The “Ecological Chengdu” caravan starts starting today! Six theme activities take you to unlock the new ecological gameplay in Chengdu


Participate in the protection and answer of ecological environmental protection of water sources, record theme audio of drinking water sources, experience the interactive game of real people’s rich monarchs … On December 5, the “Ecological Chengdu” caravan event was officially officially official Start, use such a unique ecological civilization education experience activity to start the one -month “Ecological Chengdu” caravan offline tour.

The first event site

Red Star reporter learned from the event site that this time the “Ecological Chengdu” caravan trains hosted by the Chengdu Ecological and Environment Bureau will be held in 6 games. Outside of the field activities, one month of the “Ecological Chengdu” caravan will also enter the popular landmarks of Chengdu, such as Chunxi Road, antique wide -narrow alleys such as Chunxi Road, antique and ancient colors. Internet celebrities have a group photo of the sound wall, as well as interactive links such as blind box extraction experience, headset forest immersive experience, online and offline linkages, actively spreading and practicing the concept of ecological civilization, and also allowed citizens to express ecological insights at their doorsteps.

Black Technology+Fun Interaction+Science … Did you “check in” this environmental education experience activity?

Water is the source of life. Drinking water safety is a major event related to millions of households. What is the current status of drinking water sources in Chengdu? How to better protect our water sources? At the event site, a black technology led the citizen to “unlock” the answer.

There is a wall of “talking” in Sandaoyan Water Township Square, which has attracted many citizens to come to check in. This is the “happy Chengdu ecology with you” headset forest immersive experience area. “The experience area of ​​the Chengdu Ecological Environment Bureau in the Himalayan’s official account ‘Ecological Chengdu’ was presented in the form of offline QR code walls, and cooperated with the Himalayan ‘headset forest’ The audio works of the Ecological Environment Bureau fully enjoy the immersive experience. “The relevant person in charge of the Chengdu Ecological Environment Bureau introduced.

Next to the “headset forest”, another black technology has also attracted the attention of many citizens -the first ecological civilization acoustic interactive caravan in the Southwest, the “Ecological Chengdu” caravan car to San Daoyan Water Township Square. “I did not expect to understand environmental protection knowledge through sound interaction. It was so surprised.” Professional reading equipment made Mr. Liu feel fresh, read ecological civilization articles, as ecological civilization lecturers, and unique interactive participation forms also made the “drinking water protection source protection source source protection source The sound of “passed to each citizen.

In addition to “listening” and “speaking”, of course, “play” at the scene. At the scene, a large canvas came into the eyes of reporters. A winding path on the canvas from entrance to exports was filled with various levels. Each grid was marked with numbers. Lie quietly. “Mom, isn’t this a game?” A child asked with a high hilarious way. Aquatic Q & A, radish squatting, nursery song singing, talent display, environmental knowledge and answers were set up on the chessboard of the live man game. In the process of playing, we not only learned about the small knowledge of “protecting drinking water sources”, but also won prizes. There are endless citizens who have participated in. Through the vivid forms of ecological articles, interesting knowledge and answers, everyone has a happy heart. While going to the interactive experience, I learned the knowledge of ecological environmental protection, and I also had a deeper feeling of the construction of Chengdu’s ecological civilization.

Red Star reporter learned that in recent years, Chengdu has continued to implement pollution rectification, sewage collection and treatment facilities, improvement and efficiency, pollution and emission reduction, comprehensive management of rural environmental environment, protection and water ecological protection and repair of industrial enterprises ” 626 “project,

From January to October 2021, the surface water quality of Chengdu was generally presented. Among the 114 surface water section, 110 water sections Ⅰ-Ⅲ water quality were seized. Concentrated drinking water quality at or above the county level is 100% water quality.

“Ecological Chengdu

The caravan is departure, 6 events take you to “unlock” ecological gameplay

The “Ecological Chengdu” caravan carcades do not stop this. Red Star reporter learned that throughout December, the Chengdu Ecological and Environment Bureau will carry out 6 “ecological Chengdu” caravan offline tour activities. In addition to Sanyan Water Township Plaza, Sandao Water Township, Laudu District, the “Ecological Chengdu” caravan will also be The popular landmarks of Chengdu, such as Chunxi Road, ancient and ancient colors, and the wide and narrow alleys of the flowers, spread the sound of ecological environmental protection to all corners.


What are the new ways of gameplay of the “Ecological Chengdu” caravan? According to the relevant person in charge of the Chengdu Ecological and Environment Bureau, in addition to the popular science learning of environmental knowledge in the “Ecological Chengdu” caravan car theme, this “science popularization learning of environmental knowledge, a photo of the Internet celebrit , Ecological environment theme audio recording and other interactive links. Citizens can enter the caravan under the guidance of the recording artist to “play” to express their opinions on the ecological theme. You can test whether he is a qualified “ecological guard” on the spot, and you can also check in the theme of “Happy Chengdu Ecology with You”. Activity. In addition, interesting interactive games such as “Live Monopoly” and “Environmental Protection with Guess” will be set up at the scene. The rules of the game will be simple and interesting. Through these interesting levels, citizens will learn environmental protection knowledge in a happy breakthrough. Winning awards.


It is worth noting that each event will set up different ecological environmental themes. At the event site, volunteers will also introduce the significance of protecting the environment and the important measures of Chengdu environmental protection to help big friends and children know about the environment in daily life. Protection related knowledge.

“This event aims to popularize environmental knowledge and plant ecological concepts through the combination of online and offline, create a good social atmosphere for the construction of ecological Chengdu, so that every citizen can increase environmental protection knowledge subtly in the fragments time. Can actively practice in study and work, and also make a force for Green Chengdu and Ecological Rongcheng. “Talking about the purpose of this event, the relevant person in charge of the Chengdu Ecological and Environment Bureau said that a series of ecological and environmental theme activities The development of the construction of ecological civilization and the closeness of the relationship between the people and the general public, guide citizens to actively participate in ecological environmental protection, and create a pattern of ecological environmental protection governance and sharing sharing. The channels for expressing expressions will promote the modernization of the ecological environmental governance system and governance capacity, and to jointly build a park city demonstration zone with new development concepts.


Red Star reporter Li Yanqin

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The first event site

The first event site