Trump: The White House bathroom is not good, even hair can not be washed well


One of the things that US President Trump complained repeatedly -have nothing to do with the coronary virus, have nothing to do with the unemployed millions of Americans, and it has nothing to do with the old opponent Biden -but the White House’s shower head makes the president dissatisfied. Clean your beautiful hair “.

Trump asked the host to touch his hair


On August 12, the US Department of Energy proposed to amend the original regulations, allowing the shower to increase the water pressure to increase the water flow during the shower.

Since the 1990s, in order to save resources, US federal laws have stipulated that the amount of water from the shower head per minute does not exceed 9.5 liters. Trump just said that the low -pressure shower head of the White House this year made him very dissatisfied. At the round table of the business leader’s round table last year, the president publicly proposed to oppose the unreasonable rules he think.


It is difficult for everyone to judge whether the president’s high requirements for the “perfect” hairstyle for the “perfect” hairstyle are really unreasonable. According to the indicators, it should be the latter. Will Trump find the satisfactory shower water pressure? This is hard to say, and depend on time proof.

Let’s take a look at the bathroom specifications of Trump’s private houses. There are 15 bathrooms on the second and third floors of the house, namely the sunbathing room, gym, game room, private hairdressing salon, makeup room and several guest bedrooms. This is undoubtedly the White House with a serious history of the flood.

Trump private house

Almost every president is overwhelmed by the water use of the White House. In 1833, Andrew Jackson, the first president of live water into the White House architecture, ordered the fountains purchased from Franklin Plaza, Washington, DC, and then transported to the White House through the pipeline.


From 1948 to 1952, Harry Truman supervised the White House to carry out large -scale renovation, and the White House’s water pipes conducted a comprehensive modernization update. In 1989, in the “Pipeline and Manufacturing” magazine, the then president described the White House bathroom: “People who bathe in this bathtub are always happy and more faithful to the people.”

Some people speculate that Trump, who is holding a luxurious private bathroom, is a White House bathroom that has not been used by previous presidents. The New York Times also published a story in 2017 to emphasize Trump’s “pride of the White House bathroom. He wrote: “Mr. Trump is keen on exploring the White House, and there is a strange habit, that is, to visit the bathroom. “

“House of Cards” to imitate the interior of the White House bath

The shower head with small water pressure is one of the long -term troubles of the president, and it is well known to everyone. The new water pressure regulations announced in August may be Trump’s first signal to end a series of sanitary nightmares.

If this new rules are adopted, “Americans -instead of only Washington bureaucrats -can choose home shower heads suitable for water pressure.” Trump called the transformation and upgrade of this shower head to build itself ” The effort of hair.

Text/Shi Shitu Source Network [Produced by Daily Media]