How versatile is black boots? Learn from these 11 sets of matching demonstrations, fashionable and foreign, easy to show high




Seeing that in December, half of the past, getting closer and closer to 2022.

Recently received a message from many friends: “


What is the most useful shoes in winter?


Intersection “I answered without hesitation”

Short boots

“! Not only keep warm, when I don’t know what shoes are wearing, it is right to wear it.


So today, let’s talk

Choice and match of short boots

Let’s take a look together ~

Look 1: short boots+tight pants

This double

Square boots

I am the most commonly worn, the soft two -layer cowhide is strong, and there is no too much decoration on the boots. A simple one

Vertical line

, To be simple, visually thin.

First of all, everyone is recommended to wear

Tight pants+short boots

How to wear, choose


Not only do you not make mistakes, but also the effect of showing thin legs and lengthening leg lines.

Worried that wearing down jackets will look fat, look at this down jacket. The rhombus wiring not only guarantees the charging volume, and the upper body will not be bloated. It is one of the down jackets that are assured.

When you put on the khaki down jacket, the black inside makes you thinner “


A lightning

“If you feel too monotonous, wear two necklaces ~


This belt

White down jacket

I even wore it “

Down skirt

“The effect, the hem of the clothes is naturally yearning, and then waist, a proper A -shaped type, the upper body is thin

Pear -shaped girl

Must wear.

The CP of the white down jacket must be

Black inside

Ah, the combination of black and white match is not out of date.


The trousers are stuffed into the boots

You must not forget this detail!

Everyone’s wardrobe of the British -style coat should have such a piece, but the long style is not suitable for everyone. Look at this short model?

With tight pants+short boots, and then the belt is tied, the effect of the wear is:

The small man is tall, the tall man shows long legs



Lamb hairy jacket

How to wear it? My suggestion is tight pants+short boots, only wearing “

Upper Panasonic

“The effect will be available






The possibility.

Look 2: short boots+straight pants

Black tights are too monotonous? Does tight pants cover meat? It’s okay, we can also wear it



Well, the loose straight version is more tolerant of the legs, and it can’t be seen when wearing two more autumn pants!


The first is the fire “


“It’s not just thin but also straight legs, but also the gospel of pear -shaped figure.

Black boots


Very handsome.

Roll up the pants for “


9 -point length


“It is a very practical way to stretch the legs of the legs. The sweater stuffed the leggings into the waist of the trousers. It is also the details of the legs. Take a suit jacket, and it is suitable for commuting shopping.

After wearing tofu pants, try this denim fabric

After wearing short boots, remember to roll up the pants feet, showing the best boots!

In addition to the loose version of the sweater, it can also wear a lazy and casual feeling. I tried separately






Two “jacket horn”, which one do you prefer?


Want to stand out in the dull winter



It is one of the most direct ways.

Knitting vest+shirt


The combination can be achieved.

If you like a handsome look, you can use half the corner of the jacket and half -clothes corner; there is

Those who appeal are stuffed all the shirts into the waist of the trousers, and the knitted vests are only on the front, which will be a lot of benefits.

Recently, a lamb hair coat worn on both sides, one side is soft and glutinous leather, one side is lamb hair, and the unrestrained rock wind and soft and sweet style can be owned at the same time. Is it very suitable with short boots?

Look 3: short boots+skirts

In addition to pants, short boots are also suitable for skirts. The charm of women from the inside out is too much.

The most woman wearing a black coat is of course wearing a skirt. The black bottoming shirt+black skirt+black short boots. The all -black look is even more chic.


Knit Dress

It is more practical in winter. The knitted fabric is very warm and comfortable to wear on the body, and the elasticity of knitted knitting is also very friendly to the slightly fat body.


The length of the knitted skirt can just show slender calves, and the visual effect of wearing short boots is obvious.

In addition to knitted dresses,

Velvet skirt

It is also a very good choice. The velvet fabric is soft and smooth, and the waist is thin and more elegant. With short boots, I like it most ~

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