What bags do students do, look good, practical and cheap? No promotion of pure dry goods


Student party bag

Everyone has urged the student party bag for a long time ~

Many student sisters have a headache for buying bags: Exquisite and beautiful bags are usually not used. I hold a canvas bag or backbag every day, and sometimes I feel very passerby and want to change it.

This time, Tintin came to help everyone plan. If the budget is insufficient and focused on practicality, then for the student party, in fact

3 bags can be satisfied

Practical and beautiful basic needs!


Student party buying bags,


What are the aspects of considering?


Student party selection bag,

The most important thing to consider is the practicality.

When you see a bag, you can look at it first: How many books can you install? Is it durable enough?


Is the packaging and capacity enough everyday?

For the student party,


Large capacity is just needed.


The following exquisite small bags, although beautiful and fashionable, can only be decorated as a decoration, and may not even be installed.

Although some bags are not small, but

There are restrictions on shapes.

For example, these small bags of these rounds are okay to put on the mirror of the mobile phone, but it can’t be installed by the book, and the practicality is not high.

To say practical daily life, it must be


Great, generous circular,


There is no pressure to install a large -sized textbook.

Is it durable?

The Student Party may take a bag every day, and often drag around at the desk.


If the bag is soft and delicate, or very smooth leather,

Maybe it may not look like a month.

There are also special materials, such as velvet skin, velvet, snake skin, etc., the abrasion resistance is okay, but the level is more tested.

If you have no time to take care of every day

It soon became old, and you could see that he didn’t take good care of it at a glance.

Therefore, the student’s party buying a bag still recommends avoiding the delicate and exquisite materials, selecting abrasion resistance and long service life. The ideal thing is

Hard leather,



Canvas, nylon


This kind of wear -resistant cloth.

Some canvas/nylon bags will add cortex splicing to increase beauty.

What is the comfort of the shoulder strap?

In addition, you usually have to take a class with a book. The bags have a certain weight, and the impact of the lower shoulder strap on the use of the shoulder strap. For example, metal chain shoulder strap

Thin and hard, it is easier to pull the shoulders.

Like the middle of me, even if there is a backpack, this chain and cortex can’t put heavy objects at all.

Some chain bags will be done

Design of leather stitching,

This is a little better back:


But the most comfortable is


Flat -shaped leather/cloth shoulder straps,

The thicker cylindrical handle,


The force area is large, and you do n’t hold your shoulders.

After reading these conditions, in fact, everyone can find it soon, from practicality



From an angle, the only thing that meets the requirements is actually

Canvas bag/bert bag and backpack.


In addition to the above two, everyone can prepare one


Hand/shoulder/messenger three -in -one bag, usually


Go out to play, have a date

When you look back, it looks better with clothes.

How to choose these three types of bags better?


In fact, many people have these three types of bags, especially in canvas bags and backpacks. The student party must have one hand. Maybe everyone is worried, mainly, it will not choose good -looking styles.

Below we will talk about these three types of options in order,

In the process of selection, you can consider your style,

And the current wardrobe match.

Canvas bag/Totbag


The canvas bag should be the highest use of college girls. It is not so student -like than the shoulder bag, but at a glance, it is all white cloth bags.

How to get rid of passers -by?

The version of the canvas bag is relatively simple, mainly because

Select color pattern.

In fact, in addition to black and white, there are many rich and beautiful colors in canvas bags.

For example, brown, or more colorful color.

If the canvas bag itself is relatively ordinary white, do not choose the naive pattern of the rigidity, the small design sense of the shoulder strap, or the more elegant pattern, which can also increase the value of the bag.


The two correct demonstrations on the right, the upper body will look better, and you can memorize it for a while in the future.

There are still canvas bags now

More special zebra patterns, plaids, leopard patterns,

More personality, girls who are confident in the level of wear can also try.

The price of canvas bags is generally not too expensive. Grasp the color pattern, and dozens of pieces can be picked on Taobao.

in addition,

If you have a budget, you still want to further improve the texture,

You can choose a thicker and more textured bert bag, which will look more advanced and not so student.

The shape of the canvas bag and the tote bag is actually similar. Generally, it is used to the thick and stiff wrapped todbard.


After speaking, the canvas bag, then the best, the most comfortable, but the easiest to show the shoulder bag.

Choose a backpack,

The most important thing is to watch the version of the version hard and hard,

And the most influential version of the hard and hard is


The backpacks seen on the campus are generally mainly made of canvas and nylon materials, and the version is relatively soft.


