Uniqlo’s new shirt, only these four items are worth buying, attached to wear recommendations


Author of this article: Big Face Meng Sauce

Although the title is a bit exaggerated, it is a fact for me.


As a senior slum girl, visiting the mall on the weekend will definitely go to Uniqlo, Sanlitun, Dayue City, World Trade Heaven, Xi Hongmen, Xinye Plaza, and the first Kaifu Mao … Uniqlo in these places, I I have been there in just one month, and I went to so many stores. There are only the following four shirts that are really worth buying in my heart.


For me, they are really good -looking and easy -to -match. The excellent and cheap spokesperson is worthy of my sacrifice to the weekend and using a large flowing account for Amway.


Not much to say, go directly to the sharing link.

1. Women’s fancy shirt (long sleeves) 408901

Women’s fancy shirt (long sleeves) 408901 Uniqlo149 yuan

I will buy this shirt. A large part of the reason is that the Uniqlo employees of the World Trade Unilaterality will match it too, as shown below

World Trade Tianjie Product Map

It turned out that I would never buy this color shirt, even if I saw it, but when I saw it on the model, I unconsciously went to find this shirt. After trying it on, I didn’t buy it unexpectedly. I didn’t buy it at the time, mainly because I was worried that it was very beautiful because of the light in the store.


Japan Uniqlo model map

When one day at noon, I went to Sanlitun Uniqlo at noon, and found that the model of the billboard was this one. When there was no number I was worn in the store, the state of mind quickly hesitated to buy it to buy it.

Because there is a non -hot shopping mall near the place where I live, the Uniqlo people in it are relatively small and the goods are relatively complete, so I went there after get off work at night. Return to the house.

This shirt tag is marked with Easy Care, which is very easy to take care. Even if you eat oil or soup, you can wash it easily with dishwasure. Step of ironing.

1. Recommended buying color: blue gray, white

The color I recommend the most is the color I bought.


The white model is more versatile and can be listed as the second recommendation color.


2. Sharing wearing:


*Recommended 1: shirt+thread group+small heel

It is recommended to go to work with small black skirts and high heels, it is not easy to make mistakes, and it looks very professional.

*Match single product: BATA Mary Zhen female sandals

BATA/Bianjia Spring Counter Spring Counter The same elegant and pointed small V-Port Cowea Mary Jane female sandals 821-2AH8 Black 37388 yuan

This pair of shoes was bought in early summer. Because the shoes are small V ports, they will show long legs and small feet.

*Match single product: Uniqlo women’s thread skirt

Women’s Robe skirt 412920 Uniqlo 129 yuan


The black wall cracks of this skirt are recommended, which can be shortlisted for one of the most worth buying skirts this year! Intersection Intersection

The feeling of dangling is better, the version is also very good, and the dress is very thin! Intersection Intersection


It is not easy to fold. Sitting at the workshop for one day, the skirt is still flat, from work, elegant to off work! Intersection Intersection


*Recommended 2: shirt+casual pants+small heels

I was wearing this pants once and was abandoned once. One of them discussed because of whether it was casual pants or sports pants.


Until I paired with a shirt, the leader never disliked it.

Because the pendant of the shirt is very good, the pants with better pendant feel will appear very slender, slender, and thin, but because the pants are wide and the ankle is to the ankle, it is recommended that you wear high heels to wear, and it is even more apparent. The body proportion is good.


*Match single product: Best Tu’s color matching high heels

This pair of shoes is a bit high for me, but fortunately it is very comfortable to wear, it is not easy to twist, and it is relatively thin, so it is recommended to buy.

Besttu 2018 Counter Cabinet Same as the same sheepskin color, fine heels, female pointed commute single shoes PC108CQ8429 yuan

This kind of pants seem to be very popular in 18 years, and basically the same women’s clothing stores can be found. As follows ↓


Pre -sale Lily2018 Winter New Women’s Korean Version of the Bald Color Pound Coarse stripes Handsome Sports Wide -leg Pants 5937279 yuan

When wearing a shirt, we must stuff the shirt into the pants. Generally, the shirt that is not very good is not very good, and if it is not particularly thin, it will look bloated in the human waist, so this is this, so this will be very bloated, so this will be very bloated, so this will be very bloated, so this will be very bloated, so this will be very bloated, so this will be very bloated, so this will be very bloated, so this will be very bloated, so this will be very bloated, so this will be very bloated, so this will be very bloated. Planting pants is best with a shirt with a good pendant.

Second, women’s light cores shirt (long sleeves) 410241

Women’s light core shirt (long sleeves) 410241 Uniqlo199 yuan

This shirt is made of core velvet fabrics and belongs to the cooperation products jointly launched by Uniqlo and Ines de La Fressange.

