The circuit pipeline reserved settings summarized by the front -line construction team are too late to see the collection, and it can be used in the future!


The design of rural circuit can be said to be a problem with a headache. Many people do n’t know how to design it to do it reasonably. If you walk on the ground or walk the wall, how much it should be reserved is reasonable. Error occurs, so it must not be constructed at will, so how to reserve rural circuit pipelines is the most reasonable. Today’s article, you must look good!

1. bedroom

There are seven circuits in the bedroom, namely: power cords, lighting cables, air -conditioning cables, closed -circuit TV cables, telephone cables, computer cables, audio and video cables.


As a place to rest, the bedroom should design so many lines, but now it is an Internet society. People have a higher mastery of information than before. Therefore, the power supply, telephone port, and the best network are reserved above the bedside table. The interface is convenient for the computer to access the Internet.

Leave the power port above the dressing table, and consider that there should be reflected lights above the dressing mirror, and a switch is installed next to the wire box.

The power cord, TV line, computer line, and telephone line interface should be installed above the writing desk or computer.

Lighting lights use single headlights or top lights. The multi -head light should be installed with a controller. The focus is on the switch. It is recommended to use dual control switches, single connectors, one installed outside the bedroom door, and the other switch is installed on the side of the bedside table or by the bedside. Easy to operate.

Second, kitchen:

The most important point of the kitchen line is the design of the power line. It is best to choose a 4mm2 line, and reserve the power interface in different parts according to customer requirements. At the same time, the power interface is not less than 50cm to avoid short circuit caused by humidity. The lighting of the lighting light is best installed outside the kitchen door.


Third, toilet:

Although the bathroom line is very simple, it is important to consider safety. At present, it is advisable to use a 4mm2 line such as bathing equipment such as water heater Yuba. The power cord interface is best installed in parts that are not soaked by water, such as on the upper side of the electric water heater, or on the upper side of the ceiling. The light switch should be placed outside the door. In a relatively dry place.


When choosing a solar water heater socket, it is best to use 16A with switch. You can cut off the power to prevent accidents.

Four: living room


The living room wiring should generally be 8 routes: including the power cord (2.5mm2 copper line) lighting line (2.5mm2 copper line), air -conditioning line (4mm2 copper line), TV line, telephone line (4 -core care pump), computer line, computer line (Category 5 dual -hyper -line), intercom or doorbell lines (4 -core care pumps, spare 2 cores), alarm lines (referring to smoke, infrared alarm lines, and 8 -core care pumps).

The lines of the living room should be reserved above the TV cabinet (5 -hole panels), TV, and computer terminals. The reserved holes of the air -conditioning line should be reserved according to the site of the air -conditioning professional installation personnel (16A panel);


Lighting line switch, single head or ceiling light, can be single -connected switches; multi -head chandeliers can install lights on the chandeliers to adjust the brightness as needed. Reserve the telephone line at the edge of the sofa. Reserve an intercom or doorbell port on the inside of the door. Reserve the alarm port at the top.


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