The leggings are really out of date! Wearing loose pants is more temperamental and fashionable.


Every autumn and winter seasons, due to the decrease in weather temperature, when everyone goes out, leggings are a more popular dress. It is a long itself. Many people are wearing short pants and wearing short or long skirts. It not only has a good thermal insulation effect, but also is also fashionable and versatile. However, with the development of the times, leggings are obviously outdated. Many people prefer loose pants. They seem to be both temperamental and fashionable, suitable for coat down jackets, and the whole person looks very foreign.


Bottom pants+boots


For many women, leggings are a very common wear in the wardrobe, and shoes+leggings are common, and it is basically not easy to make mistakes. Black and black sweater jacket, it has a very good effect, and the warmth function is very powerful. This shape has some retro elements. Especially wearing long boots below, it is easy to modify the calves curve, and it is easy to create a sense of advanced. It is especially suitable for the tall woman, and further loads her legs.

More common leggings CP wear, many people choose coats, visually very layered. This combination itself belongs to a classic, which has a good lean effect and reduces weight. Like a white coat, it is very fresh, with black leggings, fashionable and versatile. As for the spring and summer seasons, leggings are also very popular, and the long style is used, which looks very comfortable. The long design, covering the hips, has a good effect of covering the meat.

First, the wear of loose pants, more fashionable temperament

When changing the season, loose pants are a good dress for many people. For many girls, it is a kind of popular wear, which is very popular.

Gray wide -foot pants, make thick materials, wear warm and fashionable. This kind of pants are striped with a striped pattern, which is very comfortable and comfortable to wear with chemical fiber materials. Especially suitable for girls with pear -shaped figures, nine -point pants design, exposing a slim leg curve. Stepping on casual shoes under his feet, the whole person looks lazy and comfortable, and easily creates a sense of fashion.

For many young girls, denim loose pants are a fashionable and age -reducing item. Some will use water washing blue, which has a sense of freshness and is very sought after. Most of them are designed with H -type, with a long version length, and instantly lengthen the leg lines of the legs. Stepping on sports shoes under your feet, full of vitality and good effect.

Second, coat+loose pants 第二

In the autumn and winter seasons, when everyone goes out, they all like to wear coats. This and loose pants are considered to be a classic CP, which has a good warmth effect and can resist the cold wind. It is extremely versatile and is not easy to “hit a shirt.” Next, I will briefly introduce a few fashion dresses, and the whole person looks very beautiful.


Why do many people like this combination mainly because they are extremely comfortable and have strong tolerance. The khaki coat wraps the black wide -footed pants to expose a piece of pants, which is easy to modify the leg shape. The overall loose version is used, and the harmony of the upper and lower is extremely high, and there will be no obtrusal feeling. If you consider wearing it, you may wish to wear high heels under your feet, and your body will look taller.

Sometimes it can be matched with the same color shape. The fashion effect is really good, and the overall shape looks very harmonious. The khaki long coat, the length of the version is very long and the practical effect is good. Wearing a black bottoming shirt, gray vest, rich visual color. The waist is tied with a red belt, which is more visually bright and the age reduction effect is good.


For women in the workplace, suit pants+coats are worthy of everyone. Wearing a black coat outside, the aura is very powerful, wearing a white lining inside, and a three -dimensional design of the neckline, highlighting a sense of capable. The two different colors of black and white look classic and generous. Visually have a good lean effect, full of high -level sense.

Third, down jacket+loose pants ‍


In autumn and winter, down jackets are also the first choice when people travel, and have a good warmth effect. In the fashion circle, a new method of dressing is popular, which is very popular with the combination of wide -footed pants.

Sometimes you choose down jackets and break all kinds of routines and find a way suitable for you. In the autumn and winter season, the blue down jacket gives a sense of freshness, which sets off the whole person is very pink. It is paired with a white suit suit, H version design, which is really slim and looks tall.

Nowadays, loose pants are in the fashion circle and are more popular. I see many girls wear in daily life. Visually have a good lean effect, the width of the pants is very long, suitable for wearing bottom pants, etc., which is more popular.


In autumn and winter, this CP combination, if you are worried that your body is too bloated, you can pull the trousers slightly. Simply put, it is a little less procrastinating, and the overall looks very capable. The upper body is wearing a black bread down jacket. The outline is very neat and the eye -catching degree is quite high. Pull the middle zipper open to some extent increase the waistline.


That’s it for today’s sharing. I am Su Qimo. I have been committed to giving everyone a way to become beautiful. Thank you for so long!

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