This is the school -level commute, fashionable and high -level, and wins in winter in winter.


Dressing is the first business card for women in the workplace, and it is also the facade. It is highly dressed and allows you to make you like a fish in the workplace and show the tough temperament. This requires us to work hard, especially in the heavy winter.


This time, I will share with you a set of minimalist bloggers’ winter workplace wear. Talking about it is the textbook -level commute, fashionable and high -level, and win in winter!

1. Choose “Three Swordsmen” in a jacket

There are too many jackets suitable for winter. Ordinary people are easily confused, and they are tangled between practical warmth and popular eye -catching. In fact, it is very simple to pick jackets in the workplace in winter. It is right to choose a coat, wool suit, and down jacket.

1. coat

Whether it is daily commuting, middle -aged women need a long coat to show the simple and high -level temperament, especially the middle -length coat of the above length of the length below the knee, high -level and elegant.


Most of the long coats are relatively simple, and they are very important to see the materials and tailoring. They choose better within the scope of ability. It is not easy to be outdated, but also highlights the costume.


2. Wool suit

Tongtong wear is indispensable for suit items. The suit version is very stiff and neat, showing the guilt and capable of women in the workplace. However, in winter, the suit must choose a thicker wool suit, which is warm and practical and advanced.

Like gray, black, or camel suit, you can use a sweater to improve the warmth effect when you wear it, or you can wear it in the coat.

3, down jacket


When using down jackets to create workplace styles, it is more recommended to be shorter than long models. The short models are relatively simple and profitable, and have a certain warmth effect, such as creamy white, black or cinnamon, which is very friendly to middle -aged women.

The short down jacket can actually raise the waistline position in itself. If you want to further optimize the proportion of the figure, you may wish to use the waist to bring the waistline to move the waistline and easily concave shape.

Second, color is mainly black and white and gray

The difference between workplace style and daily wear is in the use of color. We can choose all kinds of colors that we like in daily occasions, or use soft colors to highlight the gentleness.

However, most of the colors of the workplace are mainly black and white and gray, or the earth color systems mainly khaki, camel or brown, and the three three swordsmen of black and white gray.

As the basic color, these colors have the advantages of classic atmosphere and versatile practical, which can better meet the pursuit of simple and advanced women in the workplace.

When the shape is based on black and white, gray or earth color system, the key point of increasing the high -level sense by using color matching is to reduce the number of colors.

It can also be seen from this blogger wearing that the color does not exceed the three types to make the dress look more refined and stylish, showing the fierce side of the woman in the workplace, such as all black color matching, black and gray color, or blue and black color.

Third, mix and match style and fashionable and unruly

Women’s pursuit of fashion is endless, and workplace wear is no exception. Compared with tough and strong ways of dressing, many workplace women prefer to use mixing skills to enhance fashion.

However, the mix and match here does not refer to adding leisure items to the shape, but to use appropriate aging items or feminine items to break the restraint of professional equipment.


The most common is the combination of blue jeans with coats and wool suits, casual fashion, and quietly disperse the silence of winter.


Of course, in addition to combined coats and wool suits, blue jeans are also matched with other winter jackets, such as lamb coats and down jackets.


But one thing to pay attention to is that the type of pants used in jeans should be suitable for leg shape, such as straight tube and cigarette pants.

Fourth, short boots to improve gas field

In winter, you can wear boots. Many people like to use boots to improve the gas field when they create street clothes. In fact, boots can also play a role in the workplace shape.

First of all, when using a boot combination coat, it is recommended to choose a pointed short boots with a little length above the ankle. With a little heel, it is easier to increase the gas field. The pointed design can extend the length of the leg shape.

Secondly, the color of the boots can be selected from black or camel, combined with suede or leather fabric, more practical and high -level.

There is also a detail here to pay attention. The color of the boots is consistent with the color or color of the coat or pants, which can further modify the shape and create long legs.

The workplace dressing is more particular about daily dressing. This winter, no middle -aged woman with a clue for the time being, you may wish to get inspiration from this group of dressing!

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