Its model is very slim, and tailoring is also very neat. The design is a more sophisticated one.

Compared to the general light core velvet fabric, it is lighter and lighter, and it feels softer and comfortable.

Of course, the most important point is that its color is very positive, very dazzling, belongs to the kind that can be attracted by it at a glance! Intersection Intersection

The day I bought it happened to be looking for a shirt. After entering the door, the model had this one. After asking the clerk, I learned that the next day was sold only the next day, but Tmall can make an appointment in advance and choose the store to mention it. I couldn’t hold back the ecstasy. I immediately put the order in Tmall and chose the store to mention it.

1. Recommended buying color: picture color


*Recommended 1: Shirt+light -colored denim shorts+air cushion shoes

If the area is like Beijing, it is still very hot now, you can take it out with shorts, and you have more vitality.


Girls with long legs, even if wearing high -top canvas shoes with shorts, it is very beautiful, but if a girl who feels thick or shorter like I am like I can be paired with a pair of popular daddy shoes or air cushion shoes this year, this There is no other advantage of planting shoes, that is, it can increase, and the real legs are long.

Because the shorts are light -colored and the shirt is bright, it is best to choose white shoes if conservatively matched.

*Match single product: Reebok classic inflatable shoes


My one is the white model in the link below. The increase effect is obvious, and the upper foot is very beautiful. The only thing I don’t like is to wear it very hard, and the shoes can be sweaty.

Reebok Ruobu Instapum OG CS CS Classic Shoes Awo AWO791299 yuan

The shorts were bought casually in the UR. The discount only costs 99. Can’t buy it. Can’t buy it.

If there is no same paragraph, just put a similar model ~

UR2018 Summer New Products Youth Women’s Fashion Personalized Personal Washing Damnan Jeans YV22RBKN2000139 yuan


*Recommended 2: Shirt+Cordylona A -line skirt+small high heel

The above match is more suitable for weekends or out to play. If you really go to work, you will not dare to wear it like that.


In the past two years, Uniqlo has a light -core skirt every year, and the shirt with a light core is also very good.

*Match item: Uniqlo Cordon Cordon front scrubbing skirt

Women’s high -waisted light core velvet front -ribs buckle skirt 412673 Uniqlo199 yuan

My light -core velvet skirt was bought at Uniqlo last year. This year, Uniqlo has a similar model, and there is a row of buttons in front. The Tibetan blue model is also very suitable for this shirt. If you buy this shirt, you can consider buying the Tibetan blue core velvet skirt.

Remember not to buy too light colors, it will be easy to look light when it is matched.

*Match single product: Saturday women’s singles shoes

Saturday (ST & SAT) Spring 2018 new sheepskin leather thick heel round -headed fashion single shoes SS81114192 White 35369 yuan

The shoes for the shoes until Saturday are also accompanied by me all summer, but the shoes that wear open -footed heels in autumn will be cold. It is recommended to buy normal thick -heeled autumn single shoes.


*Recommended 3: shirt+jeans+sneakers

If you feel that the weather is cold, it is not suitable for girls who wear shorts, and you can replace the first shorts in wearing as jeans.


If I have spared no effort like me, it is recommended to tie the shirt into the pants. When choosing jeans, try to choose some high waist models to improve the waistline. In fact, when you are wearing And thick (wrong, it should be a slender) ankle, say goodbye to 55.


*Match single product: Nike Air Max 97 sneakers

This pair of shoes was bought at the Tmall flagship store. It seems that it has been removed now. At first glance, this pair of shoes is average, but in fact, the effect of the feet is very good, and the air cushion will be slightly higher. Many friends around me have praised, and the girl you like can go to the offline store to find the same model.


Nike Nike official Nike Air Max 97 OG sneakers AR55311199 yuan


Match single product: Uniqlo women’s jeans


For jeans, you can try more in Uniqlo, and you can choose the right model. Mine was bought this spring. It seems that you can’t find this.


Women’s high -waisted boyfriend jeans (washed products) 409057 Uniqlo249 yuan


If you don’t like it, you can put out the shirt, because this shirt version is really good, so it will not be close to the buttocks, and there will be no embarrassing situation of showing buttocks.

Third, Uniqlo long velvet cotton shirt (long sleeves) 410207

Women’s high -quality long velvet cotton shirt (long sleeves) 410207 Uniqlo129 yuan

1. Recommended color: meat pink, milky white, gray


This shirt was purchased in the Sanlitun Uniqlo. When I took a walk at noon, I bought it by the way when I bought McDonald’s. It was the first pink shirt in life.


