Linyi “Fire” from two vehicles a day “fire” needs to be driving safely on high temperature days


Recently, the temperature has risen, and the spontaneous combustion accidents of vehicles in various places have also occurred. On July 4, the Linyi City Fire Department received two spontaneous combustion accidents alarm a day. Fortunately, no one was casualties. Summer is a period of spontaneous combustion of the car. Drivers and friends should conduct a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle before using the car to eliminate hidden dangers.

Cargo fire scene

At about 10 pm on July 4th, a truck that was driving suddenly spontaneously spontaneously swallowed the entire truck in the National Highway 206 and Beiwai Ringfang of Taiping Town, Hedong District. But because the fire was too fierce, it was not able to work. Subsequently, the fire officers and soldiers of the Jiuqu Fire Squadron, who came to hearing the news, sprayed the fire with dense fire guns. However, the goods loaded on the truck have basically burned. According to the driver’s master, the car was loaded on the car. When the car drove there, he suddenly felt that the car was very difficult to drive. At a glance at the rearview mirror, he found that there was a fire at the rear of the car. Tire and car body are burning. The driver quickly disposed of, but because of the high fire, he could not extinguish it, so he called the police. According to preliminary investigations, the fire of trucks is likely to be a problem with vehicle braking. Long -term driving friction wheel axes lead to high temperature.

Three -wheel fire on fire, fire officers and soldiers emergency rescue

At 6:23 pm on July 4, the Command Center of the Municipal Public Security Fire Detachment received an alarm, and a agricultural tricycles of Tuanbu Village, Yitang Town, Lanhan District started to fire. After receiving the police, the command center immediately dispatched 12 officers and soldiers of the Yitang Fire Squadron to rush to the scene to deal with it. After arriving at the scene, I saw that the fire was in the stage of violent combustion. The fire officers and soldiers immediately came out of the water and extinguished the fire. Subsequently, the fire officers and soldiers used a crowbar to dismantle the vehicle engine cover. The water gun used the water gun to extinguish the engine fire. After more than 10 minutes of disposal, the fire was completely extinguished.

The fire department in our city reminds that there are generally signs of vehicles before spontaneous combustion. For example, there will be a smell of rubber burning, and there will be black smoke from the engine hood, instrument panel, air -conditioning grid, and abnormal noise of the engine. Essence In addition, the function of the vehicle’s electrical appliances and the abnormal instrument panel also need to be vigilant.

High temperature day

The traffic police remind you to travel safely

As the temperature rises day by day, Linyi will usher in the high temperature of continuous roasted. Linyi traffic police reminded the driver to drive carefully and driving safely.

1. Avoid sleeping. Summer temperature is high and physical consumption is high. He often sleeps insufficient at night. At noon, people are often prone to fatigue and dozing off. For the car family, sufficient sleep is very important to ensure full of energy. If you feel sleepy during driving, you should park in time. Take a proper rest for a while and continue to drive after the mind is awake to ensure driving safety.

2. Prevent explosion tires. “In the patrol of duty, we often find vehicles that burst tires.” Police directly under a brigade told reporters that driving in summer, car owners need to have awareness of tire pressure management. It is recommended that the owner take the initiative to do tire pressure examination once a week. Causes the tire drum bag. Some vehicles have lowered the tire pressure when they leave the factory when they leave the factory. The owner should avoid too low gas pressure value in the future in the future. If the driving process occurs, the driver applies to hold the steering wheel tightly, slowly stepping on the braking, so that the vehicle will slow down to stop and stop. Do not brake urgently, otherwise it is easy to cause tails and rollover.

3. Choose the cushion carefully. Many car owners will add a cool cushion to the seat in the summer. If the cold pad is fixed, there is nothing wrong with it. If the cushion is activity, when you encounter emergency braking, the inertia of the body forward is easy to make people slip off the seat. Especially some drivers who do not like to tie seat belts. These situations are more common in some petite female drivers. They habitually pad a cushion on the driver’s seat to increase the height, but it should be noted that the cushion must be fixed.

