What is the problem with the master’s thesis studying sexy underwear?


Wen/Yu Yang

Screenshot of the dissertation

Because of studying sexy underwear, a master’s dissertation came in a circle.

Recently, on the Internet platform, how to view “Master’s Paper Research Sex Underwear” has become a hot discussion among netizens, and researching sex underwear is labeled with “sex papers”.

In particular, the author analyzed the role of “geisha, rabbit girl, concubine” and “stewardess, nurse, maid, queen, Gothic princess” and other characters on men’s erotic psychology, and were ridiculed.

Scientific research has no ban area, after all, it is not the Breon era. Academic papers have been watched by the public, and now they have become more commonplace.

Just how can the interaction between academic evaluation and social evaluation avoid the occurrence of “car accidents”?

Don’t do business?

Master’s thesis studies sexy underwear. Instead of ridicule, it is better to correct specialization.

This paper is titled “Research on Emotional expression of character characters in the design of sexy underwear extension”. The author comes from

Dalian University of Technology Clothing College, professional fields are artistic design


The thesis tutor graduated from the clothing design major of Xi’an University of Engineering and graduated from the graduate school of clothing design in Beijing School of clothing. He was appraised as a professor in September 2012. He also has the title of senior clothing designer and senior engineer.

Research teachers and students in the field of clothing design are concentrated on sexy underwear, and the surgery industry has special attacks.

Why study sexy underwear? The author believes that from the perspective of scientific and theoretical,

Inquiry and literature on the theoretical exploration and literature discussions of sexy underwear are less, belonging to a relatively unpopular field

There is still a large vacancy in research in this field, and more people need to explore.

China News Weekly retrieved China Zhiwang and found that there are very few academic papers with the theme of “sexy underwear”. The Emotional Research Research on Women’s Belly Board Tattoos Integration into Contemporary Women’s Underwear “, the rest are mostly reported by the journals.

However, when searching for some online shopping platforms, the market is relatively rich. “Net clothes stockings”, “sex pajamas”, and “role -playing” each have their own categories, and hundreds of clothing brands are available to choose from. In other words, the current sex underwear has become an industry, and related academic research is still relatively blank.

Because it is an academic research, the dissertation does not necessarily be corrected by what the people who eat melon. It is more to judge and label the direction of the topic selected in the thesis title. Therefore, the topic of the topic as an academic papers is particularly prominent. So, what should be used for the selection of academic papers as the standard?


Fan Xiudi, director of the Tongji University Education Evaluation Research Center, told China News Weekly,

The problem of topic selection of academic research is more complicated. Fundamentally, it is necessary to comply with academic norms

As far as the master’s degree selection is concerned, first of all, in the professional research direction and training target specifications; secondly, the academic and applied “real problems” of the relevant practical fields; and also, the good topic must be cutting -edge A variety of elements such as pioneering, novelty, full workload, and controlling time.

Ma Liang, a professor of Renmin University of China, pointed out that the topic of academic research should be free. As long as the author believes that it is research significance, research can be carried out independently to answer these questions.

Ma Liang believes that we cannot be sensitive because of the research problems, and we think that research itself has sensitive problems. We can’t make moral criticism, additional words, or even personal attacks based on the author’s research topics.


The master’s dissertation was onlookers on the Internet and caused social judgments. The academic research in the ivory tower was out of circle.


Academic papers are watched and more common on the Internet

There are both doctoral dissertations of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and post -doctoral takeaway surveys of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as the research of sexy underwear in controversy.

Regarding the latter, there are doubts that the study of incoming goods will not be a positive academic research anyway.

Of course, there is also a voice of refutation: “The people who are obviously watched are not track.”

When more and more academic papers have aroused social concerns and discussions, the gap between academic evaluation and social evaluation has caused both sides to often have friction and collision.

So where should the boundaries of academic evaluation and social evaluation be?

Fan Xiuxun pointed out that academic papers are onlookers by the public, which reflects the public’s attention and supervision of education issues, and also reflects the improvement of the public knowledge level, academic literacy and hobbies of the public.

In essence, the value of academic papers lies in exploring theoretical knowledge and solving realistic problems. It is a positive promotion.

Of course, the professional fields and scientific and technological content of academic papers are different. Some public public are easy to understand, and some are difficult to understand. so,

Welcome the public to “onlookers” and evaluation with an open and inclusive mentality. As for academic evaluation, naturally there should be academic organizations to evaluate according to academic standards

Because of this recent master’s dissertation on the Internet, how to view “Master’s Paper Research In sexy underwear” has become a hot discussion.

Fan Xiuzheng believes that the research of academic papers research only literally interprets, as long as it meets the professional research direction and talent training goals, it should be accepted.

The reason why it becomes a hot discussion is that the research object “sexy underwear” is more sensitive, which also shows that the public’s understanding and attitude of many things also need to be developing and changing with the times.

Unique thesis

In college reform,

Gradually cancel the practice of linked thesis and degree

The traditional form of “paper” will show a more diversified trend. In the future, just use a sexual papers to judge the academic level of a master’s degree, and it will be unpredictable.

Chu Zhaohui, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Education and Science, pointed out that China’s graduate education has gone through the process of rapid growth. There are 3 million graduate students across the country. This number is nearly three times more than the number of undergraduate students who resume the college entrance examination.

Due to the increase in quantity, the ingredients of graduate students are more diverse, and some people have research capabilities, and more people are almost unlikely to go to research. In this case, graduate education is in terms of positioning, standards, teaching content and methods, and evaluation. To change.

Fan Xiuxun believes that thesis is the carrier of academic achievements. The academic level of graduate students should theoretically read the actual content of the paper.

At present, the school has published papers as a measure of the academic level of graduate students. The scientific nature of this practice will not be discussed for the time being,

However, the only indicator of publishing papers as a measurement of the academic level of graduate students must be narrow and one -sided.

Fan Xiuxun pointed out that the practice of gradually canceling the papers and the degree is not to reduce academic standards, but to put forward higher requirements for strengthening the quality of education and teaching and paying attention to the quality of talent training for running institutions.