The pink of the shirt is relatively lighter. It should belong to the pink. It is not very eye -catching but wearing it.

Tmall product detail map


Flastic velvet fabrics are thick and thick, the upper body is relatively comfortable, and the solid color is very good with clothing, which is very suitable for wearing in early autumn.

*Recommended 1: shirt+hip skirt+high heels

For me with thick legs, I can wear pants on weekdays or not. So to let me recommend the most with the shirt, I must recommend skirts. This shirt with a skirt is also very suitable, and it is very versatile. No matter what style of skirts, it can hold it.

Although it is slightly heavy, because the material of the cotton is relatively soft, even if it is stuffed in the skirt, the waist is bloated.

*Match single product: Uniqlo knitted tight skirt

Women’s knitted tight skirt 408742 Uniqlo99 yuan

Generally, I will wear Uniqlo tight skirts with a knitted tight skirt. This tight skirt is similar to a hip skirt, but it is better than the hip skirt. There is elasticity, so there will be no tightness when wearing, it is not easy to fold, and it is easy to take care of it. Usually take it out of the cabinet and wear it, saving the steps of ironing clothes.

*Recommended 2: shirt+casual A -line skirt+casual single shoes

In addition to being comfortable to wear, this shirt has another advantage, which is versatile. Not only is it suitable for commuting to wear small black skirts, you don’t need to see customers only wear light -colored casual skirts when you are sitting in class.

*Match single product: WHO A U half skirt

Who. A. U half -body skirt Spring and summer female 2018 new solid color rope natural waist half -body long skirt 159 yuan


Open a cloth -like skirt, and I bought one in the summer in the summer. Because I did not find a suitable dress, I kept hanging in the cabinet. I found that the milk white and meat pink match was found until I bought this shirt. Surprisingly.


My colleagues who worked in this work said that I changed like a person, which was extremely gentle.

*Recommended 3: shirt+high waist shorts+sneakers


It is absolutely enough to say that it is versatile. It is also real to look at it with a pair of light -colored shorts on the weekend.

I happen to have a pair of running shoes of the same color, and I personally feel that it is quite pretty with this shirt.


*Match single product: Nike Epic React Flyknit running shoes

Nike Nike official EPIC React Flyknit Women’s running shoes soft back AQ00701299 yuan


I remember that this pair of running shoes should be listed this spring. Aunt Zhang had posted a new product before. After seeing it, I always wanted to have a pair. I used to go to Hantu once. After trying it on It.


It is very comfortable on your feet. After putting on it, I feel that I have greatly improved my running speed, but this pair of shoes has a very big disadvantage is that I am not resistant to dirt. … …


The shorts were bought at WHO A U last summer. After folding 99, as a pair of white shorts, it did not show big buttocks, and it was also amazing!

Take pictures like this, the legs are so thin, hhhhhhhhh, put one more selfishly ~


Fourth, Uniqlo flashed grid shirt (long sleeves) 412262

Women’s flange grid shirt (long sleeves) 412262 Uniqlo 149 yuan


Last year, I also bought a small shirt of Uniqlo, which will feel a little thinner than this year. This shirt is made of flavor velvet fabric with a slightly thick texture, which is very soft to the touch, and the upper body will have a comfortable dressing feeling.

1. Recommended buying color: lemon yellow


This one is more recommended for the lemon yellow I bought. This color is more suitable for young and vibrant girls to wear. It is very skinny and vibrant. It is said that it is more popular on Weibo.

*Recommended 1: shirt+skirt+high heels

Although it is a more vibrant color, you can also wear a small black skirt to work, sweep the dull atmosphere, and make the work a relaxed and pleasant thing.

The small black skirt is the threaded skirt initially recommended by the article, but it is another feeling with a plaid shirt.


*Recommended 2: baseball cap+shirt+shorts+sneakers

2. Sharing wearing:


But seriously, compared with the small black skirt commute, this shirt is more casual, and it looks better with a sporty girl.


Baseball cap+plaid shirt, the word vitality girl, probably this is how it came ~


I didn’t intend to write so long. I didn’t expect that I was embarrassed to blow nearly four thousand words, but in my heart, Uniqlo’s shirt was really the best choice for quality and low price.


From the arrival of the Internet migrant workers to move bricks, the identity has changed a lot, and the environment for clothing has also changed. In the past, we may be able to go to work in shorts and slippers.

But even if the identity and environment are changing, one thing has not changed -love of Uniqlo.

Of course, this has a lot to do with the pig essence girl who is still a slum.

The above is all the contents of this article. The original gold and silver piled up.