Fat mm is thin and fashionable, you can choose if you choose a leisure large size jacket


In response to the changing season, how to wear fat MMs, leisure large -size jackets not only have their own to cover meat, but also natural fashion.


The hat -style denim jacket uses a slightly loose version design to give body more tolerance. With the right length, you can stretch your legs very well. Highlighting the hooded design of youth, fashionable age reduction.


What kind of spark will be when a cowboy and sweater collide together? Look at this jacket, fake two designs, combine the gray sweater with the classic high -waisted denim jacket, mixing the style of two items, which is not only youthful and energetic, but also with handsome and casual streets. Leisure wind, the visual sense of stacking, fashionableness.




A handsome baseball uniform, designed a capable stand -up collar shape to shape the beautiful curve of the neck and neck, refreshing. The beautiful and generous metal zipper is closed, the pull is smooth and not stuck, and it is more convenient and more practical. And the neckline, cuffs, and hem have been screwed by the edge of the edge. It is very elastic and has a neat and stylish wear.



The calm and stable color tone exudes a strong mature atmosphere, the design of the stitching elements, and easily reveals the leisure style of women, and the leisure charm behind the upper body is full. The ingenious version of the design, easy to wear and take off, also shows a sense of sharp and easy. The hooded design exudes a lively and playful breath, and adds a few trendy styles.



White lines, streamlined art are ingenious, forming a classic black and white color matching with the body, bringing a handsome personality and style, and more fashionable. The zipper placket straight model, the drooping decorative body shape, with the sense of atmospheric movement. Baseball -style stand -up collar, long neck lines are very temperament. The white pullover T -shirt is used as an inside. It is fresh and elegant and beautiful. With the nine -point jeans, the proportion of the line is more coordinated.


September Mo Mo’s long embroidered grid jacket, elegant grid, versatile and versatile literary temperament. Simple stand -up collar, capable and sharp temperament. Simple long sleeves, screw cuffs cut, set off slender wrists. The medium -length loose version, covering the meat and thinner temperament.




The elegant and dignified stand -up collar on the neck visually extended the neck lines, bringing smooth neck beauty and showing fashionable charm. The loose drawing lace on the waist can be freely adjusted, fit the body’s design, and the upper body is more comfortable. The exquisite embroidery pattern not only presents the elegance of women, but also shows fashion and sexy.




The basic version of the baseball jacket is used, and the liter stands effectively to effectively fit the neck lines, showing a capable and free sense of aura. With a contrast -colored striped stitching sleeve, and fusion of glittering powder as decoration, it is shining, and it can easily improve the vitality and eye -catching index. The texture fabric is selected, skin -friendly and breathable, and very stiff and stylish.