

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The picture above is already an upgraded version of the East Bag. The original Japanese called the East Bag is to use the whole cloth without cutting, directly the seam of the car, and use it as a bag. Such as packing boxes, snack boxes, or other things that need to be packaged. Because there is no cutting, if one day does not need to be covered, disassembles, it can be restored to a complete cloth, and it is used at any time, so it is also called the most environmentally friendly bag.

The east bag is probably the picture above.


A few days ago, I cut off the denim skirt that was not worn and cut off the car. I was promoted to the east bag. Unexpectedly, the single -layer denim cloth casual bag was especially suitable for summer. I promised to play with the children’s shoes I like, so I took the production process when I later took the car.

1. Prepare materials first

Because it is not the pursuit of a bag that is stiffening, the individual of the fabrics can be ignored.

Bag body cloth (flower cloth) 115cm*41cm, including 2cm sewing of the upper, lower, left and right;

Litto (Su Bu) 40*22cm contains 1cm sewing up, down, left and right

Second, make a bag body cloth


1. Two short -sides of the bag of the bag fold the sewing of the sewing and fix the sewing of the car

The remaining long side is divided into three (37cm+37cm+37cm)

The picture below is a schematic diagram of your own. If you want to change the small size, remember that the long side must be able to three -class points. The height is always the same as the length of 1/3, which is composed of three squares.

2. First fold AE along the BF to CG, and the sewing car sewing F by 2cm to G (E)

3. Pull the point A outward, DH align with CG towards BF, and sew the sewing car along the sewing line from B (D) to C


4. Pull up point A and h

5. Fix the edge of the hair from the upper right to the bottom left and lower the two folds. The hair edge on the other side is also processed


The traditional east bag is completed at this step.

However, if you want to upgrade today, make a backpack that can be done, then you need to move less to the scissors.

Third, organize the trimmed bag body cloth

1. Two cloth straps or leather ropes in the car, the mouth of the bag can be slightly beam, otherwise the mouth is too big or not.


2. After the bag grabs the bottom 12cm car, it is trimmed after the 12cm car is well trimmed.


Fourth, make installation and handle

1. The production of the handle is relatively simple. After the long side of the car, turn to the front and be flat.


2. Part of the hand -lift and bag body A and H, connect the seam of the middle watch

3. Sort out a folds to fix the car.

5. Completed

From cutting to finishing, half an hour is enough, it’s really easy to do! And it looks good to the back, and it is easy to use!

I have a lot of breath, there are denim, double -layer cotton cloth, cotton and linen, each with each taste. If there are unwilling skirts and clothes in the family, there is no place to send it, and you are not willing to throw it away. Then you are not willing to throw it away. Choose a piece and make an environmentally friendly east bag!

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