How to wear boots in autumn and winter pants? The flat -bottomed boots and short boots are here to create a long -legged tutorial, learn to learn


The most common shoes in autumn and winter are flat boots and short boots, especially short boots. After wearing it, you are the most beautiful street shooting girl on this GAI. But often, when many people get such products, they do n’t know how to choose pants, because they are accidentally wore into Habitians. So considering this, many people dare not try easily.


In fact, it is really not so difficult. Whether it is a foot pants or straight pants, the successful cases of matching with short boots and parallel boots are full of the streets, and just shooting is long legs. They did not have a supermodel figure, but wearing supermodel aura.


First, flat boots, short boots to create long -legged wear tutorials

① Short boots+beam pants

Bid -foot pants and short boots are the best match. The short -pin design of the pants with the short tube design of the shoes can just be seamlessly connected and ensure the slenderness of the connection. In this way, the lower body hypertrophy can be avoided. But there is a premise that it is best to ensure that the pants and shoes are a color, and the pants are as slim and high waist as possible, otherwise it must be the scene of disaster.

For example, the white pants with black shoes are nothing, but the pants are made into such lantern pants tubes, and the lower body is particularly large. Not only that, the upper body’s clothes still have the high waist effect, and the two -seven -point figure also wear five or five points.

And ensuring that the color of the pants and the shoes is consistent to play a certain extension and create a visual long -legged effect. Although the pants are Haronfeng, the slimming effect is very good, and there is a certain sense of decoration. The upper body with a high -waisted lapel casual sweater, with a handsome and tall sense of fashion in minutes, one leg is even more enviable.

Sports pants+denim jackets are simply and thread caps, which are the iconic matching of street girls. Although the pants and shoes are not a color, she made a dew -waist design when she handled her waist, which also left more space for her figure. Then use a long jacket to bless, the whole style is really particularly foreign. Coupled with the treatment of the waistline, the leg length is absolutely one meter eight.


② Short boots+straight pants

Some girls say that the pants are okay, and I really have power. In fact, the matching method is similar, but the pants and feet of straight pants are made more directly, so there may be some difficulty. At this time, we need to pay more attention to high waist display, don’t let laziness become procrastinating.


The plaid casual pants are a very popular style this year. It has little problem with it with the short boots, but the bug appears on the upper body. The street queen must be you. But wearing this, it is inevitable that there is no enough FASHION.


In short, remember that when you encounter boots above short boots, the construction of high waist is necessary. The T -shirt with a white cartoon pattern is paired with a high -waist jacket and a straight jeans with the same color. If it is matched with ordinary shoes, it is really difficult to produce style, but after matching with short boots, it will be really tide. Essence

The stacking layers of jumpsuits and turtleneck sweaters are rich in layers. Because the pants itself is washing color of retro style, the shoes can be considered with brown models. In addition to echoing each other, you can obviously mark the high line position, and then simply stuff the pants and feet into the boots, handsome and casual.

③ flat shoes+beam pants

If you really don’t worry about your short legs and feel that it can’t control short boots, then simply choose flat shoes. With the combination of flat shoes, you can also match the sense of vision of long legs. At this time, two key points should be mastered, one is to expose the ankle properly, and the other is to work hard in the waistline position.

In reason, is this look not good -looking? Of course it looks good. But the scoring person, if the short girl wears a thunder, create a sense of vision of five or five points is only a matter of time. If you can replace the upper and lower items with high waist, at least it will look five centimeters higher.


Just like this, not only the choice of high -waisted items, but also the style of dew. The sports fan and simple small waist, sexy and personality. Then with the classic peaked cap, the white white is also full of layered. With a saddle bag, the sports fashion trend is you.

Although this look has no clear waistline, people have an ankle. The ankle is the most slimmer of the entire leg, and it can show its full modification effect by exposing it simply. With simple white shoes, the style of age reduction is immediately presented.


2. Summary of flat -legged boots and short boots to create long legs

Summary: Whether it is a foot pants or a straight pants, it is essential for slimming+high waist. If you choose flat shoes, you must meet one item between the ankle and the waistline to avoid wearing a small body.