4. Wearing sunglasses. The traffic police also mentioned a detail that is easy to be ignored by the driver, that is, sunglasses. Many riders like to wear dark sunglasses to protect their eyes. Although dark sunglasses can block the dazzling sun, it also affects the sight. The dark color of sunglasses can delay the image of the image to the brain. This visual delay causes the speed to feel distorted, making the driver wearing sunglasses make a wrong judgment. Studies have shown that too deep sunglasses will extend the driver’s response to the situation by 100 milliseconds, and the result will increase the rapid braking distance of 2.2 meters.

5. Pay attention to water temperature. High water temperature is the most common phenomenon in summer. “The air -conditioning system should be turned off before the flameout and startup. If the pointer of the water temperature meter is close to the red line during driving, you should reduce the speed as soon as possible and stop to the cool place.” The police officer should Tell reporters that in order to avoid damage to the engine, do not turn off immediately after parking, but should let the engine run idling for a while. If the water temperature can’t fall, you should turn off and check the engine’s coolant. But be careful not to open the water tank lid immediately, otherwise it will be easily burned by steam.

6. Be wary of spontaneous combustion. Old vehicles with a service life of more than four or five years will have self -combustion dangers, and car owners should conduct regular inspections.

Yimeng Evening News reporter Fan Caixia


Spontaneous combustion accidents in various places

5 At 13:49 on May 15, 2018, the Ningbo Hangzhou Bay Cross -Sea Bridge Monitoring Center found a large black smoke at the rear of a large -scale van at the bridge towards Ningbo 1396 kilometers. In the steam era, the train was spit out of the rolling black smoke. Subsequently, the high -speed traffic police command center received more than a dozen alarm calls, all related to this large truck. The high -speed traffic police immediately sent the police. Driving a warning behind the smoke truck, followed the whistle to follow up, and finally escorted the car to the South Bank service area for repair.

5 At about 14:30 pm on June 14, 2018, at 100 meters east of the Beijing Road Liantong Intersection of Zhangdian, Zhangdian, Zibo, a car was spontaneously ignited. After the police on duty at the intersection found the fire, they immediately organized personnel to rush to the scene. Help to guide traffic and maintain order, and then the fire truck arrived to help extinguish the spontaneous vehicle. Neither of them were injured in the vehicle.


5 At about 1 noon on June 22, 2018, a white car on Guiliu Road, Liuzhou was parked on the motor lanes in the direction of the east to west. The front of the car was a strong white smoke. After 2 or 3 minutes, the hood burned up. Minghuo, soon the fire spread, the entire car burned violently. When the fire truck arrived at the scene, the vehicle had completely fell into the sea of ​​fire. After ten minutes of shooting, the fire was extinguished, and the car was burned only the frame, which was completely recognized.

How to prevent car self -combustion

1. Regular inspection and maintenance oil circuit circuit

Develop the habit of regular inspection of the engine oil circuit circuit. If it is found that the line is obviously damaged, it should be repaired at a professional maintenance store. If you find that the circuit is slightly damaged, you can use the insulation tape to seal it. If there are residual oil traces, it is recommended to clean up and remove hidden safety hazards. In terms of conditions, regular cleaning the engine warehouse, because the clean engine warehouse is comfortable, it is also convenient to accurately check whether there are signs of oil leakage.

2. Mo in the car that it is easy to burn and explodes items

In addition to the flammable and explosive items such as perfume and lighter, we must also pay attention to the old flowers, crystal jewelry and other items. They focus on light to ignite the items in the car.

3. Do not expose in the sun for a long time

Try to park the car in the indoor parking lot or shade. Avoid the vehicles from exposed to the sun for a long time.

4. Careful handling the car modification line

When the modified equipment needs to be modified, it is necessary to make the interface solidly and pay attention to closing the line into a bundle. The owner is recommended to find a professional institution or repair shop for installation.

5. Don’t drive for a long time

If the journey is far away, it is recommended to rest a few more times in the middle to soothe driving fatigue. This will also allow the vehicle to get a “chance of breathing” and reduce the cooling.


Reporter Zhao Zejun