Hanma’s first public welfare fund launched 400 hand -painted cultural shirts in late March completed


At 2 pm on March 7th, the launching ceremony of the 2018 Wuhan Marathon’s “Love Painting” charity activity was held in Wuhan No. 1 Deaf School. Guests participated in the event.

As the first public welfare project launched by the Wuhan Marathon Public Welfare Fund, the “love painting run” uses deaf children as the caring crowd, and the student hand -painted cultural shirt is the medium to integrate the connotation of public welfare into the Hanma competition.

At the launching ceremony, Bao Bo, deputy general manager of Wuhan Hanma Sports Management Co., Ltd., represented the Wuhan Marathon Organizing Committee to introduce the project situation of the “Love Emperor Run” public welfare activities in detail, and delivered 400 white copies to the school representatives Cultural shirts, painting pigments and other activities and materials, at that time, the 400 students hand -painted cultural shirts will be put into the public welfare runner as the most distinctive and meaningful souvenir this year.

Hand -painted cultural shirts are expected to be completed in late March. The organizing committee will publicly select outstanding works at the end of March and display on the official WeChat platform of Wuhan Marathon.

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