Negative ion toothbrush, black technology, really amazing


Toothbrush is our most commonly used cleaning oral tool because it is fast, convenient, and effective. The previous article, how long to brush the teeth will not get a dental caries, and get a few conclusions. First, dental caries are dental tissue diseases caused by bacteria, and bacteria parasites in plaque. 2. Clear bacteria without dental caries, and mouthwash is useless. Third, in theory, brushing your teeth once a day, thoroughly cleaning the plaque without dental caries.


As a dentist, I have used a lot of toothbrushes. It is not very different to experience. The principle is that the brushing head is small, and the middle hair can be cleaned up. I don’t like toothpaste, because after using toothpaste, there is no taste in my mouth, which will affect my breakfast, and I always think that I am a dentist. I can clean it without toothpaste. In fact, for the dentist, toothpaste is to put in his mouth, adding fun to the brushing people.

Because of the recommendation of Wei Ya some time ago, I started this toothbrush. It has been idle for more than two months, and I started using it yesterday. As a result, the first experience was completely shocked! Shock! Incredible! It turned out to be so clean. I experience whether the brushing is clean is very simple, lick the teeth with my tongue, whether it is smooth, has plaque, and has a lot of friction. However, this toothbrush, compared to a special effect toothpaste I used before, brushed the teeth, and it was very clean, and after brushing the teeth in the morning, basically at night, more plaque will not be deposited on the tooth surface.


The principle of negative ion cleaning is to prevent the plaque from gathering the tooth surface, so it can prevent the occurrence of dental caries.

Negative ion toothbrushes not only solve the problem of dental plaque, but also tooth stones caused by plaque, gum bleeding and bad breath. At the same time, compared with ordinary toothbrushes, do a tea egg experiment. The negative ion toothbrush can obviously brush off the surface dyeing. As well as


And there are many types of negative ion toothbrushes, such as fluoride toothbrushes, suitable for children to prevent dental caries. If you know the correct method of brushing your teeth, the negative ion toothbrush is very suitable for everyone. If the brushing is not clean, you should choose an electric toothbrush! But remember that brushing your teeth for more than three minutes to clean. Dear, share what toothbrushes you use, welcome to leave a message.