In the infant car industry, these 10 cars can be regarded as supreme


In addition to the high prices, the characteristics of European and American infant carts are also very good in style design and humanized operations, and at the same time, it also continues the large and stable design characteristics of Europe and the United States. So it is also very attractive in terms of safety and comfort.

Although many foreign brands are currently founded in domestic workers, style design and quality standards have not changed. In addition, many brands belong to the form of export -to -domestic sales. Therefore, the price is more advantageous in online shopping. Today, Jiguo Jun will introduce the mainstream European and American baby strollers on the market today. Parents remember to collect it.

Divided by age

0-8 months

Newborn lumbar spine support is insufficient. If you sit for too long, you may not only have hump or spine bending, but also affect the development of internal organs. Therefore, the stroller must lie flat and keep the head, neck, and back on the same straight line. In addition, the back of the chair in the car must have a certain thickness and hardness, and it is too soft to support the baby’s lumbar spine.

8-14 months

Generally, the 8 -month -old baby can sit well after getting up with his knees, and the strength of the back is strong. At this time, a baby car that can sit up or lying oblique has more choices.

More than 14 months

When the baby learns to walk, the folding stroller is the first choice, because it can push the car with one hand and hold the baby in one hand.

British Silver Cross Balmoral

Price: 30,000 yuan


Silver Cross is a baby car brand founded by British engineer William Wilson in 1877. It has a history of more than a century. The world’s first stroller is from Silver Cross. In 1913, Silver Cross was awarded the royal certification and became the royal choice. George VI’s first stroller prepared by Princess Elizabeth was produced by Silver Cross.

(Queen Elizabeth pushes


Silver Cross stroller


(Diana was sitting in the Silver Cross stroller when she was young)

Silver Cross’s classic product Balmoral is a hand -made classic stroller. The perfect unity of beautiful curves and luxury style. Balmral has become synonymous with “luxury strollers” and represents the first grade of global baby cars. Handmade solid chassis, leather shock absorption belt, and can also brake manually.


Silver Cross Surf Aston Martin Limited Edition


Silver Cross combined with Aston Martin launched the Silver Cross Surf Limited Edition. The entire vehicle is made by hand -made and uses high -end leather interior, aluminum alloy wheels, and ultra -light metal alloy. It also has Aston Martin’s wing logo. This luxury baby vehicle is limited to 800 vehicles, and the price is as high as 30,000 yuan. Silver Cross Surf


The general version sells for about 7000 yuan


It is easier to accept than people.

British Maclaren XLR

Price: 4388 yuan

Maclaren is the first choice for many European and American stars, especially Maclaren’s light umbrella carts. It is very popular. It is also the favorite of many mothers in China.

Maclaren XLR has a height of the back of the four -gear chair, allowing the baby to lie down and sit, and cooperate with the baby pillow on the back of the chair to create a comfortable travel environment for the baby. Its front wheels are directed, and the function of two brakes can be well guaranteed to ensure the safety of the child.

The extended handle can allow you to find the most comfortable pose. The top layer of the sunshade is equipped with an observation window to pay attention to the baby’s state at any time, and it comes with a rainy snow cover. You are not afraid of traveling in any weather.


British Britax Affinity

Price: 7180 yuan


Britax is a well -known British country that knows the baby brand. It focuses on the manufacturing of baby carts and car safety seats. At the same time, safety seats and many carts are also compatible. The chair is also a British royal certification royal product. Princess Kate’s little prince and the little princess use his safety seat.

Britax Affinity separates the infrastructure frame and the cushion shade design. He also uses a shock absorbing tire with a suspension system. The standard cart can be placed in both sides. Comfort. And design different seats for different ages, you can press Britax’s own car seat or sleeping basket on the infrastructure frame. This is definitely a good choice.

British MotherCare Orb

Price: 7999 yuan

MotherCare comes from the origin of baby cars in the United Kingdom, professional baby products and clothing chain brand. In 1996, he won the highest award in the UK “Queen’s Awards” and became the first brand in the infant market. Product categories cover a variety of categories such as maternal and infant clothing, hand carts, car safety seats, and children’s furniture.

MotherCare Orb has a unique one -handed rotation function, which allows the baby to quickly change the direction of the direction, and there is no need to remove the seat again. And it uses one -handed removable bumper to replace the ordinary five -hole seat belt, which is more restrained to the baby, and it is more convenient to hold the baby in and hold it out.

MotherCare Orb can also be folded with one hand. The removable design of the rear wheels can not only be more portable, save space, but also make the cleaning wheels more simple and convenient.

