Schools go smoothly! @Foshan parents, come to draw a “intention” for the children


By the year of school, the annual blockbuster “Starting School” is being staged!

Back “onion” to eat “garlic”, breakfast, two eggs and intestines, eat dumplings to make “Jiaozi” … Many parents will prepare some “intention” in addition to preparing new stationery and clothing. We can learn something.

Xiaonan sorted out a group of “intention” for the parents to start school, and came to click the moving picture below to draw! With good intentions, I hope that children have everything in the new semester and smooth and safe!

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“Significant” answers here, come and look at ↓

Add green onion

The shallot and “Cong”, the garlic is the same as “calculation”, adds up to the meaning of cleverness, and the calculation number

Double egg plus green onion

The meaning of the onion is “smart”, two eggs plus onion, which means 100 points for the exam

Ping Ping An’an

Eat an apple and peace in peace in school

Step cake


The cake is the same as “high”, eats the cake, and rises step by step


The child is sitting firmly, meaning to sit and sink at school

Celery pork liver

Qin Tong “diligence” means hard work


I have eaten sugarcane to “pass through Lucun”, which means that everything goes well

Great Chicken Dali

“Chicken” is the same as “Ji”, which means good luck

What are the sophisticated “intention”? Look down, Xiaonan continues to talk about you know

“Significant” is particular, which is the most related to eating

The “intention” of the beginning of school is both a sense of ritual and a good expectation. Many of them have been combined with local folk customs with strong regional characteristics.

In some places in Foshan, a pot of thin support (pancake) is the “opening ceremony” given to the children for the elders. Put the thin support into the rubber bag while it is hot, and spread it on the chair to let the children sit up. Because of the characteristics of thin support, the child is sitting on the thin support. ,Focus on studying.

Due to the different cultural customs, the “intention” of schools in various places is slightly different, but most of them are related to eating. The enrollment of Chaoshan area is very particular. Generally, a pair of red eggs will be prepared, which means that the double yuan is double, and a piece of green onion means clever. Each dish has the meaning of the dishes. For example, the meaning of the celery is diligently entered, and the “garlic” means proficient in calculations.

Metai, the old neighborhood of Foshan, recalled that when he was a child, he was reading like the New Year. He was worn with new clothes, and his pen and pen boxes were replaced with new ones. Parents would buy some onions and apples for their children, hoping that their children could be clever and peaceful.

“Before the start of school, you will make a good meal and buy a bit of roasted meat, which means ‘red skin red and strong’, and I wish the child can be healthy and thrive at school.” Or the cultural old neighborhood to give a penalty for first -year students, leading the children to take the first step of hard work, studying, and respecting teachers and filial piety.


There are new gameplay in the new era, full of love

With the changes in the times, some young parents innovate blessings, and many new things carry the blessings of parents to their children. Some parents will buy a few lollipops for their children to put them in a schoolbag, and wish their children a first -level stick in the new semester; some parents put an apple into a schoolbag, hoping that the children can be peaceful; “Baked fruit” means “you must pass every test.”

In addition to items and foods, there are also some young parents simple and direct, and it is given to the children for the beginning of school. Foshan’s parent, Miss He, did not prepare any special “intention”. “Our family does not want to make too complicated, so she seals a red envelope to bless the children in the new semester.” She said.

Although there are thousands of parents’ blessings, they are the same! While the opening day is coming, Xiaonan also wishes all children to learn progress in the new semester, safe and happy, and grow up high!

[Written article] Huang Yihao Zhu Sujiao Wang Hongdan

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