Detailed explanation of bath towels, the latest quotation of bath towels


With the improvement of modern living standards, bath towels are almost a necessity for our modern life. After taking a shower every day, we must dry the water on the body. Let’s introduce the detailed explanation of the common sense of bath towels. The latest quotation of bath towels.

浴巾小常识详解 浴巾最新报价

Detailed explanation of bath towel small common sense

浴巾小常识详解 浴巾最新报价

You will definitely not think of large and small bath towels. If you use a microscope to observe the small droplets splashed when rushing to the toilet, you will find that they can splash to a few meters high, so any bacteria in the bathroom may run to On your bath towel, and our toothbrush may also escape.

浴巾小常识详解 浴巾最新报价

If you put the bath towel closer to the toilet, it is best to transfer them to a safe place, at least 3 meters away from the toilet, and you can put the bath towel every day on the sunny balcony or window “bath” sunlight. Essence Especially in the days after people who have a cold or coughing, in addition to the diligently exposed to the bath towels, they should also be soaked and washed all the bath towels with disinfectant.

Skin sensitivity, dull skin, and the deterioration of the skin condition, etc., are caused by small inflammation under the skin. At this time, you must pay special attention to the hygiene of the bath towels. The towels do not have to be too “luxurious”, but they often change new. The new must be more secure and sanitary than the old. The two -piece combination of the two -piece towels of the Xianmang Home Textile brand is very good, and it is very suitable for giving gifts.

Latest quotation of bath towels

Sanli Cotton Cotton Cut Poon Striped Series 2 Towel 1 Towel Gift Box is soft and comfortable color, gorgeous water absorption strong combination, three -piece scarf red and orange 139 yuan

DAPU (DAPU) Combing Egyptian Changdong cotton bath towels, thick model white 70*140cm 79 yuan

浴巾小常识详解 浴巾最新报价

Golden Towel Home Textiles Diamond Poor Bath Towel C054 Pink 1 Pink 29 yuan

For detailed explanations about the common sense of bath towels, the latest quotation of the bath towel is introduced here. Is there anything unclear? Hope to help everyone.