The canvas are matte, nylon will have slight reflection, but the waterproof performance is better and easier to take care of.

The disadvantage of this soft material is that you can’t put too heavy things, otherwise a large group will hang down. But the advantages are also obvious, that is, it looks like

Leisure and lively, youthful vitality, and a lot of color choices.

The cortical shoulder bag will be harder and stylish, and it will not have much effect on the shape. The style of this kind of bag is more spiritual and suitable

The style is relatively mature, or colder


No matter what kind of material’s backpacks, simple styles are more beautiful.

Don’t decorate too much, the size and specifications are the best.


The big and large side on the left looks bulky. There are too many decorations in the middle pocket, sponge net, etc., which gives people a strong sense of sensibility and not so beautiful.


What color to choose? Black and rice white are of course the best. You can add a little color matching design, not so monotonous. If you have a lot of budgets, you can also choose more special colors according to your style.

Hand/shoulder/messenger three -in -one pack


I believe that there will be sisters who want to ask: What is a three -in -one package?

In fact, it is the small bag we usually memorize,

Shoulder strap can be disassembled

The kind of that is counted. You can remove the shoulder strap and use it with a hand, or you can set the shoulder strap to cross/shoulder back.

This bag usually goes out to play, dating with clothes and wants to wear a good -looking back, you can choose one

Cortic, small square/square circular/trapezoidal,

Can put down the small things to bring out.

This kind of bag has no specific selection skills, which depends on your personal style. If you are not sure, we can start from 3 angles.


the first is

The size of the bag matches the height.

It is best not to choose a bag with too large volume.

After that

The material of the bag matches your style.

Warm -style girls can choose the style of velvet splicing; cold -style girls can also increase their maturity through leather patterns.

You can also consider

The color of the bag matches your wardrobe:


If the clothes are mixed,

There are all kinds of colors, and the black/brown will be more versatile;

If the closet has a lot of light bright colors,


The bag of rice white/milk white/light khaki may be more matched;

If you usually love to wear basic colors,

You can also choose a color bag to light up the whole body.

How can the student party’s bag not rustic?


Previously, I wrote a sense of cheap dressing. When it comes to the style of shoe and bags, many people will step on the thunder. Many student party girls say that they feel the same!

The clothes and bags are too incompatible to look rustic.

We will also write a special article in the shoe bag style. Today, let’s talk about these 3 kinds of bags suitable for the student party. How can it be good -looking and stylish.

The canvas bag/Tot bag is greatly blunt, giving people a sense of comfort, relaxed and non -pressure, and it is very suitable for the fresh and cured dressing style, such as

Mori, Salt, Japanese College.


It can also be more

Random on the street,

Play the leisure style to the end. But remember to keep the overall neat, otherwise it will become loose.

The pretty tot bag of leather can also try more delicately and neatly.

Many people will have such a misunderstanding about backpacks: the shoulder bag is more “student”, so if you want to be unified and harmonious, should you also be more angry with students?

However, it is the “rustic and student” that everyone is distressed.

The use group of the backpack may indeed take the majority of the student party, but its style

It is not a good -looking student, but a young casual.

Wearing a certain sense of fashionable sense


It can better set off the leisure vitality of the backpack, such as light leisure, sweet and culprit.


The Student Party, a slightly mature style, may be given priority selection of the leather backpack after reading the above content.

It does not look very casual itself,


Winter dressing with dresses will also look good.

Compared to the above two, the small leather bag of Sanhe is more formal. At this time, it is not suitable for being too casual and loose. You can try it with confidence

Exquisite feminine


Dress style.

For example, many young girls like

Bright girl style, young lady in Korean,

They are all suitable for this small and beautiful bag.



Looks or temperament is a bit cold/mature,

The student party can also follow the sweet wind, everyone’s ladylike style, and intellectual elegance. The weekend is beautiful with a small leather bag.

To sum up these three types of bags, canvas bags and backpacks are very cheap to buy good styles. The three -in -one leather bag will slightly test the texture. You can pick a few hundred yuan and simple style.

Some big -name bags are popular every year, and the student party may be distressed and cannot be used. Actually it is not necessary, wear

How many bags are not good or not, it is not big,


Two or three are enough.

Alright, then here is the topic of the student bag of today’s student. If you want to watch the style of the shoes and bags, please click it













Canvas bag/Totbag



Hand/shoulder/messenger three -in -one pack