House decoration, lamp 9 high color value, do not lose IKEA


Compared to dress up, dress up a home is the most fun thing! House renovation, ultimately, a higher value color lights, lighting-class share nine shops possession of the treasure, collecting full-time to help you, do not lose IKEA design that allows you to get home improvement Mimi da!

Indian lighting light


Simple and modern style, creative.


Ondoy home

Personalized small chandelier, imagine you meet all the light.



Nordic style atmosphere lighting, color macarons system, so that your home is very compelling.


European and American coffee Lighting

American pastoral style, beautifully eclectic design, a light for the whole family are warm atmosphere.

Furnishings of

Romantic beautiful flowers lights to freeze the softest posture warm, a roses lights installed in the room, feeling every day in valentine.


The shop, there are a lot of cartoons, playful lighting, if installed in the children’s room, very cute!

Grand View Garden


Simply furnished, comfortable qualities, more and more loved by the people, so the minimalist design of lighting, how to match all good.

EP (ecopower)

After the main modern luxury crystal chandelier light, smooth texture and delicate lighting, a lamp, so that the entire value of the Yen family a lot of high points.

Jiao seven


The new Chinese style, feel the rich oriental culture, if your home is Chinese style decoration, such lamps easy to do.


If you are preparing to decorate the home or being renovated, covered up, dress up your home!