There are so many knowledge to choose a network cable socket? After reading it


From ancient times to the present, the Chinese have a special complex on the house. They believe that there is a support for a house. I have accustomed to living in one place and unwilling to relocate easily. Therefore, during the decoration, everyone wants to arrange the family to determine the decoration style, and to the embedded wiring of the network cable, they all want to be perfect.


I have shared with you how to choose the embedded network cable. Today I will share with you how to choose the right network cable socket?

First of all, let’s understand what the lower network socket is. The network cable socket refers to a seat that can be inserted in one or more network cable interfaces. It can be connected to the laptop, router, computer host, etc. through it through it. It needs to be used with network cables or telephone modules. The point is important to choose the network cable socket. The quality of low -quality network cable sockets is large, which can easily cause electrical fire accidents.


1. feel


When choosing a network cable socket, you should consider the feel. With the feel, you can initially determine the material of the product. Generally speaking, if the surface is not smooth and uneven, the performance is also unreliable. The non -stain is the basic requirement. A better panel integrated injection molding and closer buckle.

2. Appearance


The style and color of the network cable socket should be consistent with the overall style of the interior. If the overall color of the decoration style is light, you can choose light -colored network cable sockets such as white and champagne gold. It is not recommended to choose dark network cable sockets such as black and brown. In the reason, if you want to follow the bright line, you can choose a white network cable to ensure the aesthetics.

3. Weight

When buying a module, you can see the weight of a single module. The gold -plated copper chip inside the network cable socket will become larger. The weight of the seven types of Sandawa will use a 50U gold -plated socket to enhance the antioxidant performance to enhance the conduction performance. It is durable and durable , Ensure that high -speed transmission is stable.

4. Brand


It is recommended that you choose well -known brands when choosing a product, because whether it is a network cable or a network cable socket, it is the product we use every day. The quality of the product will also affect the problem of family safety problems, the normal use of electrical appliances, and even the convenience of life. The current well -known brands are more reliable in terms of after -sales, quality, and price.


The above is the place where you should pay attention to the choice of network cable sockets. At the same time, the location and number of network cable sockets play an important role in the convenience and aesthetics of indoor decoration. Before you buy it, you must confirm it according to the planning location of the outlets and furniture. What do you have for network cable sockets? Message sharing in the comment area ~