Prepare the annual goods to see which kind of chocolate is worth stocking chocolate evaluation.



备年货 看看哪种巧克力值得囤货 巧克力测评大合辑

British “Daily Mail” report

Global warming, chocolate tree is likely to be extinct after 30 years

In other words, after 30 years, it is likely that there will be no more chocolate

We all know that the material contained in chocolate

Can cause interesting stimulation to the brain

Makes a wonderful feeling of falling in love

Today Xiaozhi will evaluate 15 chocolates for you

When preparing New Year goods, you can stock up a little more

备年货 看看哪种巧克力值得囤货 巧克力测评大合辑


备年货 看看哪种巧克力值得囤货 巧克力测评大合辑

Defsi Slip Milk Chocolate

The first evaluated Dove Sisy milk chocolate

“On rainy days, chocolate and music are more matched.” The fire is all over the north and south of the river

备年货 看看哪种巧克力值得囤货 巧克力测评大合辑

You can buy a convenience store at will, this chocolate sweetness is too heavy

Chocolate melted after the tip of the tongue will have a bit of bitterness

It can be better balanced, and the biggest feature of “enjoying silk” says this chocolate

The taste is smooth,

It is a chocolate suitable for novices to get started

2. Swiss Lotus Cocoa Dark Chocolate

备年货 看看哪种巧克力值得囤货 巧克力测评大合辑

The exquisite Swiss lotus is dark, and it is very crispy

There is almost no dandruff, and the delicateness is very nice

The entrance is slightly bitter, the acidity is relatively low

Cocoa content is 78%, there is 23g of carbohydrate per 100g

备年货 看看哪种巧克力值得囤货 巧克力测评大合辑

It is a normal proportion in the black ingenuity

备年货 看看哪种巧克力值得囤货 巧克力测评大合辑

But the big piece is easy to eat more accidentally

备年货 看看哪种巧克力值得囤货 巧克力测评大合辑

So it’s best to eat a small piece with a small piece

Swiss Lotus Cocoa Dark Chocolate

3. Ferrero Hazelmine Chocolate

There are prestige and hazelnuts in Ferrero Hazelmine Chocolate

Bite a bite and taste rich

The crispy fragrance of Guarren is just right

The chocolate taste of the center is smooth

It’s great to eat

Ferrero Hazelmine Chocolate Chocolate

备年货 看看哪种巧克力值得囤货 巧克力测评大合辑

4. Good time hazelnoma milk chocolate

This chocolate packaging is small and exquisite

No matter how small the mouth is, it can also

One by one

Carefully taste the beauty of chocolate package hazel

Good time hazelnoma milk chocolate

5.godiva cocoa black chocolate

This one is significantly reduced in taste bitterness

Enter the throat warm, in the dark chocolate series

The one that is delicious

Even “afraid of eating bitter stars” can accept this black ingenuity

Godiva cocoa black chocolate

6. Hao Shi Cooky Milk Chocolate

This chocolate is a block, and each piece of chocolate is printed with a good time logo

There is a simple and unsuccessful feeling

Incorporate cooking elements in chocolate

The taste is rich when chewing

When the chocolate is slowly melted, these cookies highlight the smoothness of chocolate

Hao Shi Cooky Milk Chocolate

7. Good time cookie milk fragrance white chocolate

备年货 看看哪种巧克力值得囤货 巧克力测评大合辑

See the content of carbohydrate and sodium

You can feel that this is a salty and sweet Bai Qiao no doubt

But Xiaozhi warmly reminds, white chocolate

Try to eat as little as possible

Hao Shi Cooky Milk Fragrance White Chocolate

8.royce raw chocolate

Net red chocolate, Japan Hokkaido Sheng Qiao

备年货 看看哪种巧克力值得囤货 巧克力测评大合辑

At the entrance, the taste is as soft as cheese cake, smooth

With the rich and slightly bitterness of the outer cocoa powder

Two flavors of unique sweetness and wealthy suddenly spread in the mouth

It is completely different from the European -style chocolate we usually eat

Royce raw chocolate

Nine. Meiji Snow Kiss Chocolate

This chocolate has multiple flavors: matcha, strawberries, Kabchino

Blueberry, chocolate, milk

Kabchino chocolate

This chocolate mouth is strong

The smoothness is very high

Meiji Snow Kiss Chocolate

10.patchi hybrid gift box

备年货 看看哪种巧克力值得囤货 巧克力测评大合辑

It is the only brand in the Middle East to enter the world of chocolate rankings

Still the chocolate specially provided by the Dubai royal family

Known as a Rolls -Royce in chocolate!

备年货 看看哪种巧克力值得囤货 巧克力测评大合辑

But it doesn’t look high -end from the outside

But it’s really a bit expensive, on average, nearly 10 yuan a dollar

It feels similar to ordinary chocolate

Officially said that the sandwich is coffee sandwich

It doesn’t seem to be particularly delicious, but the taste is quite strong

The overall feels very average

Patchi hybrid gift box

Eleventh. Ai Lian Qiao Da Doll Black Qiao Xitong Sugar

The outer packaging is a bit rude, with a strong Soviet style

The little cute on the packaging is slightly a little cute

It is said that it is to commemorate the Soviet aerospace hero, Colonel Yuri Gagarin

And borrow the name of his daughter.

The taste is very light, relatively silky and sweet

备年货 看看哪种巧克力值得囤货 巧克力测评大合辑

The fruit in the hazelnut chocolate is the same as the shaking of the hands.

It is cheap, but the calories are high

备年货 看看哪种巧克力值得囤货 巧克力测评大合辑

Ai Lian Qiao Da Doll Black Qiao Xiusheng


The sandwich layer has hazelnut sauce, which tastes mellow

There is no sense of layering, but the rich hazelnut sauce makes people eat a piece of food at all.

It’s easy to eat one after another, but the aftertaste is a bit greasy

Ryte fruit sandwich milk chocolate

13.Domori 100%sugar -free black chocolate

Domori is made because it uses the world’s top CRIOLO cocoa beans

备年货 看看哪种巧克力值得囤货 巧克力测评大合辑

It is said that this cocoa flavor is strong and the output is limited

备年货 看看哪种巧克力值得囤货 巧克力测评大合辑

100%pure black chocolate is a few of the world’s few people who are completely natural

备年货 看看哪种巧克力值得囤货 巧克力测评大合辑

Without the taste of additives, 100%pure black cocoa chocolate

The sugar content is almost 0, which is the ideal snacks of the pot friends and patients with diabetes

Domori 100%sugar -free black chocolate

14.kdv chocolate flavor sandwich sugar

备年货 看看哪种巧克力值得囤货 巧克力测评大合辑

This is accurate to say that the chocolate candy

Wrap a layer of chocolate outside, coincide in the middle clamping

One bite is a crispy texture

This is the legendary purple sugar

KDV chocolate flavor sandwich sugar

15. Meiji chocolate doll chocolate

This chocolate packaging is very portable

And there are many small chocolates in a bag

The milk taste is strong, it is very convenient to share

Don’t worry about eating over once

Meiji chocolate doll chocolate

Life is so hard

Add a little sweet to your life

Do you know which chocolate brands

Leave a message in the comment area to tell us






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