After changing 5 pillows and summarizing these materials, I finally know which one is the most comfortable.


As a sister who is sitting in front of the computer every day, it is common for her back pain and back pain leg cramps. When I go back every night, I need to press the shoulder and neck massage chair to press it.

However, relying on this method, it can only be cured and cannot cure the root causes. From the root cause, the body needs to be in a comfortable state in order to slowly restore correction.

Therefore, I have high requirements for my sleeping posture. In my opinion, a good sleeping posture is associated with the comfort of the pillow.

After changing five pillows, I summarized these pillow materials, of which this is the most comfortable.

Next, I will summarize it in the order of my selection.

Buckwheat pillow

The buckwheat pillow on the market is generally divided into sweet buckwheat and buckwheat pillow, and it is not filled with buckwheat we imagined, but buckwheat skin.

Generally speaking, the texture of buckwheat skin will be soft, and the texture of sweet buckwheat skin will be harder. Generally speaking, only those with cervical diseases need to go to the pillow of sweet buckwheat.


It should be noted that a lot of businesses selling buckwheat pillows on the market are very broken in the pillows. The flat inferior buckwheat skin is really hard, just like sleeping on a stone, very uncomfortable.

Don’t ask me why I know, I won’t tell you that what I buy is such a pit money!

Latex pillow


Nowadays, latex pillows can be said to be a kind of pillow that is very popular. I have the idea of ​​chasing the stream. After asking a few friends who have used latex pillows at home, I decisively started one.

My friend told me that as long as the latex pillow is natural latex, it is also possible not to be too expensive. At most, its life span will be affected to some extent.


The more expensive the latex pillow, the useful life will be higher, and the cheap one may be broken in three or five years.

However, after I bought it, how can I be uncomfortable, because I may be used to the pillow high pillow. For this latex of only 8cm and 10cm, it is really uncomfortable.



Generally, four pillows are placed on the large bed in high -end hotels, two of which are down pillows, and the other two will be pillows of other materials. Therefore, I mistakenly think that the down pillow is definitely good.

Who knows on the pillow after I bought it, I know,

At first, the water in my mind turned into tears flowing out of the eyes.

This kind of down pillow went up and my head was trapped directly. It was too soft. Looking at a thick pillow, once my head was pressed, it was almost parallel to the bed.

Mainly this thing is very expensive. I bought duck down, and it took me almost 300 oceans.

Later, I asked friends who opened the hotel to know that the down pillows in the hotel were used to the back, not for sleeping.

Memory cotton pillow


I believe everyone is no stranger to cotton pillow. The pillow with cotton is also the most pillow we used to use.

This kind of pillow is not easy to deform, and the pillow is also very flexible, that is, the life span is not long. Generally, you need to change it in a few months.

But now there is another product called memory cotton pillow on the market.


This kind of memory cotton pillow enhances its wrapping and rebounding elasticity on the basis of cotton pillow, so that its softness and elasticity are several levels better than the traditional cotton pillow.

The whole package is also very comfortable, and it will be comfortable to wrap the neck and head, which is very comfortable. And no matter how to press it, it will quickly return to the original appearance, with high durability.

In general, in terms of my personal experience, these pillows are the best comfort.

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