This year I have a kind of shoes, called “naked heel boots”, which is thin and increased in foreign style.


If you want to be a real fashionable essence, you ca n’t let go of the whole body, and you must take care of each place, and we have to find a single product that suits you so that you can maximize your charm.

If you want to become more aura this winter, arrange naked boots for yourself,

Not only is it versatile, but the key is to increase and thin, but it is very fashionable whether it is winter or spring, and it can be controlled by tall and small.

Q1: What is naked heel boots?


Whenever we hear naked heel boots, there are some strangeness. You may not be familiar with this name, but in fact it can be seen everywhere in our lives.

Naked heel boots refer to nude low -heeled boots. The heels of this kind of boots are not high, so even if you don’t wear high heels on weekdays

You can also control it,


The nude boots are more resistant and versatile, and they will be more elegant and intellectual.

Q2: The choice of naked heel boots

〖Pay attention to length〗

① Short -bar nude heel boots are versatile, suitable for small people

② Personality of nude and boots, suitable for tall men

When choosing naked heel boots,

Everyone attaches great importance to the length. The style of short boots and long boots still has obvious differentiation

, Most of the small people like it

The nude heels of the short tube are simple and low -key to wear, and most of the tall men are not restricted.

I hope to challenge more fashion items, so at this time, you can use the nude heels of the long tube.

〖Pay attention to the toe design〗

① Fang head retro

② Exquisite pointed

Secondly, we must pay more attention to the design of the toe when matching the boots.

The design of the head, the round head and the pointed head

The most one of the most

The popular is square and pointed short boots

It is not only full of fashion, but more importantly, it is conducive to modifying the figure.

The elements of the square head are more retro and more suitable for people with large feet, and the pointed design is exquisite and small, which is very suitable for beautiful eyebrows.

If you have a short leg,

You can also use this pointed nude heels to concave the shape, which can stretch the leg length.

〖Pay attention〗


There are many boots, but most people like to try leather when they match daily matching. Pacific or suede materials are good.


The material of the patent leather is more eye -catching, and it is more suitable for women with strong aura. The material of suede is low -key, which is simple and durable.

〖Note color〗

Most naked heel boots have only one color. If you want to wear fashionable and high -level, remember to try a few different colors,

Basic black, or fashionable brown is a must -have for tide people, and even some people choose white or colorful boots, which is also very aura.

Q3: How do the tide people match naked heel boots?

Naked heel boots seem to be difficult to match, but in fact he has become one of the essential items for daily street shooting. If you don’t know how to concave the shape, hurry up and learn from the tide. Whether it is pants or skirts, it is very foreign to wear, and it will definitely surprise your winter wear.

look1. Naked heels with jeans


The style of jeans with “naked heels” is simple and neat, and the feeling of highlighting is even more cool, and the jeans itself is a very durable and versatile clothing.

Basically, it can be seen in the four seasons, so it is more impatient to use jeans with naked heel boots, and it is not easy to make mistakes.

And there are many styles of jeans,


The beautiful eyebrows of the legs can try the “naked heels” with tight -fitting jeans, showing the long legs. The proportion is raised. The whole person looks very good, and the small man is also very beautiful.


The combination of boots is mature and exquisite, which can enhance your femininity, and the naked design can also expose the elegance.

With a gentle skirt, it can enlarge your femininity. Whether it’s dating or wearing it on weekdays, it is very good.

When wearing a coat in winter,

You can match the skirt directly in it, combined with the long -tube nude boots, which looks strong, and it also reflects the blogger’s figure advantage. It doesn’t feel boring to see. Slightly exposed the skin of the thigh, looking at light and fashionable, the small man can also control it.

The length of the skirt is different,

You can choose according to your body, and then interpret the gentleness through the combination of skirts and coats when you match. The short “naked and boots” of the lower body is also very simple and resistant to match.

The style of “naked heel boots” is simple, and it will not feel heavy to match

If you want to show a sense of light, then you can try to expose the skin when you match your boots, which is really light.


The combination of “naked heel boots” is too beautiful. Compared with Martin boots, it is more fashionable and durable. In daily matching, it can also present a variety of dressing styles, and whether it is a coat in winter or a suit in spring, matching with a suit, matching it, and matching it. “Naked heel boots” are beautiful, which can improve your aura, and it can also show a simple and neat charm.