39 children’s clothing quality sampling inspections involved fiber content, color fastness, rope belt, etc.


Source: Beijing Youth Daily


(Reporter Wang Wei) Yesterday, the Beijing Market Supervision and Administration Bureau recently announced the results of the quality sampling inspection of children’s clothing sold on the market in the market. There are problems with the quality of 39 children’s clothing, involving product use instructions, fiber content, rope band belt, Wait for projects. At present, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau has filed a case for sellers of non -qualified products. The publicized unqualified product manufacturers and related distribution units shall take the initiative to take measures in accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

Beijing Youth Daily reporter noticed that among these unqualified children’s clothing, the “Mokabati Mokabadi” brand small flower sling suit produced by Youtao Clothing Co., Ltd. was detected in description of the product use, which can be decomposed to the carcinogenic aromatic amine dye, Eight unqualified coloring of alkaline sweat stains, damp friction color, water resistance, acid -resistant sweat -resistant coloring, soap resistance, fiber content, etc. Cultural and Creative Development Co., Ltd.’s “Disney Baby” brand forest adventure boys’ woven light core pants, which can be detected 4 unqualified metal content, dry friction coloring, wet friction color, fiber content ; A “Round Cat” brand girls produced by Anyang Round Cat Make Co., Ltd., two pieces of small white rabbit knitted skirts, which are detected in description of product use, fiber content, broken needle residue, rope bandes Wait unqualified.

The Beijing Market Supervision Bureau prompts that in this children’s clothing product quality random inspection, it is also found that some products have quality problems and can not be contacted with the nominal manufacturers through product names and contact information. Essence For detailed and unqualified children’s clothing list, consumers can log in to the official website of the Beijing Market Supervision Bureau for viewing.