How to wear Fat MM to work? Big size suit is fashionable and worry -free


The popularity of urban dramas such as “Ode to Joy”, urban women are constantly rising. More and more women like Andy have become the company and the master of their own. But the only unsatisfactory in real life is that not all small white -collar workers can have a good figure in the play.

I imagined that Andy was wearing a fierce popularity, wearing a beautiful suit, and became a successful woman. Many working parties are worried about how to wear it at work. It does not matter that it does not matter. The suit is the best partner. There is no heavy setting every day, and it is very tide to match the harmony.

The fat sister does not have to worry. The version of the wide -leg pants is easy and thin, hiding the embarrassment of the small elephant legs. With these 8 sets, it is so simple to become the goddess of the office.


▲ Chiffon wide -leg pants skirt set

The thin chiffon fabrics are made for summer. The five -point sleeves of the mesh yarn are graceful and generous, and the arms are faintly exposed. The black tone itself is thin, and a layer of mesh is embellished with women’s flavor. Nine -point wide -leg pants are easy to hide imperfect leg shape, and it is very brilliant with small heels.

▲ suit vest wide -leg set

Tough suit fabrics are particularly capable. The vest of the vest, a T -shirt inside is very good. The mid -length design hides the hip curve, and the perfect hiding the embarrassment of the elephant legs is perfect. A long hair is scattered, and the goddess of the office is changed.

▲ Chiffon suspender dress set

In addition to a suit, a decent dress is also suitable for work occasions. Fresh floral floral is undoubtedly a clear stream in summer. The wide -side suspender with white T -shirt is very age -reducing. The length of the calf not only easily cope with the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, but also the shading effect is also proper.

▲ Slim thin half -body skirt set


The decoration of the lotus leaf shows the graceful temperament of the girl. The white top and the blue skirt are very refreshing, and the retro -style printing makes people look bright. The loose waist lines hide the small fat, stuffed the beautiful legs in the skirt instantly, and a pair of small white shoes are very age -reducing.


▲ denim vest dress set

The black dress has no excess design, but the loose and comfortable version can perfectly accommodate the figure. The thin and breathable mesh shows her fair beautiful legs. The word buckle small heel instant goddess.


▲ OL wind shows thin hidden meat set

OL Wind is a must -have for the working party. White shirt+hip skirt is the best match, refreshing and stylish is suitable for rigorous working occasions. The exquisite small lapels are capable, just the right hip length, refuse to take light, with a pair of high heels, there are more than a pair of high -heeled shoes.

▲ Two pieces of thin printing

The elegant puff skirt has a romantic floral, breaking the dullness of the working environment. The fresh bubble sleeves are under the decoration of the butterfly printing, pushing the women’s softness to the peak. The light gray puff skirt is very thin, hidden thick legs, and the little fat girl can be so immortal.


▲ suit vest shorts suit

The suit vest+wide -leg shorts, it is really a exposed meat that looks thin. The rigorous and handsome suit vest easily hides the flat hips. The A -line version of the wide -leg pants weaken the weak thigh, exposing the most slender lines. With a pure -colored T -shirt, it can also brush the back rate.

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