Hurry up at the door, and the fortune is gone! Don’t be stupid anymore


Many people will put a floor cushion at the door so that we can isolate the sand outside to prevent wearing our tiles. But do you know? There are many feng shui at the door pad. If there are taboos on the floor pads at the door, we will affect our fortune, be careful of our wealth all of our wealth. Well, today I will tell you about the incident at the door.

1. Feng Shui at the door pad


1. The position of the gate pad -must be placed outside the door

Because the small ground felt on the soles of the soles will be hidden in the air, the small ground felt should be placed outside the door, so as not to bring the filth into the house.


2. The color of the door carpet -should be selected according to the five elements

If everyone knows the principle of feng shui, you should know that the ground felt can also be used as a feng shui tool for removing wealth. The secret is the color of the ground felt. There is a unique aura of each home gate. This aura is the aura of the five elements. Therefore, on the aura of the five elements, the carpet should be selected according to the position of the gate. If the position of the gate is east, the east is wood, and the wood represents green.

Therefore, the color of the carpet at the gate should be green. If the position of the gate is on the south, it belongs to the fire in the south, and the fire represents red. Therefore, the color of the carpet at the gate should be red. If the position of the gate is in the west, the west is gold, and gold represents golden yellow. Therefore, the color of the carpet at the gate of the gate should be golden yellow. If the position of the gate is in the north, it belongs to water in the north, and the water represents light blue. Therefore, the color of the carpet at the gate should be light blue.

2. Do the door carpet should not be filthy

As a “mouth” of the door, it is also the first door to enter and exit home. From the perspective of home feng shui science, the most taboo of the carpet outside the door is that it is not cleaned for many years, because the role of the carpet outside the gate is convenient. People remove the dust under their feet and bring themselves as little as possible back to the room. If the carpet is dirty and broken, not only can it be removed from the dust, but it will also bring the bad air field into the home.

Second, door design skills

1. Number of shoes

The design of the shoe cabinet at the door should be considered by functional priority, not to put the amount of storage on the first choice, so the number of shoes must be kept in the limit of the shoe cabinet. The shoe cabinet at the door is usually the owner of the shoe you usually wear. Before designing the shoe cabinet at the door, you should first understand the lines from the door to the room.

2. The average height of the shoes is generally about 15 cm

Therefore, the display scale of the shoe cabinet is best at about 20 cm, about one more space of a fist, which is very suitable for receiving and taking. The height design scale must also be taken into account the use space of hand, so as to get flexibly.


3. Make an empty design under the shoe cabinet

The shoes that can be taken back when you can put it back to the room can remove the smell, wait for the taste to disperse and put it in the shoe cabinet. Put it below, wait for the drying and then put it into the shoe cabinet, and the scale of the shoe cabinet is recommended to be 25 cm from the ground.

4. The location of the shoe cabinet

According to the guidelines for “front of Suzaku, Hou Xuanwu”, the placement of the shoe cabinet is based on the left and right of the user when they go out. The shoe cabinet is suitable for placing the side without being placed in the middle. Generally speaking, when users go out, changing shoes on the right is more convenient.

5. The size of the shoe cabinet

The shoe cabinet is more suitable for small styles, and the size and style of the shoe cabinet can be considered according to the composition of the number of people at home. Generally speaking, the shoe cabinets at the porch are mainly put on shoes that are worn everyday. The shoes that are usually worn in the day are relatively unclean, and the bacteria permeate are easy to affect health, so there is no need to put too much in the shoe cabinet at the door.

6. The height of the shoe cabinet


The shoe cabinet is not suitable for too high or too short. If the shoe cabinet is too short, there may not be many shoes, and people who are too short shoe cabinets will be inconvenient when changing their shoes. The height of the shoe cabinet should be one -third of the height of the porch, which is convenient for the shoes to return. If the shoe cabinet is more than one -third of the tall and accounts for a large space, it will affect the owner’s health.

7. Create the atmosphere

The design of the porch must also conform to the overall home style, so that people can see the overall decoration atmosphere at first glance. Bright, artistic, fashionable, and individual, these need to be created by some colors and materials.


I shared the ground pads at the door of the editor. I believe that everyone has a understanding of the ground pad at the door. When choosing the ground on the ground, we must choose according to the Feng Shui of our home home to prevent our fortunes worse and worse. Usually, the home decoration is the porch, and the location of the door is also the first impression of the family, because the visual effect is important.