Norwegian Stokke Xplory


Price: 11,000 yuan

StoKKE XPLORY is a Northern European cars fashion brand. The core concept is to “think for children as much as possible!” Nordic design style has always been simple and focused on details. The details of each product will fully consider the interaction between children and parents. Many European and American stars are its loyal fans.

Xplory has two types of seats, and there are two types of seat settings. After the highest, it can be used as a baby dining chair. The high -level design of the seat and the highly adjusted function allow the parents to make more visual contact with the baby without bending down. At the same time, it also gives the baby a high vision to make the baby and the parents closer! It adopts a tone pedal, which can be controlled with the growth of the child, and equipped with a adjustable five -hole seat belt, which also guarantees safety when the child has a comfortable experience.


The front wheels adopt a 360 ° rotating design. With the adjustable stroller handles, it can control it to be more flexible. The design of the canopy and mosquito nets is also very suitable to go out of the street, and a shopping bag is also set up below. It is very convenient to take the baby out to visit the supermarket or stuff some clothes and toys.


Dutch Quinny Buzz Xtra

Price: 4999 yuan


Quinny is the top European baby cart in the Netherlands. The unique color and style design is Quinny’s biggest highlight. Now that good children in our country are produced by Quinny’s foundry, Quinny’s Buzz series is the most familiar to parents of parents.

Buzz XTRA is a 15 -year -old new model. It is also the world’s first infant cart with hydraulic technology. You only need to press the button to release it from the folding state. The automatic molding is completely effortless ~

Its seats can be installed in both directions and reverse. It also has three high adjustments and pedal brake design, and the shelter, seat cushions, and armrests can be removed and washed. According to children of different ages, Buzz XTRA also has different seats. There are car safety seats and sleeping baskets designed for newborn, and different seats designed for more than one year for babies.


ZOOPER (Rubao) twin strollers


Price: 6882 yuan

Comfortable and operational is the biggest feature of Zooper (Rubao) baby stroller, and also has a large and stable American style. For fat baby, if mummy thinks that the width of the seat of the cart is not enough, Rubao is a good Oh.

If there are two children at home, this super -functional twin car is definitely most suitable for going out. It can be equipped with a web cover of UV and mosquitoes in summer, which can effectively reduce the stimulation of strong light on the baby’s skin and eyes. In the rain, snow wind and sandy weather, it is also equipped with a protective cover made of non -toxic PVC, and has anti -suffocation treatment. In severe weather, it can easily take two little guys out.

It can be installed to keep warm, which can be used as a foot protective cover, or it can be used for sleeping bags separately. Going out in winter can effectively prevent the baby from frostbite. The only deficiency may be relatively heavy, but as a baby car that can take two little guys to go out, it is already excellent.

US Graco (Graco) Sibo

Price: 5280 yuan

Graco Grang is the top European children’s brand. It has more than 70 years of experience in children’s car safety seat manufacturing experience. It is also very good in infant carts.


Sibo is very convenient to operate, and you can complete the folding and starting action in two seconds with one hand. With a five -point seat belt and a locking system, the travers on the slope will not slide to ensure the safety of the baby. The handle is equipped with an electronic thermometer with a clock function, which can master the temperature in the baby car at any time.

It can also be used as an independent crib. The fast one -click removal will not wake up the sleeping babies, and the sleeping basket can also adjust the tilt angle. With tires with a shock absorber system, the baby can sleep more comfortably.


UPPABABY stroller was born in the United States. The Vista series of Uppababy is the most seen in China. Vista is the first stroller to adjust the height ceiling, and uses a very breathable material to ensure that a quiet environment can give a quiet environment at the same time to make the seat have fresh air. Its frame uses aerospace -grade aluminum, which is very solid, can withstand 22.5kg children, and also comes with a sleeping basket. Whether it is a baby’s birth or learning to walk, you can push it out with it.

Its suspended frame design allows parents not to kick the frame when walking, and it can be more flexible to push it. And it won the gold medal of Mother & Baby in 2012 and 2013.


Precautions for baby car use

1. Do not hang up bags and other items at the stroller. These items will pour the car backwards.


2. Every time you use a stroller, you must tie your baby’s seat belt.

3. Newborn can put rolled blankets on both sides of the seat as a buffer.


4. Never leave your baby alone in the stroller alone.

5. If it is a parallel twin baby vehicle, be sure to ensure that the entire pedal is connected together without separation. If separated, the baby’s feet are likely to be stuck between the pedals.


Price: 30,000 yuan

Price: 4999 yuan