How to remove freckles for grapefruit essential oil freckle removal?


With the increase of age, there will be some spots on many people’s faces, and it is very easy to remove. So what about grapefruit essential oils to remove freckles? How to use freckles for grapefruit essential oils? Let ’s take a look!

葡萄柚精油祛斑怎么样 葡萄柚精油怎么用祛斑

How about grapefruit essential oil freckle removal

Grapefruit essential oil freckle removal effect.

葡萄柚精油祛斑怎么样 葡萄柚精油怎么用祛斑

Grapefruit essential oils can remove freckles, because a large amount of high -concentration vitamin C in grapefruit essential oils, vitamin C can inhibit the production of melanin, and can also help skin whitening. Therefore, the use of grapefruit essential oils can effectively lighten the stains.

How to use essential oil freckle

After cleansing, apply the diluted freckle essential oil or compound freckle essential oil. Use a cotton swab to apply a point to the plastic spots, and then gently massage the spots to help the essential oil absorb. You can also use the diluted essential oil to water, milk or cream. It is generally recommended to be assigned with 2-3 drops of unilateral essential oils and 10ml basic oil.

Benefits of essential oil wipe your face

Essential oil massage skin can make the skin blood circulation better, make the skin sufficient oxygen supply, maintain the skin’s color and health, and maintain the speed of cell growth and metabolism, promote new cell regeneration, and keep the face vibrant and gloss. The benefits of essential oils are mainly manifested in the following aspects.

Whitening skin

The essential oil of citrus has a whitening effect, such as lemon essential oil, orange flower essential oil, etc. Lemon essential oils are rich in vitamin C, which is beneficial to whitening, converging pores, and balanced oil secretion; orange flower essential oil can promote cell regeneration, enhance skin elasticity and vitality, and can whiten and tender skin.

Whitening essential oil formula recommended: 1 drop of carrot seed oil+1 drop of rose essential oil+10 ml of rose seed oil.

After cleaning the face, wipe the face with the tone of essential oil. You can also drop the well -adjusted essential oil in the hot water, so that the essence of the plant essence in the essential oil can moisturize the skin under the action of the steam, dilute the melanin on the surface of the skin, and achieve the whitening effect.

Get away from the small spots on the face

The formation of pigmentation on the face is related to ultraviolet rays, endocrine disorders, malnutrition, slower body metabolism, high mental stress, excessive fatigue, neurological disorders, adrenal cortex functional decline, and other factors. The essential oils of tea trees can effectively suppress spots and lighten the pigment.

葡萄柚精油祛斑怎么样 葡萄柚精油怎么用祛斑

Recommended by light spots essential oil: 2 drops of orange flower essential oil+2 drops of lemon essential oil+2 drops of bitter orange leaf essential oil+10 ml of rose seed oil.

Massage the spots directly to the mixed essential oil drops directly to promote the essential oil molecules to be completely absorbed by the face, thereby inhibiting the expansion of the spots, and the use of the spots to eliminate the spots.