The advantages and deficiencies of Yunnan black tea


Dianhong is a large leaf planting tea. The advantages and disadvantages mentioned here are in terms of taste, price ratio, and Seto.It’s not good or bad.Because tea leaves are suitable for or not.The first Yunnan black tea, the sweetness is relatively high, compared with the small species of Zhengshan.Second, in the black tea, Dianhong is the most crowded in black tea.Third, work, Dianhong in black tea is relatively simple to work, and the requirements and craftsmanship are not particularly cumbersome.insufficient.First, the aroma is not high, compared with other black tea, such as small species, Qi Hong.Second, the tea is relatively thick, which is thicker than tea.For example, chicken is thicker than pigeon meat, the reason is the same.


Third, there is no small leaf -breed tea back to Gan Gan.Fourth, strong bitterness.Most Yunnan black tea is bitter and heavy, which is one of the important reasons for Dianhong to sell tea in the market.The above is my personal point of view. It is not to judge that the tea is high and low, because I think that each kind of tea has its own characteristics, depending on my favorite.